A Scholastic Criticism of Behaviorism

Joseph Augustine Daly, Fordham University


It will be the object of these pages to outline the principal points in Behaviorism and to criticize from a Scholastic standpoint the fundamental errors which it contains. The Behaviorists themselves have no desire to have their system evaluated according to philosophic principles. In fact, they believe that the progress of Psychology has been hampered by Philosophy, and that objective laboratory and clinical tests will bring the study ''down from the heights of speculation,'' as they term it, to contact with the hard earth of facts. The fallacy of this supposition, not to speak of its phrasing, it will be the object of this paper to set forth.

Subject Area

Behavioral psychology

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Daly, Joseph Augustine, "A Scholastic Criticism of Behaviorism" (1926). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29281868.