A Unit-Project Plan for the Teaching of Biology

Mildred Marietta Theus, Fordham University


The problem in this study is threefold: (1) to describe and to illustrate a unit-project plan which grew out of the teaching of biology in 8 secondary school of Raleigh, North Carolina; (2) to rationalize that plan by setting forth its purposes, and the steps in its development, together with the reasons for each separate step, over a period of seven years; (3) to justify that unit-project plan in two ways: (1) by describing and illustrating the effects of the plan on: (a) conditions found; (b) subject matter; (c) methods; (d) other curricula; (e) pupils; and (f) creative learning; and (2) by presenting the testimony of "a jury of informed opinion" concerning the merits of the plan.

Subject Area

Education|Instructional Design|Curriculum development|Science education|Secondary education

Recommended Citation

Theus, Mildred Marietta, "A Unit-Project Plan for the Teaching of Biology" (1938). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29281870.