Literature and Character Education

Seymour Rothschild, Fordham University


Literature is a means of character education. It is by no logic the only means. It probably has to be supplemented by other devices. However, it contains those knowledges, attitudes, and ideals which make for character. Herein lies its chief significance. A knowledge of how literature contributes to character, of how to use literature for instructional purposes, or what character is, of how character values develop,—all of those are necessary if one wishes to use literature as a step or as a means in shaping and guiding moral growth. Literature is not, and should not be made to be, an irksome school subject. It can be made a potent instrument in character education.

Subject Area

Literature|Educational evaluation|Educational sociology

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Rothschild, Seymour, "Literature and Character Education" (1931). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29282561.