Health Education With Special Attention to the Adolescent Girl

Mary Augustine Genevieve Ryder, Fordham University


From very early times, the importance of physical activities has been recognized in almost every educational system. . From ancient China, India, Egypt, Babylonia, and Assyria, archaeologists and students have collected indisputable proofs that physical training was a part of schooling for the young. Perhaps at no time in the history of the world, has physical education received the attention that it did in ancient Greece. All through the ages, arose organized movements for physical training in the protection of health. From Europe, physical education came to .America early in the nineteenth century. In 1825 Massachusetts established the first school gymnasium. This period saw the educational leaders realizing their responsibility for the physical, as well as the mental well-being of the child. With the beginning of the twentieth century, the teaching of health and physical training became more and more prevalent. About the year 1915, a very significant development occurred in the whole field of education, namely, the expansion of health education.

Subject Area

Developmental psychology|Womens studies|Educational psychology|Health education

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Ryder, Mary Augustine Genevieve, "Health Education With Special Attention to the Adolescent Girl" (1931). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29282616.