Exploratory Study of Anxiety in Aged in Isabella House: A Residence for the Aged

Ines C Monteverde, Fordham University


"In 1950, Bernard Baruch stated that in his opinion the event of greatest significance during the first half of the twentieth century was the increase in the span of life by eighteen years within a period of fifty years."The greatest increase in population over the last century is in the number of our aged persons. One in every eleven persons in the United States or a total of eighteen and one-half million men and women are aged sixty-five or over. This number exceeds the total population of the twenty smallest states. In this century, the population of the United States aged sixty-five and over more than doubled. In 1900 there were 4.1% while in 1965 there were 9.4%. The actual number increased from three million to more than eighteen million or an increase of six hundred percent. It is a known fact that women outlive men and the life expectancy of women is increasing faster than for men.

Subject Area

Social work|Mental health|Aging|Gerontology

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Monteverde, Ines C, "Exploratory Study of Anxiety in Aged in Isabella House: A Residence for the Aged" (1968). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30359871.