A Study of Perception and Its Relationship to Judgment Formation

Timothy J Clougher, Fordham University


Our initial interest in the concept of perception was stimulated by our knowledge of various studies which showed no significant change in the perception of those clients receiving professional casework services, We also knew of a study undertaken by a private social agency in New York City, and the local public welfare agency that could provide the necessary data and population for our project.This study concerned itself with families on public assistance ; one group received private casework services in addition to regular welfare services, while the other group received only normal welfare services as provided by the Department of Social Services on an on-going, regular basis. In an attempt to further our knowledge on this subject, the researchers turned to the available literature in the field of the Social Sciences as it dealt directly and indirectly with the concept of perception.

Subject Area

Social work|Cognitive psychology|Behavioral psychology

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Clougher, Timothy J, "A Study of Perception and Its Relationship to Judgment Formation" (1969). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30359886.