Pre-Assembly Methods for Cognitive Diagnostic Multistage Adaptive Testing

Jungwon Rachael Ahn, Fordham University


Cognitive Diagnostic Multistage Adaptive Testing (CD-MST) enables classifying whether students have mastered several content areas while maximizing both the efficiency and accuracy of the test by administering a personalized test to each student. Cognitive Diagnostic Multistage Adaptive Test (CD-MST) with module preassembly is a new test mode integrating the advantages of CDMs and MST. In order to take full advantage of CD-MST and implement it for real-world applications, it is crucial to develop preassembly methods that are capable of incorporating a variety of content constraints without a severe loss in estimation precision. However, the issue of how to strategically model the CD-MST modules while considering multiple content constraints has not yet been addressed in the literature.This study proposes holistic CD-MST preassembly methods to simultaneously consider measurement precision and content constraints by incorporating an item selection method for CD-CAT (Lin & Chang, 2018) into Liao and Jiao (under review)’s CD-MST preassembly method.

Subject Area

Quantitative psychology|Cognitive psychology|Behavioral psychology

Recommended Citation

Ahn, Jungwon Rachael, "Pre-Assembly Methods for Cognitive Diagnostic Multistage Adaptive Testing" (2023). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30635636.