Trends in the Development of Adoption Laws in Connecticut From 1864 to 1948

Geraldine Marie Sullivan, Fordham University


Statement and Delimitation of the Problem. This dissertation is a study of all the laws pertaining to adoption in Connecticut. The period covered extends from 1864 when the first adoption law was passed until 1948. Although many of the laws are not in existence now, they are included to show how Connecticut attempted over the period of these years to meet the needs of the child who must be placed in adoption. It includes a brief background to show that adoption is not a new idea but one that has been carried down through the centuries. It also attempts to show what methods Connecticut used in the colonial days before the first real law regarding adoption was enacted. The working hypothesis formulated is that there will always be children whose total needs will best be met by placing them in adoption where they will get the security and affection so vital to a child’s development.

Subject Area

Social work|Law|Social research|Social studies education

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Sullivan, Geraldine Marie, "Trends in the Development of Adoption Laws in Connecticut From 1864 to 1948" (1950). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30724935.