A Social Study of Rockland State Hospital Orangeburg, New York: 1931–1949

Betty Melavsky, Fordham University


Background of the Study. One of the greatest paradoxes here in these democratic states is the lack of facilities for approximately one million people, namely the mentally ill who are, or should be, hospitalized. A man who has impaired a limb will probably get immediate attention. “But let a man’s mind begin to wander or his memory to fail, his perceptions to become confused or his fears to overwhelm him, and he is likely to be conveyed in a dilatory fashion through the county jail to the courtroom and thence to the wards of what was once called the asylum. This is the part of the great American tradition which we cannot too proudly hail. State care of the mentally ill has been recognized in the United States for many decades.

Subject Area

Social work|Social research|Mental health|Health care management

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Melavsky, Betty, "A Social Study of Rockland State Hospital Orangeburg, New York: 1931–1949" (1950). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30724977.