The Function of the Medical Social Worker in a Syphilis Clinic

Lucille G Lewis, Fordham University


The preservation of the family and enrichment of family life for all its members are of major concern to the American people not only in the field of social health, but equally in relation to individual and public health. The individual should be educated and helped so to direct his conduct that his sex endowment, like the other parts of his mental and physical equipment may contribute most richly to self development and successful living, and at the same time conserve the welfare of society. An equally important task is the moulding of public opinion to support such modification and adjustment of community approval and regulation of sex conduct that the average individual may have opportunity to achieve in his life time normal adolescence, satisfactory marriage, wholesome family life and wise parenthood.

Subject Area

Social work|Social research|Social studies education|Public health

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Lewis, Lucille G, "The Function of the Medical Social Worker in a Syphilis Clinic" (1950). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30725030.