The Bureau of Attendance of New York City, 1914 - 1964

Thomas L Novotny, Fordham University


Background of the Study. Through an outline of the early felt needs of our socially and politically minded predecessors in the area of education and its related interests, it is hoped that we may determine whether their observations, consequent theories and subsequent legislative undertakings have withstood the test of time in establishing their value and soundness of purpose. In a consideration of compulsory attendance it is first necessary to understand the thoughts and theories governing the various school systems of these United States. By virtue of the fact that our Eastern states were settled first, and consequently, more early developed, it is not surprising that interest in this phase of social development should originate in this area and reach its highest state in evolution.

Subject Area

Multicultural Education|Educational administration

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Novotny, Thomas L, "The Bureau of Attendance of New York City, 1914 - 1964" (1956). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI31050490.