Homemaker Service of the Jewish Family Service of New York City

Sophie S Friendly, Fordham University


Homemaker Service originated in this country in 1923 as a plan for the care of children in their own homes, By means of this expedient, the need to place children during a temporary crisis in institutions or foster homes was materially reduced and many youngsters were saved from what had often previously resulted in a permanent separation of the child from his family. The idea of the Homemaker Service was popular and was adopted by many family and child-caring agencies throughout the land, it obtained federal recognition in 1937 when the Children’s Bureau of the United States Department of labor called together representatives from the fields of social-welfare work, public-health nursing, home economics, vocational training and employment of women to consider the development of Housekeeper Service, the necessary 2 standards of the Service, and the principles of organization.

Subject Area

Social research|Judaic studies

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Friendly, Sophie S, "Homemaker Service of the Jewish Family Service of New York City" (1950). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI31097000.