Vocational Guidance in a Girl's Catholic High School

Priscilla M Freidel, Fordham University


Life with its many-sided aspects, demands more than ever the functioning of guidance in the school. The environment created by reorganized social, industrial and democratic conditions claims for our maturing youth that the school serve as a guiding light to emblazon the way to avenues of success. For this reason the new term, "vocational guidance and education", is the topic of serious study for our educational administrators.Guidance in our Catholic school system offers rich opportunities for the religious teacher to promote the social, religious and vocational life of her pupils. The eternal challenge of youth is self-creation, and in this struggle for self-realization the school must play the part of a loving mother, a watchful father and an advising friend.The purpose of this paper is to discuss guidance in general, and vocational guidance in particular, besides offering a plan for conducting vocational guidance in Catholic junior and senior high schools for girls.

Subject Area

Educational administration|Education|Career and technical education

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Freidel, Priscilla M, "Vocational Guidance in a Girl's Catholic High School" (1928). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI31097140.