The Effectiveness of Policy Advisory Committees in the Decision-Making Process

Sadie E Scott, Fordham University


Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 is a program designed to provide financial assistance to schools serving areas with large concentrations of children from low income families. Though funded by the Federal Government, Title I Projects are designed by local school systems, and approved by State Departments of Education. It is not the prerogative of the United States Office of Education to pass on each project. Hence, it is a highly decentralized program where the educational value of Title I programs differs widely. Some are imaginative, well thought out, and demonstrably successful. Other projects exemplify a tendency simply to do more of the same, to enlarge equipment and inventories, or reduce class size by insignificant numbers. In the face of such varying results, the United States Office of Education, recognizing the importance of respecting local autonomy and leaving the final approval to the States, has found no way except through the issuance of basic criteria and through exhortation, to try to insure sound projects or to secure revision of projects of low quality.

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Education|Social work

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Scott, Sadie E, "The Effectiveness of Policy Advisory Committees in the Decision-Making Process" (1970). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI31189900.