Vocabulary Study in a Typical New York High School

Martha R Finkler, Fordham University


One of the most recent fields of activity to show the out- growth of the seeds of scientific investigation has been the field of education, These seeds were planted as far back as 1045 when a surrey was made of the school system in Boston. On this occasion Horace Mann predicted the use of scientifically constructed standardized tests. Many years passed before this prediction was to come true for it was not until 1912, in New York City, that we find the first real use of standardized tests for survey purposes. Since that time enormous progress has been made through the guidance of such great leaders as Professors Thorndike, Monroe, Terman, Otis, and many others who have perfected the technique for constructing, giving, scoring, tabulating, and interpreting results. The World War furnished an incentive and occasion for combining all the psychological talent available. At this time the "Army Alpha Test" was formulated which is considered the father of the modern standardized test, and the National Research Council came into being.

Subject Area

Educational psychology|Higher education

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Finkler, Martha R, "Vocabulary Study in a Typical New York High School" (1931). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI31189907.