Categorizing statistic word problems

Harold Alexander Ford, Fordham University


This study investigated the effectiveness of exemplar focused training in the development of expert-like representations of statistic word problems during categorization. It was suggested that experts tend to rely more on exemplars than definitions or prototypical features when making categorical judgments. A total of 59 undergraduate students participated in the study. All participants were novices in statistics and were trained to categorize statistic word problems based on definition, feature, or exemplar focused training. It was hypothesized that the exemplar focused training condition would improve categorization on immediate and delayed (2 weeks) categorization transfer tasks over definition or feature focused training conditions. Although results were in the expected direction, the hypothesis was not supported.

Subject Area

Educational psychology|Cognitive therapy

Recommended Citation

Ford, Harold Alexander, "Categorizing statistic word problems" (2006). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI3223065.