A valiant woman: Mary McAleese, an educator of the public

P. J Sexton, Fordham University


This is a thematic study of the human narrative of Mary McAleese the current President of Ireland. The vantage point of the study investigates her writings and lectures as intimations of an emerging integrative form of religious education for a new Ireland. The tapestry of her life is interpreted within a thematic framework of political, religious, and educational imagination. This, in turn, suggests and acts as a guide towards a comprehensive theory of religious education for Ireland and beyond. The proposed integrationist framework is an interplay among: (1) church education, (2) the academy and (3) the public square. The work is a humanistic enquiry within the paradigm of qualitative research, and privileging the approach of interpretative biography.

Subject Area

Biographies|Religion|Theology|Religious education

Recommended Citation

Sexton, P. J, "A valiant woman: Mary McAleese, an educator of the public" (2007). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI3258013.