How computer -related technology is incorporated into instructional methods and objectives in the secondary school classroom

Pillaliyanage George Perera, Fordham University


The research examined what computer-related technology secondary school teachers incorporate into instructional methods and objectives. The study focused on actual instructional practices teachers employ in their secondary school classrooms. The participants of this research study were 84 secondary school teachers from 5 private high schools in New York City and its suburbs. The data were collected through a qualitative/quantitative mixed-research methodology to answer the research questions of the study. The quantitative data collected through a closed-ended questionnaire were statistically analyzed. The qualitative data collected through interviews, observations and gathering of artifacts such as lesson plans were analyzed to examine the patterns, themes, and categories. The findings indicated the different technologies integrated in classroom instruction. The findings indicated traditional methods incorporated with technology such as lecture and demonstration, as well as, constructivist methods integrated with technology such as project-based learning and collaborative and individualized learning. The technology integrated instructional objectives associated with traditional methods were: (1) the teacher required students to use technology to aid memorization of facts, formulas, and recalling for tests; (2) Teacher required students to use technology to access and perform factual, knowledge-based activities. The participants also indicated constructivist objectives addressed in the strategies in which they facilitated students' use of technology for communication with others; in their designing/creating/innovating skills; to think critically about real world problems; for articulation/explanation; for exploration of information; for comprehension; for interpretation and analysis of information; for application of information; and for evaluation of information and for composition. The qualitative findings disclose different kinds of instructional objectives addressed in the technology incorporated methods such as cognitive, social, and computer skills. The findings related to this study of secondary school teacher practices are an authentic indicator of the possibility of a balanced approach to computer-related technology integrated instructional methods and objectives. Incorporating technology into instructional methods/objectives is only a part of the educational pie. Technology initiative has implications for classroom management, administration, and professional development.

Subject Area

Teacher education|Secondary education|Educational technology|Curriculum development

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Perera, Pillaliyanage George, "How computer -related technology is incorporated into instructional methods and objectives in the secondary school classroom" (2008). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI3312049.