The God who loves strangers: An ethical theology of hospitality

Erica Olson-Bang, Fordham University


This dissertation addresses hospitality as a model for Christian theology and practice, in conversation with continental philosophy, Christian ethics, and Christian theology. My thesis is that the current move toward hospitality as a theological theme is a beneficial retrieval with constructive ethical application in a global world. However, current theological reflection leaves unexamined the home as the assumed primary site of hospitality, taking for granted modern, Western understandings of the home. Implicated in these theologies are unquestioned assumptions of the home as a site of power, as a feminine site, and as a site of consumption. Dismantling these presumptions can enable a more just, equitable, and sustainable theology of hospitality that encourages Christians to embrace the ordinary life of the home as an ethical and theological site.

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Olson-Bang, Erica, "The God who loves strangers: An ethical theology of hospitality" (2013). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI3563409.