Religious education at the cineplex: Film as showing how

Richard M Mcgarry, Fordham University


This study aims to demonstrate the ways film expresses the full range of teaching languages in religious education. This is the thesis of the study. The teaching languages of Gabriel Moran in conjunction with select films are presented to support the thesis. An arts based research approach is employed to uncover and shed light on the richest and deepest meanings of the key areas of the study. Teaching in its deepest meaning can be understood as showing someone how to live and die throughout the course of his or her life. Art, the aesthetic, and film as art, are explored to reveal how they enhance and enrich religious education. The evolution of film into an art form and the role it plays in religious education are described and analyzed in depth. The study pays particular attention to hermeneutics, specifically the key role it plays in disclosing the various teaching forms in film. The three chapters, dealing with a select film as they each embody a teaching language, represent the heart of the study. They demonstrate the value and place they offer in addressing the teaching, learning and spiritual needs of people living in the media saturated world.

Subject Area

Religious education

Recommended Citation

Mcgarry, Richard M, "Religious education at the cineplex: Film as showing how" (2013). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI3630491.