Responsible discipleship: The case for a new rite of confirmation

Marc Edwin Swartvagher, Fordham University


This dissertation is a study of the contemporary practice of the sacrament of confirmation. It argues that the tension between the two theologies of confirmation, initiation and maturity, are ameliorated when a theology of discipleship is used to understand the nature and purpose of the sacrament. The research points to the need for a new rite of confirmation specifically designed for adolescent candidates, who were baptized as infants. By looking at the sacrament from the perspective of the field of Religious Education, a new theology of responsible discipleship emerges. It provides a new vision for the catechetical formation and liturgical celebration of the rite.

Subject Area

Theology|Religious education|Curriculum development

Recommended Citation

Swartvagher, Marc Edwin, "Responsible discipleship: The case for a new rite of confirmation" (2014). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI3630498.