Gene mapping on human chromosome 2

Rajbir K Gill, Fordham University


Monochromosomal somatic cell hybrid containing human chromosome 2 has been constructed by a microcell mediated chromosome transfer technique. Hybrid cells were isolated by selection in MX medium and were analysed to map genes on this chromosome. Assignment of five genes (ACP1, UGPP2, ADCP, N-myc and MDH-1) have been confirmed to the distal part of the short arm of human chromosome 2. Monochromosomal hybrid cells containing human chromosome 2 were X-irradiated to induce random breaks in human chromosome. The cells carrying chromosomal breaks in their human chromosome were rescued by fusion to recipient cells and selection of the human-mouse hybrid. Various deletion mutant cell lines, in which segregation of linked markers occurred, have been produced by this method. Cosegregation of markers in independent subclones made it possible to determine the gene order of the five loci. The proposed gene order for these loci is as follows: pter-ACP1-UGPP2-ADCP-N myc-MDH1-Centromere. In addition ACP1, UGPP2 and ADCP have been regionally localized to 2p25, 2p25 and 2p24-p25 respectively and N-myc and MDH-1 to 2p23-2p24. The implications of these findings have been discussed.

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Gill, Rajbir K, "Gene mapping on human chromosome 2" (1990). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI9020009.