Retirement: Gender differences in life satisfaction in retirement

Pauline M Mayr, Fordham University


The research addresses the question: Are there gender differences in life satisfaction in retirement? Data was collected from 303 of retired Telephone Company employees, 181 males and 122 females. The study investigated the relationship between gender of the retiree and life satisfaction, perceived health, self esteem, depression, A.D.L., I.A.D.L., pre-retirement planning, socialization, economics, job importance, and reason for retirement. Findings suggest that poor life satisfaction in retirement is not due to gender of retiree but to other variables such as poor self esteem, lack of pre-retirement planning, health problems and poor socialization.

Subject Area

Social work|Gerontology

Recommended Citation

Mayr, Pauline M, "Retirement: Gender differences in life satisfaction in retirement" (1991). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI9205000.