The interfaith marriage conflict: Arabs and Jews in Israel

Israel Sela, Fordham University


The purpose of the study was to identify and analyze the conflict within interfaith marriages: Arabs and Jews in Israel and to identify and analyze the factors that are related to degree of conflict within this population. The main part of the analysis was the examination of the relations between the independent variables: "family pressure" with the dependent variable: "degree of conflict". A secondary interest of this study was to examine the needs and willingness of interfaith couples to seek professional counseling and/or treatment. This descriptive research included 54 couples (snowball sample). A self administered questionnaire was completed by the respondents themselves. Degree of conflict was measured by two conflict scales. This research came to the conclusion that perceptual differences between the couples, family pressure to conform to their religion, income, years of education, societal pressure to reside, residential area and conflict regarding army service are the main factors relating to degree of conflict.

Subject Area

Social work|Sociology|Religion

Recommended Citation

Sela, Israel, "The interfaith marriage conflict: Arabs and Jews in Israel" (1992). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI9501435.