Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Environmental Studies


Edward Van Buren



As a result of capital gain, deforestation of the Amazon in Brazil continues. Brazilian government's insufficient efforts to mitigate and enforce the preservation of these precious forests has ledto the commodification of the Amazon. Chapter 1 uses historical and quantitative data to examine the negative impacts of deforestation on indigenous communities and climate change. Chapter2 employs economics to analyze the role of business as a crucial component of deforestation in Brazil. Chapter 3 engages politics in Brazil to discuss interactions between key actors involved in the perpetuation of deforestation. Chapter 3 examines the interactions between politics and corruption involved in the weak regulation of the Amazon. Chapter 4 incorporates historical analysis and competing for economic interests to discuss the threats of deforestation on indigenous Amazonians. Chapter 5 discusses policy recommendations for government, community, and other stakeholders involved in the deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon.

Keywords: deforestation, mitigate, Amazon, preservation, commodification, indigenous