Date of Award

Spring 5-10-2016


John Van Buren


The non-profit organization Bronx River Alliance has changed the Bronx River for the better. This paper investigates the need for non-profit, grassroots organizations similar to, if not modeled mainly after, the Bronx River Alliance in order to revitalize similarly affected riparian areas in urban landscapes across America. The details of capital improvements, the organization’s unique structure and data on how the environment has improved in the Bronx River area is used to analyze the progress that has been made up to the current day. Certain ecological data on the Bronx River is explored for the sake of clarity. Throughout the report, research from the fields of History, Politics and Urban Planning are incorporated in order to explain the background of the Bronx River Alliance. The requirements needed to build natural riparian greenways and the benefits that those areas will bring are also discussed. Additionally, plans that the Alliance has put into practice through Capital Improvement Projects are highlighted. In the final evaluation, the organization is broken down to its most basic fundamentals in order for its policy to be adapted by other organizations.