Date of Award

Spring 5-14-2018

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Environmental Studies


Edward Van Buren


Growing up harvesting from my own vegetable garden and going from nursery to nursery with my mother, it has been extremely evident that plant biodiversity is more than just privet along driveways and carnations in window boxes. Plant biodiversity is often overlooked but crucial to having a healthy and thriving environment. Without certain plants, our ecosystems will crumble and this needs to be addressed now while it’s still at a level we can grow from. In my internship I am working alongside the director of the Thain Family Forest at the New York Botanical Gardens in order to get a better understanding on what it means to conserve endangered species and the importance of reestablishing native plants in areas where invasive species have overrun them or where human activities have impeded on their environment. With this internship I have been able to study the ecology of native plant restoration and invasive species management, which has further proven why it is so important to sustain plant biodiversity and planting natives for your area in your garden. The disciplines, which my internship will mainly focus on, are the environmental history of plant loss and garden design. The environmental history of plant loss will show how climate change and human exploitation affected biodiversity in the Thain Family Forest and how the New York Botanical Garden has worked to restore the forest to it’s original glory. Garden design will show how it is possible to use native plants and non-invasive species in gardens to restore ecosystems to their nature level and reduce biodiversity loss.