Date of Award

Spring 5-10-2019

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Environmental Studies


John Van Buren


This senior thesis dives into the world of waste within the entertainment industry, looking at how it is managed on a large scale. Chapter 1 defines how the entertainment industry is largely contributing to landfill pollution and will discuss what types of pollution cause the greatest harm, where it comes from, and how short the lifespan of a product is. Chapter 2 contains historical studies focused on the environmental impacts of festivals, sporting events, and the Olympic games. I detail the history of the entertainment industry dating back to early Roman times and connect the environmental history within the entertainment world to the present day, analyzing how it has evolved. Chapter 3 discusses the benefits of sustainable practices incorporated in these events and touches upon the business of sustainable management. The chapter uncovers the hidden costs that accompany entertainment events and focusing on the Olympic games, the chapter reveals how citizens can become financially tied up in the process. Chapter 4 lays out the social and psychological benefits of entertainment events, expressing how sustainability will work to enhance such benefits. Results displayed that more people felt less stressed in a natural environment and that sustainability is easier to comply to when the venue supports it. Chapter 5 showcases how effective tactics such as minimalism, green design, and zero waste prove to be successful when applied to venues and businesses. This is possible through partnering with companies like Terracycle, Clean Vibes, Rush2Recyle and more. Different solutions of waste management styles are touched upon, highlighting how the surrounding environment in these areas can be protected as it provides ecological benefits to society and human well-being.