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Edward Van Buren


Climate change or the significant alteration of major weather pattern distributions around the planet over long time periods, is one of the most significant phenomena currently affecting our planet.Arctic as one of the most sensitive zones in terms of damaged it is by climate change effects.The consequences of the many representations of climate change are distributed in a geographically unequal manner, therefore it is a global major concern to target and mitigate related issues that are already directly affecting several populations.

Even tough geographically distinct and distant populations are likely to face climate change related catastrophes at different rates, many of the consequence will be somewhat detrimental for all, due to our interdependent global economy. Indeed, climate change’s most noticeable representation, which is global warming, is undeniably caused by human’s economic activity. Certain facts related to climate change and global warming are strikingly alarming and they support the research in my internship report. Most economic activities that constitute the base of international economic ties are currently producing necessity and luxury consumer goods to supply an excessive amount of population. Therefore, as counterproductive as it is, sustainability is not always amongst the first goals of producers. Although plenty of institutions report yearly about the consequences of these type of behavior, there is still a widespread lack of concern about properly using natural resources. It is a fact that because of human overpopulation and the massive consumption/misuse of natural resources we are destined to face gradually worsening consequences related to climate change. However, concerning environmental authorities and organizations constantly have to verify sustainability reports to avoid greenwashing.