Robotics and Computer Vision Laboratory

The Fordham Robotics and Computer Vision Laboratory (FRCVLab) conducts research in how robots perceive and model the environment they have around them, how they use landmarks for wayfinding and communication with human coworkers, how they can predict what might happen in their environment, and how we can develop formal performance guarantees for probabilistic robot algorithms such as those employed in searching disaster sites.

The webpage for the FRCV Laboratory is Dr. Lyons webpage is

Robotics is a multidisciplinary field, and students working in this area can have diverse backgrounds including Computer Science, Physics, Natural Science, Biology, Psychology, and so forth. Students can bring the expertise from these fields to bear on building and testing robotic solutions.

The minimum background requirement is that students be able to write, compile and run computer programs in C++ or Python (e.g. CISC 1600 & 2000). We use Linux throughout, so familiarity with that is important also.

Students who would like to learn a little more can look at the lab webpage ( and should contact Dr. Lyons at


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