Date of Award

Spring 5-19-2018

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Sarah P. Lockhart, Ph.D.


How can we restore peace after conflicts? And how can we maintain it? The institution of successful peacebuilding has been a critical task for the international community since the end of the Cold War. The United Nations, the Member States, scholars, and civic organizations have been searching for the perfect solutions to establish sustainable peace. However, in many cases, conflict resolutions are fragile, and many of them end up with the recurrence of violence. According to the United Nations, countries that have experienced wars are more likely to have successive wars within a decade (United Nations 2017). In 2000, the United Nations adopted the resolution 1325, which claims that women’s active participation in peacebuilding is the key to build a sustainable peace after conflicts. The claim is based on the idea that gender equality has a substantial relation to stability in society. Therefore, peacebuilding with perspectives of both men and women can be more comprehensive and thus may work more effectively. The aim of this paper is to analyze how the presence of women in peacebuilding change the outcome and in what mechanisms their participation in peacebuilding can contribute to constructing a sustainable peace.