Date of Award

Winter 2-1-2023

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Mohamed Alsiadi, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Christopher Toulouse, Ph.D.


Over thirty years of Armenian independence has been characterized by existential security threats, a hollow political establishment, economic and defense reliance on Russia, and an out of touch diaspora. This paper takes on a historical analysis to identify the roots of these problems, and ultimately attempts to seek out potential solutions and identify Armenia’s place in an ever changing global landscape. Beyond the history, it studies the relationships Armenia has with its neighbors, its diaspora, and the international community at large. Establishing a forward looking outlook, Armenia’s goals should be oriented toward investment based relations with its diaspora; embracing the role of a north-south transit state from Iran to the Black Sea; and expanding defense partners beyond Russia to willing states such as India or Iran. Furthermore, it should begin taking efforts to evaluate and revamp its energy infrastructure, diversifying and domesticating ownership. Ultimately, the region at large is likely on the precipice of turbulent change. Between the potential implications of Russia’s war in Ukraine, continuous instability in Iran, and rampant autocracy between Turkey and Azerbaijan, Armenia is unique in being not only democratic, but with growing untapped human potential and geographic relevance.