Date of Award

Spring 5-20-2023

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Casey McNeill

Second Advisor

Stephanie Szitanyi, Ph.D.


This thesis explores in-depth the role of social media in the efforts of contemporary social activism in the 21st century by focusing upon activism movements in the United States and France. By studying the ‘#MeToo,’ Black Lives Matter, and BLM-inspired movements of the two countries, this study attempts to evaluate the ability of social media-based activism to initiate substantive social change. The case studies do this by evaluating the history of each movement, the quantitative and qualitative role of social media in disseminating information, and the impact of each movement upon its respective society’s public opinion. The research concludes that social media is a key tool in activism mobilization, but it does not necessarily guarantee a desired change in social attitudes, and rather prompts discourse that may or may not lead to change.