Date of Award

Spring 5-18-2024

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Professor Rafael Lamas

Second Advisor

Kate Wilson, Ph.D.


How do immigrant communities in the United States maintain aspects of their culture when they have to navigate between an American culture and their own? This study will center Chicanos, who fit this description by being Mexicans who have to navigate between having roots in Mexico and a new cultural environment in America. More specifically, an analysis of corrido music (and their corresponding music videos) produced by a Chicano band in the 21st century will be important to understanding how a hybrid identity is communicated through that medium. Lyrics, Slang, Styles of Dress, Instruments and Rhythms will be used as points of analysis to distinguish between which elements are highlighting or referring to a Mexican or American identity. Research reveals that these elements construct a hybrid identity, because the band maintains their working class Mexican roots while demonstrating an influence of other styles of music, particularly African-American hip hop. The implications of this study are how we can understand the way that immigrant communities in the United States maintain their cultural roots through music. Music offers a unique way of understanding cultural hybridization, as scholars can apply the case of Chicanos to other immigrant communities in the world. For further research, we need to consider the perspective of women Chicana artists, as the corrido genre explored in this thesis is predominantly performed by men.