Exhibit Catalogue

Confronting Hate

Antisemitism, Racism, and the Resistance

September 20th, 2022-February 15th, 2023

Curated by Westenley Alcenat, Assistant Professor of History, Lesley East FCRH’24, Magda Teter, The Shvidler Chair in Judaic Studies

Edited by Magda Teter

O’Hare Special Collections

Walsh Family Library, Fordham University


Jewish Studies


Antisemitism and anti-Black racism have often been viewed as separate issues. The exhibit “Confronting Hate: Racism, Antisemitism, and The Resistance,” a fruit of the work of students in HIST 4312: Antisemitism and Racism taught by Professors Westenley (Wes) Alcenat and Magda Teter in 2021-2022, seeks to open a conversation about historical and phenomenological connections between racism and antisemitism. The exhibit highlights the way popular culture, scholarly works, and art have served to construct ideas about race and racial identity. It explores how racist ideas became entrenched in European and American cultures and how Jews, Black people, and their allies strove to push back.