This collection includes information and datasets about people who appeared in the courts of medieval London, particularly the Husting Court of Common Pleas and summaries of cases printed in the Calendar of Plea and Memoranda Rolls (6 vols.) The datasets were created by Dr Penny Tucker in the 1990s for her PhD dissertation and monograph, Law Courts and Lawyers in the City of London, 1300-1550 (Cambridge Univ. Press, 2007). She constructed samples from certain years and employed a now defunct database program called Paradox. In 2022, Dr Maryanne Kowaleski converted the Paradox files to Excel spreadsheets, with the intention of eventually structuring the data contained therein for upload to the Medieval Londoners Database. Users are permitted to download any of the datasets, but are advised to first consult the "Guide to Medieval London Courts: Cases, Litigants, and Jurors" to understand the codes and other information in specific fields. For questions, contact Maryanne Kowaleski at .