Babich, "Mousike Techne: The Philosophical Practice of Music in Plato, Nietzsche, and Heidegger" in: Massimo Verdicchio and Robert Burch, eds., Between Philosophy and Poetry: Writing Rhythm History. London: Continuum, 2005. Pp. 171-180 and 200-205.


Aesthetics | Ancient Philosophy | Continental Philosophy | Musicology | Other Music


After retracing the breadth of the definition of music in antiquity to the end of justifying the sense in which one may speak of 'the music of philosophy' as Plato's Socrates does, this essay re-reads the Platonic distinction between philosophy as the highest kind of music and performative, as heard or played sung music as a lower form. It then turns to an exploration of Nietzsche's writing style conceived on a muscial model precisely qua aphoristic and concludes with a review of Heidegger's thought as musically composed or adumbrated.



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