“Hey Can't You Smile: Women and Status in Philosophy,” Radical Philosophy, March/April (2010). Very truncated version of a talk invited for presentation at the New School for Social Research, April 8, 2009.


Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Feminist Philosophy | Philosophy | Women's Studies


Most of the time and in the most important and everyday ways, the status of women in philosophy departments is nugatory. But as opposed to projects proposing to “socialize” or "domesticate" men in the hopes of thereby changing the culture of university or academic philosophy (a bootless undertaking in the barest empirical sense), I submit that one might better extend the traditional privileges of intellectual preoccupation and distraction (and so on) to women professors of philosophy and not only to men as those who currently profit from just these privileges. In addition to a limited discussion of men’s shoes, the paper includes a truncated phenomenological analysis of social dress.



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