Reading David B. Allison



Babette Babich, “Reading David B. Allison.” New Nietzsche Studies. Vol. 6 3/4 & 7 1/2 (Fall 2005 and Spring 2006): 241-254.




I am a friend and, much more than that, I am without qualification an admirer of David Allison. I admire him for the same reasons, I believe, that most people who know him even slightly, but especially those who know him very well, also have cause to admire him. David has style, fire, and grace. He has this in his person, and he has this in his writing.

This text differs slightly in formatting from its original publication date.

Presented as part of session honoring David B. Allison’s work in Halifax, Canada, at a 2003 meeting of the Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy and was published with the other texts in that session as “Reading David B. Allison’s Reading the New Nietzsche,” Symposium 8/1 (Spring 2004): 19–35.

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