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Babich, Babette. “Politics and Heidegger: Aristotle, Superman, and Žižek.” Telos. Vol. 161 (Winter 2012): 141-161.


Classical Literature and Philology | Continental Philosophy | Other Film and Media Studies | Philosophy | Political Theory | Visual Studies


This essay discusses Heidegger's thinking on the political and technology in the context of metaphysics in an age that is increasingly directed to both technology and the imaginary or the virtual. The context of Aristotelian phronesis is traced back to Aristotle's youth in Macedonia and the circumstance of war and world conquest, to the allure of a comic book character (that would be the Action Comic's figure of Superman) and the cinematic seduction of a pair of eyeglasses to conclude with a review of Latour's network actants and Žižek on Marxism (and Occupy Wall Street).



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