Citation: “Tools for Subversion: Illich and Žižek on Changing the World.” In: Sylvie Mazzinie and Owen Glyn-Williams, eds., Making Communism Hermeneutical: Reading Vattimo and Zabala. Frankfurt am Main: Metzler, 2017. Pp. 95-111.


Continental Philosophy | Ethics and Political Philosophy | Philosophy


Reviewing the work of Ivan Illich, Robert Kurz and Stanley Aronowitz together with Slavoj Žižek, this essay includes a discussion of Heidegger’s technically economic articulation of standing reserve correspondent to challenging forth (the world, ourselves, animals, plants, whatever), this essay takes up “the thought of the weak in search of alternatives” as Vattimo and Zabala argue for the possibility of interpretive transformation. In addition to Slavoj Žižek’s analysis of the resistance to revolution that functions as corollary to the existential stress of the dislocated mind, this reflection includes a discussion of media and illusion via Adorno.



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