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Nietzsche, Schrödinger, What is Life?, eternal recurrence, consciousness, identity, Vedic Philosophy, Schopenhauer


Biophysics | Continental Philosophy | History of Philosophy | History of Religions of Eastern Origins | Philosophy | Philosophy of Science | Quantum Physics


Schrödinger and Nietzsche on Life: The Eternal Recurrence of the Same

This essay explores Schrödinger’s reflections on measurement, consciousness, and personal identity. Schrödinger’s, What Is Life? is read together with Nietzsche’s own reflections on the same question, in his aphorism What is Life? together with Nietzsche’s teaching of the eternal return of the selfsame. Schrödinger’s own thinking is influenced as is Nietzsche’s by Schopenhauer but Schrödinger also has the Vedic tradition as this influenced Schopenhauer himself in view.

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Fall 9-23-2011


Forthcoming as

“On Schrödinger and Nietzsche: Eternal Return and the Moment.” In: Christopher Key Chapple, ed., Festschrift for Antonio de Nicolas

and originally presented as

„On Schrödinger’s “Deus Factus Sum” and on Nietzsche’s “What is Life,” Red Star Line, Antwerp-Fordham; Fordham University, September 23, 2011.


as a video-lecture on 10 November 2011

URL for Video version, recorded Nov. 10, 2011