Increasing the rate of ethanol consumption in food- and water-satiated rats

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Ethanol; Food satiation; Ethanol consumption; Ethanol concentration; Periodic availability; Ethanol self-administration; Water-ethanol choice; Rats


Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences


The effecrs of food satiation, ethanol concentration and the schedule ofethanol availability on the rate ofethanol consumplion were investigated in rats. In Experiment I separate groups were exposed to 6.2 or l2.5% w/v ethanol and unlimited access to food. The food and ethanol were available concurrently for one to three hours daily. After approximately l5 sessions unlimited food was available whenever ethanol was not available. The rate of ethanol consumption was positively related to ethanol concentration and negatively related to duration of ethanol availability. In Experiment 2 similar procedures were followed. except rats had unlimited access to food throughout the experiment. The results were similar to Experiment 1. In Experiment 3 separate groups were exposed to 6.2 and 12.5%' w/v ethanol for one hour every other day unlimited food was available throughout the experiment. The results were similar to the one-hour availability groups in Experiments 1 and 2. In all experiments ethanol consumption rates increased to levels above baseline and above the usuaì ethanol metabolic rate found in rats. The results demonstrated new combinations ofethanol availability and non-availability durations thal were sufficient to significantly increase the rate of ethanol consumption.

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