Exploring the relationships among early maladaptive schemas, psychological mindedness and self-reported college adjustment

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Early maladaptive schemas, Psychological mindedness


Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Objectives. The primary aim of this research was to study the statistical effects of psychological mindedness (PM) upon the relationship between early maladaptive schemas (EMS) and self-reported college adjustment.

Design. A cross-sectional design was employed to assess correlations among study variables and to assess the role of PM as moderator or mediator in the relationship between EMS and adjustment.

Methods. Into this study, 264 undergraduate students were recruited in partial fulfilment of research requirements in introductory psychology class. Participants completed the Young Schema Questionnaire, the Psychological Mindedness Scale and the Student Adaptation to College Questionnaire.

Results. At the level of bivariate correlations, EMS were inversely associated with college adjustment and with PM, and PM was positively associated with adjustment. In a multiple regression equation with PM and EMS entered separately and then as an interaction term as predictors of adjustment, PM was not a significant moderator. However, in a path analysis, the indirect effect of EMS on adjustment through PM was significant, suggesting that PM is a significant mediator.

Conclusions. These findings suggest that the assessment of EMS and PM may enhance an understanding of problems with college adjustment and that interventions to reduce the negative effects of EMS may indeed benefit from efforts to improve PM and its correlates.

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