Blue-Collar Working Mothers: The Effects of the 2009/2010 MTA/NYCT Budget Cuts on Female TWU Local 100 Members

Kathleen Adams, Fordham University


My research focused on the growing burdens placed on blue-collar working women. Specifically, my research looks at how budget cuts affect blue-collar women who are mothers in urban areas working for public authorities Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)/New York City Transit (NYCT). I used the 2009/2010 MTA/NYCT budget cuts for my case study. In my research, I sought to investigate why there existed a large concentration of women in certain blue-collar job titles where massive layoffs were enacted due to the 2009/2010 MTA/NYCT fiscal crisis. My research focused on female members of Transport Workers Union Local 100 (TWU Local 100) affected by the layoffs.