Date of Award

Spring 5-6-2014


John Van Buren


My thesis paper is on hunting, fishing, and trapping in the state of New York. In this thesis I will go over months of my own personal research and experience on the topic. I will provide information on wildlife populations and biodiversity, as I have recorded it over the last two years.

When discussing the topics of hunting, fishing, and trapping in New York State the focus of conversation is often on the moral wrongness and negative impacts on wildlife that these disciplines have. However, those who oppose hunting, fishing, and trapping not only overlook their environmental educational value, environmental research implications, and economical profitability, but they also suggest that the state of New York has little biodiversity and small wildlife population sizes, while the truth is actually quite the contrary. However, through my research, and those from other studies, I have observed that New York is neither deficient in its wildlife population sizes nor in biodiversity. That is not to say that these resources are expendable. They are resources that, just like any other, need to be properly regulated and protected. Sustainable hunting and fishing practices are something I feel I specialize in and have a great grasp for, which I will discuss.

My goal of this thesis is to further educate all on hunting, fishing, and trapping in the state of New York. Along with that, I will defend my own personal claim the there is no better advocate or participant in conservation and wildlife management than the outdoorsman. No one understands our wilderness better then the men and women who spend countless hours in it.