Date of Award

Spring 5-8-2014


John Van Buren


Many Americans suffer recurring health problems that are accepted as "normal" in American society. From panic attacks to digestive problems, Americans have been getting sicker and sicker. At the same time, we find ourselves craving more processed foods and sweets. And how could we not, it's very hard to find food that has not been contaminated with processed parts. Western medicine provides multiple pills both prescription and non-prescription to "ease" our pains. But what is the underlying cause? And what is a real cure? To understand what is really going on with our bodies, we must scale ourselves down and introspect to the microscopic level of our being. There, we will find the microscopic puppeteers of our bodies: parasites. These infectious aliens are some of the true causes of our physical, emotional, and mental behavior. Fortunately, the holistic method of muscle testing called Applied Kinesiology can help locate and eliminate these underlying causes of sickness in American health. Through testing the physical responses of your brain to pressure points and frequencies, Applied Kinesiology can help Americans survive our modern detrimental diet.