Aims & Scope

JMER embraces a variety of cross-disciplinary interests, both theoretical and practical, to reach a broader scholarship and readership. As such, its peer reviewed publications represent an array of themes and topics including:

  • Psychology, sociology, and politics of language learning and teaching;
  • Issues in research and research methodology;
  • Assessment and evaluation;
  • Professional preparation;
  • Curriculum design and development;
  • Instructional methods, practices, materials, resources, and technology and media; Language planning, language policy, and language learning;
  • Professional standards and ethics

JMER seeks to address the implications and applications of research in a variety of fields of knowledge, including:

  • Anthropology;
  • Applied linguistics;
  • Multilingual/Bilingual education, including multilingual oracy & multilingual literacy;
  • Communication;
  • Education;
  • Home Language and Additional language acquisition;
  • Psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics;
  • School Psychology, sociology, political science