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Dissertations & Theses from 2024

Amarante, James (2024) Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adolescent Substance Use: The Roles of Emotion Regulation and Attachment Security

Castellanos, Vanessa (2024) Familismo in Latine/x First Generation College Student Experiences and Balancing Discord Between Ethnic Culture and Student Culture

Harvey, Jonathan Edward (2024) Teachers, Power, and the Belief in School Meritocracy

Knowles-Ferreira, Kandra G (2024) The Role of Professional Development with a Social Emotional Learning Lens on Educator Social Emotional Competence

Munoz De Zubiria, Gabriela (2024) Phenomenological Inquiry of Disclosures in Romantic Relationships Among Undocumented Immigrants with DACA

Nahshal, Amira (2024) Gendered Islamophobia, Religiosity, and Well-being: Exploring Muslim Hijabi Women’s College Experiences

Prieto, Denise Nathalie (2024) Covid-19 Stress, Adaptation, and Coping Among Male and Female U.S. College Students

Shin, Jae Hun (2024) A Grounded Theory Study of Grieving Among Asian Immigrant Women in the U.S. During the Covid Pandemic

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Dissertations & Theses from 2023

Adelsberger, Kathryn Burke (2023) Improving Student Discipline and School Climate by Intentionally Building Positive Student-Teacher Relationships

Aghvinian, Maral (2023) Culture, Context, and Cognition: A Meta-Analytic Study Examining the Role of US Acculturation in Neuropsychological Functioning

Ahmed, Madina (2023) Investigating Sense of Belonging in Chinese International Students

Ahn, Jungwon Rachael (2023) Pre-Assembly Methods for Cognitive Diagnostic Multistage Adaptive Testing

Alexander Ade, Jennifer (2023) Leadership Actions and Organizational Practices to Improve Academic Progress for Students in Temporary Housing

Andino, Amy (2023) Voces de Los Perdidos: A Latina School Leader Empowers English Language Learners Through Ypar

Andranovich, Nicole Marie (2023) Imagination in Motion: Ekphrastic Description in Ovid’s Metamorphoses

Aparcero Suero, Maria (2023) Development and Validation of a Standardized Instrument to Assess Competency in Immigration Court

Arevalo, Jenny A (2023) Linkages Between Biculturalism and Executive Functioning Among Immigrant Latinx-American Youth

Arteaga, Mardoqueo (2023) Essays on Empirical Macroeconomics and Expectations

Bae, Jiwoon (2023) The Role of Ethnic-Racial Identity Dissociation on the Association Between Appropriated Racial Oppression and Sleep Problems

Bailey, Dylan Stiles (2023) Delivering Understanding: The Goal of Philosophical Midwifery in Socrates, Kierkegaard, and Nietzsche

Barry, Sarah Ann (2023) Evaluating Strategies for Focusing on What Is Important: Text Presentation and Comprehension

Bartosic, Albert J (2023) An Improved Approach to Capitalism: Trust, Authenticity, and Balance

Benda, Margaret Suzanne (2023) Attention Bias Heterogeneity and Brain Structure in Adolescents With Anxiety

Berantuo, Clairmond A (2023) The Role of Future Goal Importance and Expectations Among Adolescents with Court Involvement

Berry, Nicholas (2023) Reimagining the Just City: Social Selves, Substantive Justice, and the Concept of Property

Bidopia, Tatyana (2023) The Development of Disordered Eating and Body Image Issues in Latina Adolescent Girls: A Grounded Theory Approach

Bigony, Cara Elizabeth (2023) The Shared Traumatic Reality of COVID-19 in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Lived Experiences of New York City Psychologists

Biondo, Alyssa (2023) HPV16 Induces Filopodia Formation to Promote Viral Entry in Human Keratinocytes

Bracey, Natasha B (2023) A Leadership Study of Efforts to Improve Special Education Teachers Use of Tier I Strategies to Support SWD in Grades 4–5 in ELA

Bucceri, Brittany (2023) Evaluating Parenting Experience and Impact of Having Children With Disabilities During COVID-19

Burns, Christopher Michael (2023) Orosius Between the Classical Tradition and the Patristic Milieu

Byers, Robert Evan (2023) Reading and Teaching Le Morte Darthur in the Light of Postcritique

Cetron, Brett (2023) The Impact of Tenure Status on the Perception of Shared Governance in Higher Education

Chandra, Anjali (2023) Essays in the Economics of Human Capital Accumulation

Clark, Spring Bailey (2023) Uncovering and Mitigating Energy Inequity During New York City’s Clean Energy Transition: A Data Science Approach

Conforme, Rosaana (2023) “Necesito Romper El Silencio”: A Phenomenological Analysis of the Disclosure Experiences of Latinx Immigrant Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Daraz, Bernard (2023) Cultural Capital and Academic Advising for International Students

Deal, Amy Leigh (2023) Conducting a Principal Professional Learning Community as a Retention Strategy

de Carbonnel, Camille Elisabeth (2023) The Dynamic Humanitarian: Has Traditional Humanitarianism Become Obsolete?

DeJesus-Rodriugez, Ariana (2023) First-Generation College Students’ Reports of Academic Self-Concept During the Onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Deng, Xinyue (2023) Exploring a Machine-Learning Approach to Assess the Construct and Criterion-Related Validity of Game-Based Cognitive Ability Assessment: A Secondary Study

D'Onofrio, Anthony (2023) Distributed Learning in a Quantum-Classical Hybrid System

Durocher, Bronwen Maher (2023) Tracing Modernist Time “Back through our Mothers”

Du, Zefan (2023) Quantum Counting in a Distributed System

Eder-Moreau, Elizabeth Anne (2023) Stereotypes, Beliefs about Working Mothers, and the Use of Gender System Justification

Engelke, Nicole Fabian (2023) The Impact of Teacher Leadership and Peer Collaboration on Middle School Teacher Retention

Epley, Seana (2023) Understanding the Role of Adaptation and Improvisation in Humanitarian NGO Responses to COVID-19

Evans, Anthony J (2023) Identification and Characterization of Naturally Derived Splicealtering Compounds and Their Potential Impact on Individuals With Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome

Fahmy, Mai Ahmed Ezzeldin (2023) Assessing Biodiversity in Madagascar with Leech-Derived iDNA: Methodological Advancements and Ecological Insights

Fallon, Ryan (2023) Vision & Change: A Regional Study of Student Activism in the American Midwest 1960-1964

Fasih-Ahmad, Faaria (2023) Identification of Potential Therapeutics for the Treatment of β-Thalassemia

Feingold, Zoe Rose (2023) Social Determinants of Mental Health Diversion Success: The Influence of Social and Environmental Factors on Program Completion and Post-Program Recidivism

Feng, Ye (2023) An Investigation of Bayesian Approximate Measurement Invariance with Longitudinal Data

Ferrer, Caitlin Rose (2023) A Grounded Theory Examination of Racial Identity Experiences of Multiracial Latinx Adults

Figueroa, Enrique (2023) A Phenomenological Study of Black and Latinx Parents’ Experiences Using Digital Technology Choosing Schools

Forbes, Madison Bennett (2023) "To the General Reader:" How 16th-Century Paratexts Evolved the Reader

Fueting, Nani (2023) Racial-Ethnic Socialization: Korean American Mothers' Perspectives and Messages on Racism and Discrimination

Gao, Jingyi (2023) Essays on Health and Out-Of-Pocket Expenditures

Gao, Jingyi (2023) Essays on Health and Out-of-Pocket Expenditures

Garner, Lauryn Evans (2023) The Impact of Healthcare Worker Stigma during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Glover, Angela Cristine (2023) Trauma Screening at Juvenile Probation Intake With the Child Trauma Screen (CTS): Exploring Demographic Differences and Screening Decisions

Gosselin, Denise Elvira (2023) Understanding the Social Determinants of Social Isolation and Health as Experienced by Older Latine-A Adults

Green-Martinez, Keisha (2023) The Miseducation of Black Boys: The Impact of Leadership Support on the Implementation of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Groman, Susan (2023) How and Why They Came Together in Community: A Case Study of a Reentry Program for Women with a History of Incarceration

Gutkin, Stephanie Lucia (2023) Early-Career White Counselors’ Self-Reflections on Racial Socialization and Broaching Race and Racism in Therapy

Habib, Daniel (2023) “In Your Light, We See Light” Religious Education Through the Homily in the Coptic Orthodox Church

Hafeez, Nisa Khurram (2023) Gendered City: Women’s Experiences in Urban Public Transportation

Han, Yi (2023) Developing a Professional Learning Community with World Language Teachers to Enhance Student Engagement

Han, Ying (2023) Dominance Analysis with Model Uncertainty

Heffron, Ryan Patrick (2023) Shifting Power Dynamics in the Humanitarian Sector: The Realization of Localization and Decolonization by Humanitarian Professionals

Hernandez, Melitina (2023) A Leader’s Journey: Self-examination & Implementation of the Schema-Based Instructional Model in Service of Homeless and Highly Mobile Students

Himmelstein, Mark (2023) Measuring Persuasion Without Measuring a Prior Belief: A New Application of Planned Missing Data Techniques

Hintenach, Annette M (2023) Social Work Professionals’ Knowledge, Perceptions, and Experiences with Hoarding Disorder in Older Adults

Hirsch, Emily (2023) Boredom–Not So Boring: An Investigation of Trait Boredom’s Relationship With Impairment and Psychopathology in Children

Hosgor, Murat (2023) The Effects of State Mindfulness on Motivation to Quit and Smoking Risk Among Individuals With Mood Disorders

Hubka, Nicole Ann (2023) The Unprecedented Response to the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine: Speed and Funding Allocations

Hulla, Maribel (2023) Building the Capacity of Principals to Coach Teachers of Multilingual Language Learners

Hurley, Jean Marie (2023) The COVID-19 Pandemic as Trauma on Secondary Educators and Their Students: A Phenomenological Study

Hwang, Jacqueline (2023) Asian American University Students’ Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Mixed Methods Study

Ilagan, Gabrielle (2023) Daily Fluctuations in Self-Concept Clarity and Emptiness as Predictors of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury

Jara Araya, Edgardo (2023) The BECs at St. Camillus Church: A Sacred Space to Practice Christian Belief in the Presence of God in Others

Jelonek, Aleksandra Christine (2023) Use of Predictive Analytics in Humanitarian Operations

Jenkins, Antonia L (2023) A Decolonial Feminism to U.S. Humanitarian Policy in West Africa

Jiang, Nan (2023) Equity Ranking with Stochastic Dominance and Combinatorial Fusion

Jiang, Zihao (2023) Iterative Quantum Search in a Hybrid System

Joglar, Ralph (2023) The Prophetic Voice and Sacrificial Leadership of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Johnson, Jasmine B (2023) Using an Intersectional Lens to Explore Civic Engagement and Discrimination Experiences Among Young Black Women

Johnson, Matthew David (2023) Attributing Intentionality to Artificial Intelligence: An Investigation

Johnson, Shadane (2023) Associations Between Neighborhood Context and Mental Health Among Youth of Color: Sleep as a Moderator

Josephs, Donna (2023) Hearts and Minds: Impact of Pre-Service Social Emotional Learning Training on School Children

Joyner, Gail (2023) The Data Struggle Is Real: Building Teacher Capacity to Engage in Continuous Improvement

Kelleher, Molly Kathleen (2023) Living Slowly: John Dewey and Deliberate Aesthetic Experience

Keogh, Christopher (2023) Collaborative Learning to Increase General Education Teacher Self-Efficacy in Supporting Multilingual Learners

Kim, Hae-Joon (2023) The Role of Positive Future Thinking in Suicidal Ideation

Koch, Lindsay L (2023) Civilian-Military Coordination in Humanitarian Crises: An Examination of Advances and Challenges

Krause, Peter William (2023) "The Card Games Ended After the Towers Fell" - The Post-9/11 Transatlantic Novel: From Postmodernism to the New Sincerity

Lantier, Katherine Claire (2023) Psychologists’ Perceptions of the Impact of the Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment Model on Their Work

Liang, Ershang (2023) Essays in Applied Microeconomics

Light, Ellis Amity (2023) Fluxing Fellowship: Bodily Fluids and Forms of Community in Medieval Devotional Literature

Lima, Salvatore (2023) Increasing Student Engagement Through Student-Teacher Relationships, Autonomy, and Student-Centered Pedagogy

Lin, Theresa (2023) Sleep Disordered Breathing and Cognition Among Young Adults

Lucchesi, Emily (2023) The Impact of Political Will by Donor Governments on Humanitarian Funding Decisions: A Comparative Study

Machlovi, Naseem (2023) SPOCK: Subjective Projection for Optimizing Deep Neural Classification Models Based on Contextual Representation From Large Knowledgebase

Madison Dronne, Natalie (2023) From Monolingual to Bilingual: Educator Language Ideologies and a New Dual Language Program

Manuel, Isabella (2023) Linking Emotion Dysregulation to a Dimensional Model of Maladaptive Traits and Personality Dysfunction

Marsh, Jonathan (2023) A Mixed-Method Assessment of the Risk and Protective Factors Associated with Restraining Order Issuance: Considerations for Policy Development, Intervention Practice, and Violence Prevention

Martinez, Belkis Yajaira (2023) White Psychodynamic Therapists’ Experiences of Intersectionality With Patients of Color: A Phenomenological Inquiry

McDonald, Garret J (2023) The Delusion of Reform: Punitive Psychiatry in Soviet History

McGowan, Susan Adelaide (2023) The Impact of Mentoring for Successful Women Leaders in Higher Education

McKenna, Michael J (2023) Creating the Worst Block in the City: East 100th Street, 1900-1970

Meyer, Meghan (2023) Improving Students' Sense of Belonging in Middle School After the Pandemic

Molina, Cindy (2023) Phenomenological Inquiry of Intersectional Microaggressions and Identities as Experienced by Psychology Trainees of Color

Montañez-Diodonet, Sandra (2023) The Impact of Central Office and Principal Joint Work on Multilingual Language Learners' Outcomes

Montes, Oscar (2023) Familiarity Bias by Sector: Professional Equity Investor Preference to Invest in Geographically Close Sectors

Morante, Anthony Vincent (2023) The Role of the Human Papillomavirus Type 16 Minor Capsid Protein L2 N Terminus During Infection of Human Keratinocytes

Nadeau, Melissa Gwen (2023) Cocreating Space for Engagement in Numeracy Education: Empowering Familial Linguistic Capital

Nardini, Cristina L (2023) Examining the Links Between Achievement-Related Mindset and Psychological Well-Being in a National Sample of First-Generation College Students

Noori, Quadrina (2023) The Role of Morphological Awareness in Elementary Students Early Reading Skills

Nwizu, Cynthia Ebele (2023) Saints in Caesar’s Household: Spirituality’s Impact on Self Perceptions of Leaders in Public Institutions

O'Connor, Erin (2023) A Review of Mental Health in Humanitarian Workers in South Sudan. What Does Mental Health and Wellbeing Mean to Humanitarians’ Workers, and Can Humanitarian Organisations Better Support Their Staff?

Ohlan, Rahul (2023) Transfer Learning Framework for Warping From Representations to Point of View (TWARP)

Olivar, Sarah Mae (2023) Critical and Culturally Sustaining School Practices for Engaging Diverse Families

Osei-Owusu, Kofi (2023) Perceptions of Principals’ Leadership Style Influencing Teachers’ Job Satisfaction: Catholic High Schools in Ghana

Ostler, Elizabeth Ann (2023) Navigating Ideals: Latter-Day Saint Women and Latter-Day Saint Cultural Master Narratives

Parr, Elizabeth Mary (2023) Why Are You Here?: Exploring the Personal Motivations of Leaders in Cristo Rey Schools

Pastro, Brianna (2023) Psychological Implications of Accessing SITB-Related Online Content

Pathak, Ayurda (2023) Sociocultural Influences of Sleep Health Among Latinx Youth

Peguero Spencer, Carolyn (2023) Intersecting Identities, Education, and Economic and Subjective Well-Being: A Qualitative Testimonio Study Among Latina Single Mother Community College Students

Pellerzi, Laura Ann Weinberg (2023) Worked Example Instruction of Decomposition Strategies in Two-Digit Multiplication Problem Solving

Pilarte, Ybelize N (2023) Improving Reading Outcomes for Students With Disabilities Using a Multi-Tier Professional Development Intervention

Pilla, David (2023) Stereotypes and Public Stigma Against People Experiencing Homelessness

Polacek, Laura Christine (2023) Prognostic Understanding, Anxiety, and Prognostic Acceptance in Patients with Advanced Cancer: A Mediation Analysis

Pu, Tianyao (2023) An Active Learning Framework for Trustworthy Classification over COVID-19 Multilingual Fake News Dataset

Qu, Chunyu (2023) Essays on the Payroll Protection Program

Reder, Alexandra (2023) General Personality Traits and College Adjustment in Relation to Academic Achievement and Engineering Identity

Rihal, Tripat K (2023) The Impact of BIPOC-Matched Mentoring Relationships on Youth Internalizing Mental Health Symptoms and School Engagement

Rocks, Devin (2023) The Role of Egr1 in Driving Sex-Specific Transcriptional Programs and Anxiety-Related Behavior

Rokitta, Jana (2023) Exploring the Conditions of Urban Community Flourishing: A Case Study of Andersonville, Chicago

Ross, Lauren Elizabeth (2023) An Exploratory Study on the Relationship Between Mindfulness and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Rudolfo, Ainsley Courtney (2023) Assessing the Effectiveness of Networked Improvement Communities to Advance Improvement Science-Continuous Improvement Through Inquiry-Based Learning

Ruiz-Giovinazzi, Lizzette (2023) Cultivating Resilience for District Women Administrators of Color as Equity Leaders in Predominantly White Districts

Russell, Pamela Rene (2023) Leadership in High-Needs School Contexts: Assessing Principals’ Problem-Solving, Resilience, and Hope

Ryan, Kyle John (2023) Specks: Spectrogram of Large Scale Knowledgebase for Interpreting Stereotypes in Dataset

Sahni, Harneet Kaur (2023) Developmental Differences in Children’s Problem-Solving Approaches During Educational Digital Game Play

Santiago, Maria A (2023) Impact of Teacher Practice and Student Growth Mindset on Students with Disabilities Proficiency in Mathematics

Santolaya Fabiani, Javier (2023) Democracy and Value: Towards a Pluralistic Value Epistemology

Savin, Micah (2023) Trajectories of Cognitive Aging among American Indian and Alaskan Native People with and without HIV

Schels, Donald R (2023) Competition and Its Relationship to Student Performance and Wellness

Sciarra, Kelli Anne (2023) Technology-Related Professional Development Experiences of Secondary Mathematics Teachers in Response to COVID-19

Seligman, Nicole (2023) The Underuse and Overuse of Character Strengths in Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms

Shen, Yangqian (2023) The Impact of Negative Self-Stereotypes on the Psychological Well-Being of Single Women in Established Adulthood: The Roles of Rumination and Mindfulness

Simons, Jordan David (2023) Distributed Integrated Leadership: An Analysis of High-Performing Elementary Schools in Low-Income Communities

Sloan, Matthew (2023) Media Coverage of Humanitarian Emergencies and Humanitarian Funding

Smith, Shannon Terell (2023) The Role of Data-Driven Decision-Making in Organizational Transformation: A Case Study Analysis of Leadership and Organizational Actions

Somekh, Melanie Rose (2023) Naming in Bilingual Youth With Epilepsy

Soto, Maria Cristina (2023) A Critical Phenomenology of Black and Latinx Student Trust in the Pandemic Landscape

Spillane, Sean Patrick (2023) Translating the Fantastic in Old Norse-Icelandic Literature

Spyropoulos, Daphne Catherine (2023) Fat and Fiber Consumption, Sociocultural Factors Influencing Food Choices, and Sporadic Alzheimer’s Disease in Alabama, USA, and Cape Town, South Africa

Steinberg, Emily (2023) Parental Burnout: An Investigation of Burnout in Parents of Children with Misophonia

Stevens, Adam (2023) Community School Principals: Advancing Equity Through Social Justice Leadership Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stiver, Jordan (2023) Robust Demographically-Adjusted Normative Data for Unsupervised, Self-Administration of the Cogstate Brief Battery

Sun, Naishuo (2023) Parenting Stress and Competence, Parent-Child Relationship, and Child Behavior Problems: The Role of Satellite Baby Experience Among Chinese Immigrants in New York City

Syper, Amy (2023) Mind-Body Connection, Self-Esteem, and Social Support as Predictors of Recovery From Anorexia Nervosa

Tande, Andrea Lynn Pearson (2023) Considering the Role of Associates in the Future of Women’s Religious Communities: A Project Focusing on the Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet and Consociates, St Paul Province

Teng, Yue (2023) Comparing Propensity Score Weighting Schemes with CBPS and XGBoost in Causal Effect Estimation

Thorpe, Earl Y. (2023) Leadership in Mission: A Protestant Pastor’s Implementation of an Afterschool Program

Towns, Lorraine (2023) The Dean-Chair Relationship: An Examination of Conflict Management Styles and Relationship Quality

Trimm, Jolene (2023) Working Memory Load and Automaticity in Relation to STEM Undergraduates’ Mental Multiplication Performance

Tripathi, Janhavi Shankar (2023) Topics on Fractional Trading and Trade–Growth Nexus

Tween, Michelle (2023) Increasing Kindergarten Student Engagement through the Use of Social Emotional Learning and Improved Teacher Practice

Van Owen, Gordon (2023) The Past, Present, and Future of Reading: Portraits of Recent High School Graduates

Vice, Gretchen Marie (2023) Addressing Teacher Retention in a Small Independent School

Viegas, Rachel A (2023) Increasing Student Performance Through Teacher Collaboration and Tier I Differentiation

Walker, Tamar (2023) The Impact of Central Office Leaders in Supporting Principals’ Inclusive Practices

Warren, Cicely C (2023) The Power of Project-Based Learning

Williams, Denise Louise (2023) Mirror Work: Impacting Culturally Responsive Practices Through Racial Literacy, Cultural Competence, and Professional Learning

Williams, Dionne Olivene (2023) Leadership Practices to Support Teaching Mathematical Word Problems to Students With Disabilities

Williams-Todman, Janelle (2023) Middle School Career Readiness Pedagogy, Exploration, and Engagement Through Counselor-Driven Practice

Wilson, Andrine Lissent (2023) What About Your Friends: Using a CFG to Make CRSE Instructional Approaches Practical and Palpable in Secondary Classrooms

Wing, Hannah Meredith (2023) Emerging Adult Chinese Adoptees' Perspectives on Family, Relationships, and Parenthood Amid COVID-19

Wong, Kathy (2023) “(Don’t) Rock the Boat”: East Asian Women Psychologists’ Lived Experiences Navigating Perceived Discrimination

Wu, Ying (2023) Stress, Coping, and Adjustment of International Students During COVID-19: A Mixed-Methods Study

Yap, Jaclyn (2023) Essays in Development Economics

Yazdani, Neshat J (2023) A Person-Centered Approach to the Study of Psychological Well-Being in Emerging Adulthood

Zollo, Alexis (2023) Perinatal Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Understanding Risk Factors for Black Women

Zolopa, Camille Simone (2023) Recounting Trauma: Adjusting for Differences in Extreme Responding on PTSD Measures Between Pan-Ethnic Groups in the United States and Mexico

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Dissertations & Theses from 2022

Alba, Renaldo Diaz (2022) Giving a Voice to CSTEP Directors: Transformative Leaders of University Equity Initiatives

Alonso, Daniel James (2022) Identity Concealment and Centrality: Links to Mental Health in Transgender Adults

Anderson, Grace (2022) Distress Tolerance Predicts Substance Use Motivations and Problems in Young Adults Across Four Continents

Arabyat, Zainah Suleiman (2022) Professionalization in the Humanitarian Sector and Altruism among Humanitarian Aid Workers

Auguste, Evan E. J (2022) Maafa and Youth: Examining the Associations Between Interpersonal Racism, Racial Identity, and Mental Health Problems for Black Male Adolescents

Barnes, Patrice (2022) Placement Disruption in Therapeutic Foster Care: Foster Parents' Perspectives on Maintaining Placement Stability

Battaglia, Danielle Ann (2022) Attitudes of Adolescent Users and Non-Users of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Toward Peers

Bergman, Maja (2022) Surviving but Not Thriving: A Phenomenological Inquiry into Post Traumatic Stress following Cardiac Arrest

Breedlove, John E (2022) The Disruptive Muse: Poetic Inspiration and Its Counterdiscourses in Early Modern Literature

Brennan, William Thomas (2022) A Qualitative Inquiry into Ethical Relationship and Boundary-Setting in Underground Psychedelic Healing

Brier, Suzanne A (2022) College Male Athletes and Locker Room Talk: Clinicians and Researchers Propose Intervention

Brown, Tashia A (2022) Cultivating a Schoolwide Culture for the Successful Integration of K-5 Students with Significant Disabilities

Burke, Erin K (2022) You, Me, and Us: Exploring Early Career Female Psychologists’ Experience of Trauma Work

Chen, HangYi (2022) Racial Identity Social Interaction and Working Alliance in Supervision with Supervisees of Asian Descent

Chen, Xing (2022) A Comparison of Asymmetric Item Response Theory Models

Claflin, Bridget Veronica (2022) Suicide Attempt Lethality in Bipolar Disorder

Cohen, Nitzan (2022) Barriers for Sexual Assertiveness in Sexual Minority Emerging Adult Women

Cohen, Rina Levy (2022) The Relationship Between Help-Seeking Determinants and Help-Seeking Behavior Online

Coleman, Kat (2022) Some Day We Will All Be Dirt: Closed-Loop Compost Planning in NYC

Collins, Aidan (2022) Evaluating the Predictive Validity of the COMPAS Across Psychiatric Diagnoses

Corcoran, Vincent P (2022) Beyond Burnout: Aquired Capability for Suicide and Suicidal Ideation in Mental Health Professionals

Cordero, Ernesto Roxas (2022) A Stranger Amidst the Strange: Pastoral Leadership in Disorienting Times

Corona, Nina Marie (2022) Graced Collaboration: An Integrated Program for Addiction Recovery Based on the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises

Cosby, Jasmine (2022) The Effects of Youth's Stress on the Mentoring Relationship in a Cross-National Sample of Randomized Mentor-Youth Pairs

Crawford, Courtney Jean (2022) Comparing Telehealth Instructional Methods for Language Development Skills of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Crook, Cara (2022) The Relationship between Cannabis Use, Neurocognition, and Medication Adherence in a Sample of Latinx and Non-Latinx White People Living with HIV

Cunningham, Sara (2022) Phenomenological Inquiry of Widowed Fathers’ Experiences with Bereavement and Meaning-Making

Daru, Hannah Marie (2022) A Contemporary Evaluation of Thomas Aquinas’s Philosophy of Promising

Daugs, Gwen (2022) Power and the Intersection of Gender and Sexual Oppression

DeFilippis, Kris (2022) The Bronx Academic Response Team: A Mechanism of School Support to Advance Equity

del Monte, Isaac Joaquín (2022) Understanding New York State Latino Superintendents through Testimonios

Del Valle, Sudanë Firestar (2022) African American Women’s Adjustment to College: The Impact of Campus Climate and Social Support

Donofrio, Vincent (2022) Associations Between School-Based Extracurricular Activities and Access to Informal Mentoring for Low-Income Youth

Dosani, Kabeel Mohyudin (2022) Digital Activism as a Tool in Fostering Collective Resilience and Empowerment amid COVID-19

Dubak, Laura (2022) The Impact of Distributed Leadership and Teacher Leader Development on Principal Use of Time

Edwards, Safiyyah Yasmeen (2022) Addressing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Peacekeeping Operations: The United Nations’ Institutional Efforts to Effectively Increase Peacekeepers’ Protection of Civilian Populations

El Koudouss, El Mechry (2022) Growth and Poverty in Africa: A Spatial Econometrics Perspective

Eusanio, Jennifer Anne (2022) Novice Principals’ Perspectives regarding In-Service Training and Their Self-Efficacy

Fitzgerald, Justine (2022) Problem Solving Style Preferences of Women in K-12 and Higher Education Leadership

Frank, Elana (2022) Vocalizations of Two Freshwater Turtle Species: Chelodina Mccordi and Pangshura Tecta

Free, Madeline A (2022) Emerging Adult Women with a Sibling with a Disability: Plans for the Future and Perspectives on Marriage and Motherhood

Furry, Angela (2022) Power and Intersubjectivity in Renaissance Rhetoric

Garvey, Robert W (2022) The Role of Parental Tolerance of Child Distress in Behavioral Responses to Child Negative Emotions

Geminn, Scott (2022) Toward Humanization: The Marcan Jesus as a Source and Guide for Humanization Today

Gerbrandij, Jacomina (2022) The Impact of Psychopathy and Therapeutic Alliance on Treatment Outcome in a Dutch Forensic Treatment Sample

Golubtchik, Lauren M (2022) Improving Self-Efficacy in Pre-Service Teachers by Expanding Classroom Management Skill Development

Gray, Aaliyah Leora (2022) Social Determinants of HPV Vaccination Intentions Among Black Mothers with Young Daughters

Gringco, Charez Bandao (2022) Priests' Leadership and Commitment to Fostering Catholic School Identity: Mediating Effect of Work Engagement

Grocher, Kimberly (2022) The Impact of Yoga on Black Womens' Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Health

Hernandez, Kathrine Lizzette (2022) Examining the Impact of Community Violence Through Meaning Making

Hervé, Justine (2022) Essays on Industry Specialization, Job Mobility and Wages

Hiner, Michelle Katherine (2022) The Role of Function in the Severity of Non-suicidal Self-Injury

Hoggard, S. Raschaad (2022) Ordained Presidency: Education, Faith and Social Activism: The Leadership of Dr. Calvin Otis Butts

Holloman, Bridget (2022) Improving Literacy for Elementary School Black Boys through Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Professional Learning Communities

Hooks, Cameron S (2022) What's My Superpower?: The Interconnection that Exist Through Sneakers and the Commodification of Blackness

Hudak, Gerald (2022) Understanding Schools that Were Able to Show Sustained Improvement within the Renewal School Program

Imparato, Victor Michael (2022) Stenotrophomonas rhizophila Chitinase Variation and Its Role in Suppressing Fusarium oxysporum Pathogenesis in Tomato

Johnson, Stephen Earl (2022) Rapid Evolutionary Responses of Field Mustard (Brassica rapa) under Experimental Drought

Kaiser, Amy (2022) Engaging in Appreciative Inquiry to Understand and Support Middle School Boys’ Motivation to Read

Kong, Joon Ho (2022) Three Essays in Corporate Disclosure and Auditing

Kremer, Donald (2022) A Personal Case Study: My Faith Journey After My Children's Disaffiliation from the Catholic Church

Kroog, Kenneth John (2022) The Effects of Virtual Professional Learning on Teacher Self-Efficacy and Student Achievement

Kussin, Lonnie (2022) A Case Study on Mental Health Gatekeeper Training for Academic Advisors

L'Abbate, Ryan (2022) A Hybrid Quantum-Classical System Using Tensor Networks and Variational Quantum Circuits

Lalane, Monique (2022) Peer Workers in the Hospital Setting: The Roles and Experiences Providing Addiction Support

Langley-Grey, Shaundrika (2022) Supporting Reading Instruction for Students with Disabilities: The Intersection of Disability, Race, and Trauma

Layman, Deborah M (2022) Psychosocial Developmental Trajectory Profiles and Psychiatric Hospitalization Among Transition-Age Youth Receiving Mental Health Services

Lee, Hyunjung (2022) Comparing Accuracy of Parallel Analysis and Fit Statistics for Estimating the Number of Factors with Ordered Categorical Items in Exploratory Factor Analysis

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López, María Martín (2022) Normal and Abnormal Personality Correlates of Distress Tolerance

Lorenzo, Kyle (2022) Associations between Friendship Racial Composition and Ethnic/Racial Identity Over Time: The Role of School Racial Diversity

Lukoff, Jennie Simone (2022) The Association of Personality Disorder Symptoms with Treatment Completion and Recidivism in Legally Involved Individuals Referred to Community-Based Treatment

Magee, Elyssa (2022) Elementary Teacher Stress and Students with Disabilities: Examining the Link between Coping and Training

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Mayer, Sari (2022) Engaging Female Students in Judaic Studies through Student-Centered Learning

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McLaughlin, Robert P (2022) Support for Victims and Survivors of Human Trafficking via Interdisciplinary, Interagency Collaboration: An Exploratory Study of the Complexities in New Jersey

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Migunov, Igor (2022) Propensity Score Estimation with Multi-Layer Neural Networks

M. Odra, Donna Mae (2022) Measuring Disaster Resilience at the Aggregate and Regional Level

Mu, Wenrui (2022) Iterative Qubits Management for Quantum Search

Norberto, Anne Marie (2022) A Phenomenological Analysis of the Expansive Roles and Nuanced Attunement Experienced by Mothers of Young Children on the Autism Spectrum

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Oleas, Denise Stephany (2022) The Effect of Immigration Status on Neurocognitive Functioning in Latinx Immigrants with HIV

Oren, Tanzilya (2022) New Voices of Change: Transformative Community Organizing of New Immigrants in the U.S. A Case-Study of RUSA LGBTQ+

Orozco, Viany (2022) Psychotherapists' Experiences of a Therapeutic Alliance with Children on the Autism Spectrum

Otto, Victoria G (2022) The Changing Role of Lay Associates in the Missionaries of the Precious Blood

Ott, Taylor J (2022) A Role for Conflict in Catholic Social Thought: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Conflict as an Analytical Lens

Paplin, Kelly Ann (2022) Building Teachers’ Capacity to Support Elementary Student Belonging through Professional Learning Communities

Park, James Byung (2022) Health and Social Experiences of Asian American and Pacific Islanders in the United States Military

Pinder, Makeba L (2022) Understanding Fathering and Fatherhood of African American Adult Fathers Who Were Young Adult Fathers: A Retrospective Study

Ponteen, Erica Melissa (2022) Exploring the Cumulative Trauma and Abusive Parenting Behaviors among United States Military-Affiliated Mothers

Porter, Meisha (2022) Advancing Racial Equity Leadership: A Driver for Systemic Change

Pradhan, Mitali (2022) Essays on Trade, Infrastructure and Development

Pullen, Felecia D (2022) Exploring the Experiences of Blacks in Harlem after 30 Years of Concentrated Racialized Drug Enforcement Policies: Cultural Implications for an Additional Measure of Recovery Capital

Rabasco, Ana (2022) Mindfulness for Reducing Everyday Suicidal Thoughts (Mind-REST): A Daily Mindfulness Intervention for Individuals at High Risk for Suicide

Randazza, Michael Phillip (2022) An Analysis of Drinking Motives in the Maintenance of Co-Occuring Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms and Alcohol Use

Redpath, Glen (2022) A Historical Look at the Adult College at Fordham University, Est. 1944

Rencher, Mica J (2022) Forging Pathways to Upward Mobility: Supportive Policies and Programs at Institutions of Higher Education

Riklin, Eric (2022) Examining the Role of Resilience and Grit on the Functioning of Youth with Chronic Medical Conditions

Roginek, Eric William (2022) Use of Context for Object Recognition in Convolutional Neural Networks

Rudys, Valentinas (2022) Essays on Employment, Job Search, and Retirement

Schewel, Bertram Cornelis (2022) The Bellum Judaicum of T. Flavius Josephus in Its Jewish and Roman Contexts

Schibuk, Heidi Arona (2022) 'Adulting' when 'The Struggle Is Real': Does Executive Function Predict Career Adaptability in Emerging Adults

Schmid Floyd, Kathleen Marie (2022) Colorism Trauma among Black Southern Women: A Grounded Theory Study

Schwartz, Tamar J (2022) Considering a Self-Objectification, Interoceptive Awareness, and Disordered Eating Mediation Model Across Racial/Ethnic Groups of Women

Sergio, Jordan Paul (2022) Which Variables Moderate the Relationship between Depressive Symptoms and Neurocognition Across Adulthood?

Shaikh, Usama Mohammad (2022) The Impact of Campus Climate on Muslim Student College Experiences

Sharma, Vaishali (2022) Dynamic Resource Management Schemes for Containerized Deep Learning Applications

Skluzacek, Sara Cecile (2022) Barriers and Progress in Diversity Training: Educators Working to Reduce Their Implicit Bias

Smigen-Rothkopf, David (2022) Twisting Lines: Genealogy and Legitimacy in Fifteenth-Century English Literature

Sorenson, Sarah Michelle (2022) Mindfulness as a Potential Buffer of Stereotype Threat for Underrepresented Minority Females in STEM

Steiner, Corey (2022) Mood’s Disclosure of Interrelatedness: A Phenomenological Analysis

St. Laurent, Paul (2022) Homiletic Training in a Diocesan Program of Formation for Permanent Deacons: Making It the Best It Can Be

Summers, Angela C (2022) The Role of Physical Activity on Neurocognitive Function in Diverse Older Persons with HIV (PWH)

Suriano, Mark J (2022) A Queer Vocation: Growing into Power

Szymanski, Melissa Ilana (2022) Cultivating Coherence and Inquiry Orientation Through Professional Learning

Tavlin, Marlee Joy (2022) Together We STEM: An Urban Community Lab’s Collaborative Internship and Social Distancing

Tocci, Carrie Anne (2022) Reading Motivations of Striving Sixth Graders: Expectancy-Value, Attitudes, Preferences, and Engagement

Totino Villani, Marisa Totino (2022) First Things First: Mission, Relevancy and Supporting Persistence of First-Generation College Students

Trerotola, Michael R (2022) Partners in Mission: Conscientious Leadership of Chief Diversity Officers in Catholic Higher Education

Tripathi, Saumya (2022) Time Spent on Unpaid Care Work and Women’s Employment Status: Evidence from India

Tutino, Rebecca (2022) Identity Among Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivors: An Exploratory Qualitative Study

Velez, Kayla L (2022) Rapid Development and Neighborhood Change in Mott Haven

Wang, Shen (2022) The Revitalization of Old School Trading with Machine Learning and Technical Analysis

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Yu, Seung Chang (2022) Evaluation of Postsecondary Readiness Performance Outcomes in Career and Technical Education High Schools in New York City

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Dissertations & Theses from 2021

Adelsberg, Samantha (2021) The Role of Motivation in a School-Based Physical Activity Intervention

Adler, Keren Fefer (2021) Jewish Teachers’ Experience with Religious Microaggressions in Public Schools in the United States

Ahmed, Sagal O (2021) The Relationship between Khat Use, Trauma and Mental Health Outcomes among Somalis in Mogadishu

Alexis, Magalie Exavier (2021) Mentoring Experiences of Afro-Caribbean Women Principals in an Urban Context

Arnold, Mahitot Elizabeth (2021) Factors Affecting the Online Self-Presentation of Black Women on Social Networking Sites

Arrighi, Federica (2021) Predicting General and Violent Recidivism in Sex Offenders Using the HCR-20: An Exploratory Study

Artan, Berna (2021) Picturing Emotions: Women Novelists and Aesthetic Theories, 1660–1820

Asagba, Francis Kwame (2021) Pastoral Response to the Challenges of Parents’ Choice of Unqualified and Non-Practicing Persons as Godparents

Bang, Sukja (2021) Clergy Self-Care for Cross-Racially/Cross-Culturally Appointed Pastors in the United Methodist Church

Barnes, Rosalyn Selina (2021) Transforming School-Wide Professional Development Utilizing Culturally Relevant Pedagogy to Engage Black Boys

Beyt, Adam J (2021) Enfleshing the Reign of God: Embodiment and Praxis in the Thought of Edward Schillebeeckx and Judith Butler

Bloom, Rachel Faye (2021) Advance Care Planning for Adult Children of Parents Showing Signs of Early- to Mid-Stage Dementia

Bosco-Ruggiero, Stephanie A (2021) Risk Factors and Preventive Services: Associations with Repeat Child Maltreatment in the State of Connecticut

Brennan, Johnny (2021) Trust: A Paradigm-Based Explanation

Britto, Julia M (2021) Climate-Induced Displacement: Gaps in Protection, Security, and Response

Broems, Victoria M (2021) Exploring White Privilege Conceptions with School Psychology Graduate Interns: A Phenomenological Study

Brown, Michele (2021) De Facto Leadership: African American Baptist Adult Clergy Children’s Commitment to Ministry

Buckley, Hannah (2021) The Place of Artistic Activism in the Digital Age: Perspectives from Black Lives Matter Street Artists

Budd, Emma Lenore Orlando (2021) Amnesty for Conflict-Related Sexual Violence: The Algerian War of Independence and the 1962 Evian Accords

Campagna, Bianca R (2021) Alcohol Use, Social Exclusion and Rejection in a College Sample

Carlen, Elizabeth Jane (2021) Evolution and Ecology of Urban Pigeons (Columba livia) in Northeastern North America

Carter, Steven Kevin (2021) Development and Piloting of the Multiracial Microaggressions Scale

Chatman, Danielle Terrilyn (2021) Historical Educational Policy Study on School Closures and School Choice During the Bloomberg Administration

Chen, Wei (2021) Essays in Demographic and Health Economics

Chen, Yiwen (2021) A Resource-Aware Container Management Scheme in a Heterogeneous Cluster

Cheung, William (2021) Multi-Modal User Authentication Using Biometrics

Cho, Carol Min Jin (2021) Towards an Understanding of Acute Psychiatric Hospitalization: Factors Associated with Early Readmission

Choi, Yeseul Jenny (2021) Experience of Acceptance and Identity Development of Korean American LGB Adults in Long-Term Relationships

Clark, Jessica (2021) Morphological Awareness in Relation to Reading Comprehension in Early Elementary School Students

Collins, Theodicia (2021) Perceptions about the Relational and Operational Practices of African American Female Chief Executive Officers

Cook-Thibeau, Hayley (2021) The Comparison of Log-Ratio Analysis and Correspondence Analysis Applied to Compositional Data

Coquillon, Erzulie (2021) Post-Traumatic Stress and Perspectives on the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

Corbran, Carolyn P (2021) Exploring Students’ with Learning Disabilities Perceptions of Faculty Support and Bias

Costeines, Jessica (2021) A Gut Feeling: Exploring the Relationship Between Nutrition, Mental Health and Wellbeing in Adolescents

Cotter, Mairin Claire Madison (2021) A Developmental Analysis of Auditory Processing and Adaptive Behavior in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Crisanti, Giulia (2021) Europeans Are Lovin'It? Coca Cola, McDonald's and the Responses to American Global Businesses in Italy and France, 1886-2015

Curtin, Michael Joseph (2021) Educational Leaders’ Perceptions of Digital Badges as Markers of Teacher Professional Learning and Knowledge

D'Amato, Giovanni (2021) The Role of Partner Organizations in a Career and Technical Education School

Danoff, Alexa Lauren (2021) Exploratory Validation of an LGBTQ Bullying Prevention Instrument for Middle School Teachers

DeAntonis, Nicholas J (2021) Emancipating “The Unfortunates”: The Anti-slavery Society, the United States, the United Nations, and the Decades-Long Fight to Abolish the Saudi Arabian Slave Trade

de Jesús, Amanda (2021) Immigration Status and Risk Factors for Suicidal Ideation and Attempts among Latinos in the United States

Dere, John J (2021) Effective Church Engagement with Young Adults: An Organizational Case Study

DeSerisy, Mariah (2021) The Salience Network’s Role in the Association Between Intolerance of Uncertainty and Anxiety in Adolescents

DeSon, Joshua (2021) Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Sexual Minority Men: Associations of Gender Role Conflict and Internalized Sexual Stigma

Dhani, Alicia D (2021) From the Heart of Catholic Higher Education: Non-Catholic Faculty Perception of Catholic Identity

Doyle, Kathleen Elizabeth (2021) Sexuality Education for Students with IDD: Factors Impacting Special Education Teacher Confidence

Doyle, Kathryn (2021) Stories from Paterson: Exploring the Visions of a Rehabilitated Hinchliffe Stadium

Dull, Brandon (2021) Critical Consciousness Development in White Youth: The Role of the Perceived Racial Context

Dulle, Timothy J. (2021) “A Question Making Time”: Corita Kent, the White Catholic Imagination, and American Catholicism

Dunar, Edward Dernehl (2021) Recognizing Race in an Ecclesiology of the Built Environment

Duncan-Park, Sarah (2021) Investigating Pathways of Medication (Non)Adherence in Adolescent Solid Organ Transplant Patients: The Correspondence Analysis Approach

Dunphy, Claire (2021) Cognitive and Psychosocial Predictors of Immunosuppressive Medication Nonadherence in Adult Liver Transplant Recipients

Ehrenfeld, Andrew P (2021) Politicization of Humanitarian Aid in the 21st Century

Emery, Victoria (2021) Towards an Existential Ethics: Narrative Identity and Social Scripts

Engel, Geoffrey Robert (2021) Intensive Magnitudes in the Metaphysics of Gilles Deleuze

Fernandes, Vincent Vinod (2021) Ignatian Identity of School Educators in a Multicultural Society of India: A Comparative Study

Ferrara, Erica Danielle (2021) Emotional Factors and Social Skills in Children with ADHD: The Roles of Anger Dysregulation and Temperamental Positive Affect

Fidaleo, Kaleigh E (2021) The Neurocognitive Implications of Depression and Socioeconomic Status in People Living with HIV

Fitzgerald, Trisha Nugent (2021) Creating and Sustaining a Sense of Belonging through Explicit Teacher Practice

Foley, Donna M (2021) Excellence Tempered by Gentleness: Pastoral Care with Elder Religious

Forbes, Nicola (2021) The Impact of Discrimination on First-Generation College Students’ Belonging and Academic Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ford, Mary (2021) Leading Professional Learning

Fortuna, Anthony J (2021) Examining the Role of Responsivity Factors in Juvenile Probation Outcomes

Fowle, Jillianne (2021) Examining the Effects of General Stress and Racial Discrimination Stress on Executive Function Among Black, Latinx, and Asian Young Adults: The Moderating Role of Ethnic/Racial Identity

Freedberg, Suzanne (2021) Challenging Students with High Abilities in Inclusive Math and Science Classrooms

Gamma, Ronald Peter (2021) Restorative Practice and Principal Perception: A Quantitative Analysis of Principal Perception and Outcome

Garcia, Christie-Belle (2021) Experiences Negotiating Racial and Ethnic Microaggressions as Underrepresented College Students Pursuing STEM

Gomes, Dean R (2021) Reporting Patterns of Subjective and Objective Neuropsychological Symptoms in Adolescents with Sports-Related Concussions

Haas, Josef Dylan (2021) Improving the Mathematics Achievement of Middle School Students

Harrison, Austin Reed (2021) The Role of Anxiety Sensitivity in Treatment Outcomes for Patients with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in a Collaborative Care Intervention

Heule, Marjorie (2021) Social Support as a Moderating Factor in Improvement of Physical Symptom Distress Post Psychotherapy Among Cancer Patients

Hines, Dezmarie (2021) Does Medium Matter? Examining Calibration Accuracy, Comprehension Performance, and Computer Familiarity among Adolescents

Ho, Emily H (2021) Developing and Validating a Method of Coherence-Based Judgment Aggregation

Hughes, Jason (2021) An Algorithmic Foundation for Fair, Secure, and Differentially Private Distributed Discrete Optimal Transport

Hurley, Lori (2021) Voice, Influence and Belonging: HIV Community Health Workers’ Lived Experience on the Interdisciplinary Health Team

Hussein, Yasmin (2021) A Look into How a Human-In-The-Loop Experience May Alleviate Algorithm Aversion

Ip, Pak See (2021) An Examination of Family and Individual Factors on Ethnic/Racial Identity Exploration and Ethnic/Racial Self-Labeling among Asian Adolescents

Janczewski, Suzanne W (2021) Social Work Practitioners’ Experiences with Evidence-Based Practice in Hospital Settings: A Qualitative Study

Jurska, Justyna Maria (2021) Control and Suicidality: Associations Among Perceived Control, Desire for Control, Causal Uncertainty, and Suicidal Ideation

Kim, Elena Eun Kyung (2021) Empirical Validation of a Christian-Integrated Psychotherapy Framework: A Task Analysis

Kim, Yugyeong (2021) Leveraging Spatio-Temporal Data Science Techniques on Non-Stop Smart Sensing to Improve Health and Well-Being

Kinman, Ian Thomas (2021) The Eunuch as a Rhetorical Trope in Matthew 19 and Its Afterlife in Early Christianity

Kutos, Stephen (2021) Factors Influencing Soil Fungal Community Composition and Function in Deciduous Forests

Lally, Mary Catherine (2021) An Analysis of Stenotrophomonas Chitinase Variation and Its Impact on Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Growth Inhibition

Levenson, Lisa Winn (2021) Examining Maternal Social and Emotional Experiences as Predictors of Preschool-Aged Children's Social-Emotional Competence

Leveque, Alison (2021) An Exploration of Words Their Way

Lew, Deborah Sarah (2021) Contribution of Microglia and Müller Cells to Retinal Degeneration Due to MerTk Deficiency

Litsey, Cambria Lauren (2021) The Dating Application Cycle: Heterosexual Emerging Adult Women’s Experiences Using Dating Applications

Little, Madeline (2021) Working Together: An Examination of Adolescent and Caregiver Alliance in Family Therapy

Liu, Edward (2021) Differences in Multiplication Strategies Among High-, Average-, and Low- Performing Elementary School Students

Loutzenhiser, Linden B (2021) The Relationship Between Pornography Use and Sexual Offending: A Review of Current Findings and Future Directions

Mammadova, Arzu (2021) Psychosocial Support for People Living with Ambiguous Loss: Quantitative Evaluation of the Intervention Designed by International Committee of the Red Cross (Icrc)

Marshall, Aubrey Kathryn (2021) Sinking Islands: Climate Change Migration, Mitigation, and Cultural Preservation for Pacific Islanders

Mason, Brock Michael (2021) A Skeptical Problem for Public Reason: Religious Beliefs and Human Rights

McDonald, Victoria L (2021) Mental Healthcare Provisions for Veterans Living in U.S. Cities

McQuay, Jasmine Nicole (2021) Impact of Distributed Leadership on Technology Implementation

Menos, Hans (2021) Understanding the Post-Charging Decision-Making Processes for Young Black Men Charged as Adults in New York City: A Phenomenological Study

Mercer, Emma (2021) New York City Housing Authority: The Case of NYCHA Lehman Village Houses

Micale, Joseph A (2021) Essays in Auditing and Capital Markets

Minahan Zucchetto, Jillian M (2021) Social Isolation and Loneliness among Adults Aged 50 Years and Older in the United States: An Analysis of the Cognitive Discrepancy Theory

Minaya, Charlene (2021) Delivering Exposure and Response Prevention for Contamination Fear During the COVID-19 Health Crisis: Clinicians’ Attitudes and Emotional Reactions

Mitchell, Ray (2021) Overcoming the Challenges of Privatizing Medical Peacekeeping Support: Analytical Lessons Learned from Kosovo and Ukraine

Morales, Karina Lynn (2021) Evaluating Visual and Verbal Prompts: Acquisition of Grocery Shopping Skills in Adolescents with Autism

Nestor, Ciara (2021) The Influence of Parents' Expectations on the Educational Abilities of Elementary School Students with Disabilities

Novak, Paul (2021) For-Profit Involvement in Humanitarian Affairs

Olsen, James Pat (2021) The Role of HCV Infection on Neurocognitive Outcomes in Persons Receiving Opioid Agonist Treatment

Orazbek, Ilyas (2021) Improving SDG Classification with Topic Models and Combinatorial Fusion

Paddock, Jeff (2021) Shared Decision-Making in Humanitarian Cash Transfers

Papp, Vivian Zuluaga (2021) Sight Unseen: Vision and Eighteenth-Century British Fiction

Payan, Carlos David (2021) Essays on International Spillovers

Perkins, Alexander David (2021) Claiming Masculinity: Roman Ideologies of the Body and the Image of the Christian Man in Second and Third Century Christian Apologists

Perron, George Charles (2021) Extracurricular Involvement as a Predictor of Social Integration Among First-Generation College Students

Plourde, Jessica Marie (2021) Accuracy of Item Parameter Linking Accounting for Uncertainty in Parameter Estimates

Popovych, Sofiya (2021) The Concept of "Conflict Sensitivity" and Its Application by Country and Field Office Staff During Implementation of Humanitarian Programmes: Case Study of Save the Children Canada

Pratt, Cathal Patrick (2021) Under the Southern Cross: The Story of Irish-Argentine Literature

Puen, Stephanie Ann Yu (2021) Design Thinking and Catholic Social Thought: Resources for Addressing Structures of Sin and Grace in Business Ethics

Purcell, Helene (2021) The Shocks and Traits that Shake and Shape Us

Qin, Man (2021) A New Approach to Predict Lupus Flare Level Using Calibrated Ensemble

Ragno, Jane Cullen (2021) An Exploratory Multicase Study of Mainstream Teachers' Experiences Teaching English Learners

Reeves, Teddy RaShaan (2021) God-Talking in Liminal Spaces: A Phenomenological Study on Black Millennials Disaffiliation from Christendom

Reid, Jeannette Mason (2021) Examining Reflexive Responsivity to Emotion as an Explanatory Model for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Reppert, Justin (2021) The Intentionality of Mathematical Abstraction

Sager, Angela Rae (2021) The Existential Problem of Evil: Theodicy, Theosis, and the Threat of Meaninglessness

Sauer, Paul (2021) Lutheran Identity and Adaptability: Concordia-New York and Lutheran Identity Standards

Scopacasa, Deborah (2021) Raising Our Hearts and Minds to God: Adult Faith Formation in Catholic Prayer Practices

Selverian, Katrina Maritza (2021) Legacy of the Armenian Genocide: The Power of Attachment and Ethnic Orientation on Intergenerational Trauma

Shao, Yichen (2021) Essays on Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policies

Simpson, Savannah B (2021) How a Formal Mentoring Program Affects Mentors' Attitudes Toward Racial/Ethnic Groups and Socioeconomic Inequality

Southwick, Caroline (2021) Students with a Food Allergy: College Adjustment and Allergy Disclosure

Stein, Jaymie Paige (2021) Steam-Focused Education: Teacher Beliefs About School Climate, 21st Century Learning, and Climate for Creativity

Stewart, Jennifer Emily (2021) Understanding College Sexual Assault in the 'Me Too.' Era: A Phenomenological Inquiry

Stoler, Adam (2021) Eternally Yours: The Journey to Woodlawn Cemetery. How Bronx Italians Found Their Way to Woodlawn Cemetery: A Qualitative Study of an Italian Population’s End of Life Cycle Choice and Its Implications.

Tamposi, Elizabeth Marian (2021) A Response to a Call from Pope Francis: Fashioning a Profound Theology of Women in the Catholic Church

Tao, Xiangyu (2021) Social Media Use, Social Media Racial/Ethnic Discrimination, and Mental Health Among BIPOC Adolescents During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Terranova, Kate Elizabeth (2021) Racism-Related Stress, Social Support, Attachment, and Binge Eating in Young Adult Black Women

Torell, Anne Gentry (2021) Work Demands, Recovery Experiences, Sleep, and Burnout in Clinical and Counseling Psychology Doctoral Students

Trimarchi, Leeann (2021) Potential Overshadowing of Anxiety in School-Aged Students Diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Troyano, Harrison (2021) Growth and Graduality in Vergil's Bucolics

Vinces, Felicia M (2021) Improving Teacher Capacity for Early Childhood Nature-Based Education Through a Professional Learning Community

Wang, Xiaoran (2021) Seeking Early Intervention Services for Young Children with Autism: Chinese Parents’ Lived Experiences in Beijing and New York City

Welt, Hannah Rothman (2021) The Impact of Collaborative Teachers on School-Wide Student Achievement in the New York City Department of Education

Williams, Michele Rene (2021) High-Stakes Accountability: External Forces’ Influence on New York City High School Principals’ Experiences

Wong, Kayla L (2021) Experiences of Black Women Understanding Racial Microaggressions and Identifying Replenishing Healing Practices: A Phenomenological Study

Wong, Timothy Y (2021) Growth of Bloom-Forming Cyanobacteria Under Different Forms of Nitrogen in Summer and Autumn

Yap, Kimarie Vinny (2021) Nutrient Limitations for Harmful Algal Blooms in Urban Water Bodies in Queens, NY

Yun, Jihyun (2021) Female Bodies in Translation: Rethinking Agency in Postcolonial Literature

Yu, Qiong (2021) Working Memory and Automaticity in Relation to Mental Addition among American Elementary Students

Zafar, Rafia (2021) Essays on Intergenerational Mobility

Zakirzianova, Zhanna (2021) New York City Waterfront Development in the Post-Sandy Era: The East Side Coastal Resiliency Project and Community Response

Zeidan, Nicole (2021) Novice Undergraduate Instructors’ Perceived Readiness for Teaching Online in Higher Education

Zhang, Yizhi (2021) The Effect of Task-Relevant Diversity on Small Group Performance

Zhu, Danqi (2021) Measurement Invariance Analysis for Hierarchical Factor Modeling with Many Groups: Comparing Multi-Group Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Alignment Approaches

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Dissertations & Theses from 2020

Abdelrahman, Hadiya (2020) Unmasking the Gaze: Unpacking Colonial Understandings of Gender Programming in Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan

Abramov, Aleksey (2020) Comparison of Middle Managers in Academic and Student Affairs Utilizing the Four-Frame Theory

Adutwum, Collins Andrew (2020) Perceptions of Catholic School Superintendents on Same-Sex Issues in Catholic Schools: A National Study

Allen, Victoria M (2020) Potential Predictors of Reoffense in Offenders in a Transitional Case Management Program

Anakwenze, Obianujunwa (2020) The Aversive Impact of Stigma on Black People Diagnosed with Schizophrenia

Anand, Akanksha (2020) Testing Workplace Support’s Direct and Interactive Effects on Perceptions of Time Management and Work-Family Conflict: Using a Sample of Frontline Hospital Employees in New York City

Asmara, Alexander Hendra Dwi (2020) Educating for Unity in Diversity: Religious Education for Transformation in the Context of Everyday Religious Conflict in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia

Atlas, Chelsea (2020) Counseling Psychology Trainees' Experiences with Difficult Diversity Dialogues in Inpatient Group Practice

Aytürk Ergin, Ezgi (2020) Fitting Propensities of Item Response Theory Models

Balzano, Silvio (2020) Online Distance Learning in a Traditional Twenty-First Century Public College

Barker, Daam Tapiwa (2020) “It Give Me Dat Courage An’ Fait’ Like Tuh Move on An’ Tuh Continue”: The Phenomenology of Adaptive Response to Trauma in Guyanese Orphans

Barnes, Elle Mae (2020) The Role of Urbanization and Community Assembly on the Microbial Defense Mechanisms of Plethodon cinereus

Barnhart, Meredith (2020) When Lightning Strikes Twice: Perceptions of Oncology Social Workers about Working with Families with Two Members in Treatment

Barry, Kelly (2020) Cognitive and Biological Predictors of Depressive Symptomology in a Diverse Sample of New York City Adolescents

Bassolino, Deidre B (2020) Phenomenological Inquiry of Female Military Spouses’ Intersecting Identities and Role Negotiations

Begun, Michael O (2020) Nietzsche’s Morphology of Will to Power: Crowning Psychology as “Queen of the Sciences”

Bethea, Mahaliel H. (2020) Principals' Perspectives of Teacher Hiring and Induction in All-Male Public Schools

Bishop, Joshua David (2020) The Geo-Missiological Imagination: The Struggle Over Development and the Imagined Geographies of the Catholic Church in the Americas, 1949-1976

Bopp, Lillian Lucy (2020) Detecting Malingering and Defensiveness in the Translated Versions of the MMPI-2 and MMPI-2-RF: A Systematic Review

Borghese, Allegra Emma (2020) Acculturative Stress, Discrimination, Ethnic Identity, and Binge Eating Among Latina College Students

Bragard, Elise (2020) The Role of Sexual Subjectivity and Peer Influences on Sexting Consequences Among Adolescent Girls

Bravo, Milton Javier (2020) Una Comunidad Catolica: U.S. Hispanic Popular Catholicism Among College Students at a Catholic University

Breier, Adam David (2020) Career and Technical Education High School Principals: Perceptions after a Sudden Federal Policy Shift

Brown, Gabriella D (2020) Mission Effectiveness and Institutional Environment: Influence of Catholic Mission on Undergraduate Core Curriculum Programs

Brown, Tamar Carlota (2020) The Effects of Violent Urban Music on Adolescent Boys' Aggressive Behavior

Buckley, Michaela (2020) Race and Socioeconomic Status Effects on School Psychologists’ Understanding of Problematic Behavior

Carlton, Richmond B (2020) Evaluation of the Jumpstart Preschool Program Curriculum Revision Pilot

Casper, Emily Michelle (2020) Shorebird Diet and Prey Availability during Spring Migration in an Urban Estuary

Cawley, Caitlin Marie (2020) Occupying War: Representing U.S. Militarism since 1989

Chaku, Natasha (2020) Adolescents on the Move: Exercise and Executive Functioning

Charles, William (2020) Modeling Childhood Visual Development: The Benefits of Low Resolution Training Data on Category Learning

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Wang, Xiaoran (2019) Improving Portfolio Performance Using Attribute Construction and Combinatorial Fusion

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Williams-McCorvey, Alisha (2019) The Impact of a College Anxiety Support Program on Students' Academic Performance and Anxiety

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Yang, Yu (2019) Pathways between Maternal Depression and Child Outcomes

Yazdani, Neshat (2019) The Role of Early Executive Function on School Readiness and Transition Outcomes: A Pre-K to 3 Approach

Zaman, Mira Sengupta (2019) Devilish Thoughts: Satanic Persuasion in the Eighteenth-Century Novel

Zhao, Qian (2019) The Development of a ROS Driver for the Crazyflie Micro-drone and Its Use to Study Drone Proximity Detection via Air Disturbance Analysis

Zhao, Zhao (2019) Fintech Financial Deepening: Evidence in Peer-to-Peer Lending in China

Zimmerman, Rachel C (2019) Patterns of Anxiety Disorders in HIV Perinatally-infected and Perinatally-exposed But Uninfected Youth

Zubaroglu-Ioannides, Pinar (2019) U.S. Resettlement Policies and Their Impact on Refugee Wellbeing: Service Providers’ Response in New York City

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Dissertations & Theses from 2018

Adcroft, Sean Kennedy (2018) Developing Self-Regulated Learning with Time Management and Mindfulness Practice

Albanese Montero, Mary (2018) Factors That Influence Parents to Choose Charter High Schools

Alexander, Amanda Rochelle (2018) Mystical Brain, Divine Consciousness: A Theological Appropriation of Cognitive Neuroscience

Amasiorah, Innocent (2018) The Anatomy of Ethnoreligious Violence in Nigeria: Religious Education as a Second Language of Religious Encounter in the Practice of Revelation

Ambrose, Daniel Franklin (2018) Examining the Lived Experiences of Foster Youth and Administrators in the Urban Community College Environment

An, Xinwei (2018) Functional Study of HPV16 Minor Capsid Protein L2 in Global Cellular Regulation

Auguste, Evan Emile Joseph (2018) The Effects of Microaggressions on the Relationship Between Trauma Exposure and Trauma Symptoms

Badoi, Olivia (2018) Picturing Modernity: Modernism and Graphic Narrative

Banslaben, Jessica L (2018) Senior Centers as Learning Organizations: A National, Exploratory Study

Benante, Philip John (2018) A Different Lens: Organizational Trust, Social Networks, and Suburban School Leadership

Bennett, Randi (2018) The Relationship between Attention and Emotion Regulation in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Berry, Elyse (2018) Be/Leaving: The Spiritual Quest of Women Leaving the Catholic Church and Its Implications for Ministry

Bolker, Jamie M (2018) Wayfinding in Early American Literature

Brawer, Molly (2018) Lived Experiences of Emerging Adults from Single-Parent Families: Exploring Responses to Perceived Maternal Depression

Bressler, Malkah (2018) Resistant Specimens: Caribbean Nature and Slavery in Eighteenth-Century British Literature

Brockhausen, Christy Marie (2018) The Development of Teacher Knowledge of Teaching Multimodal Argument to Students with Learning Disabilities

Bruno, M. Christina (2018) The Friar's Companion: A Franciscan Observant Vademecum in Late Medieval Italy

Butcher, Chelsea Lynne (2018) The Development and Use of Unique Molecular Markers to Study Pollen Dispersal Within Two Plant Species across Diverse Habitats in the New York Metropolitan Area

Callahan, Deirdre (2018) The Effects of Mentoring on Female Superintendents' Success in an Urban School District

Cantin, Alyssa (2018) Religion/Spirituality and Disability in Older Adults

Chambrè, Susan Joy (2018) Phonological recoding and vocabulary learning: Does mapping print to speech promote vocabulary acquisition?

Chen, Junwei (2018) Macroeconomic Impacts of Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP): Evidence from Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland

Cheung, Linda (2018) Understanding Imposter Phenomenon in Graduate Students Using Achievement Goal Theory

Choiniere, Robert (2018) Full of Grace: Faith Journeys of LGBT Catholics Documentary Theatre as Subjective Inquiry for Theological Discourse

Chuang, Yen-Ching (2018) The Impact of Collaborative Writing on L2 Writing Development and L2 Learning In the EFL College Context

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Clarke, Diaon (2018) Exploring Childhood Trauma and Teen Dating Violence Experiences among a Clinical Sample of Youth Throughout NYC

Cooperman, Sheila (2018) Sixth-Grade Students' Compositional Processes in Traditional and Digital Writing

Corcoran, Vincent Patrick (2018) Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and E-Communities: Investigating the Influence of Online Disinhibition

Crook, Cara Lena (2018) The Relationship Between Sleep and Language Functioning in Young Adults

Crowe, Katherine Bassell (2018) Family Factors in Child Anxiety Treatment Trajectory and Outcome: An Examination Using Hierarchical Linear Modeling and Profile Analysis via Principal Component Analysis

Cruz, Gustavo Galindo (2018) Effectiveness of Active Equity Management in Institutional Universes

Cruz, Martha M (2018) The Stories that We Weave: Narratives of Spiritual Migrations and Identity

Damato, Adrianna (2018) Understanding Beliefs About and Barriers to Adherence in Pediatric Cardiology Transplant Recipients

Dennis, Kelly Sullivan (2018) Clinical Social Workers' Use of Computer-mediated Intervention and Social Justice

De Paola, Stephanie Lauren (2018) Sexual Violence, Interracial Relations, and Racism During the Allied Occupation of Italy: History and the Politics of Memory

DiStefano, Douglas (2018) How Pre-Service Teachers' Engagement and Affect Informs Instructional Format of an Introductory Methods Course

Dreiss, Ashley Nicole (2018) An Examination of a Combined Disgust and Fear Reaction in Terms of Contamination Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Duffy, Liam (2018) Objective Functions for Item Exposure Control in Computerized Adaptive Testing

Dwyer, Craig William (2018) "Our Way of Proceeding:" A Case Study of Service-Learning in Two Jesuit High Schools

Ezeatu, Mike S (2018) Person-Centered Solidarity: The Challenge of Religious Education Today

Ezzell, Susan Elizabeth (2018) Effectiveness of ECT in a Forensic Psychiatric Setting: A Case Study

Fanelli, Christen Alice (2018) Comparing Juvenile Sex Offenders and Juvenile Non-sex Offenders in an Adjudicated Group

Fang, Shixin (2018) Only-child Parents and Their Only Children: How the One Child Policy Influences Chinese Family Functioning and Child Outcomes

Faulkenberry, Lawrence (2018) Feminist Hermeneutics and the Official Roman Catholic Understanding of Marriage: A Dialectical Impasse or Imaginative Reshaping?

Fay, Elizabeth (2018) Millennial Teachers' Perceptions of the Role of Principals in New Teacher Induction

Feng, Ye (2018) Dealing with Item-level Missingness in Multilevel Data Structure

Fenton, William D (2018) Unpeaceable Kingdom: Fighting Quakers, Revolutionary Violence, and the Antebellum Novel

Ferrara, Jennifer (2018) Serving Gifted Students in an Elementary School: A Principal-Teacher Perspective

Fila, Susan (2018) The Care Transition Intervention: A Look at Adherence to the Model for Clients with Depression

Fitzpatrick, Alyson Willcox (2018) Technology Use, Students' Math Self-efficacy, Goal Orientation, and Math Achievement in Guatemala

Frydman, Jason Scott (2018) Creative Capacity and Semantic Network Structure in Early Adolescence: Exploring Trauma Exposure as a Moderator

Garino, Alexandria Mary (2018) A Mixed Method Exploration into Health Professions Students' Receipt and Use of Feedback

Gathers, Dana Andrae (2018) Supporting the Reading Comprehension of Black Students Labeled with a Learning Disability

Genao-Harding, Teresa Ann (2018) Influence of Resilience, Acculturation, and Goals on Externalizing Behavior of At-risk Hispanic Adolescents

Gerstel-Friedman, Jaclin (2018) Beliefs about Addiction: The Role of Political Ideology

Gottschalk, Elinor Yasmin (2018) Identification and Characterization of Pyk2 Function During HPV16 Infection

Grastorf, Grant Gregory (2018) Relationship of Organizational Celebrations to Employee Relationships in Creating a Culture of Community

Hansen, Johna (2018) Toward the Development of a Typology of IPV for Army Active Duty Males Married to Civilian Females in the U.S. Military

Hanses, Erin McKenna (2018) Lucretius and the Origins of Roman Love Elegy

Han, Ying (2018) Quantile Metric: A New Approach to Compare Different Aggregation Methods for Point and Interval Estimates

Harris, Sharon J (2018) Moving Music: Theory and Practice in Early Modern English Drama and Poetry

Hilliard, Rachael Faith (2018) Changing Modes of Encounter in Shakespearean Adaptation: The New Digital Audience

Himmelstein, Mark (2018) Anxiety and the Framing Effect: Intolerance of Uncertainty Predicts Frame-Consistent Choice Patterns

Hirsch, Emily (2018) Parent Accommodation of School-aged Children with Severe Temper Outbursts

Holt, Patrick John (2018) Translating Ignatian Values Into a Virtual Space in Jesuit Universities and Colleges

Howe, Jacqueline (2018) Agreement among Clinicians in Evaluations of Vocational Disability

Jajtner, Katie M (2018) Essays on Inequality and Disability

Jampol-Petzinger, Andrew M (2018) Deleuze and Kierkegaard: On Ethics and Selfhood

Jiao, Meng (2018) Roles of Myosin-interacting Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor (MYOGEF) in the Regulation of Membrane Blebbing and Cell Migration

Jimenez-Salazar, Maria C (2018) The Path from Trauma to Misconduct: A Path Analysis of Factors Associated with Traumatic Exposure and Institutional Misconduct in Detained Juveniles

Johnson, William Howard (2018) Perceptions of Jesuit College and University Governing Board Effectiveness: Characteristics, Behaviors, and Mission Connections

Kam-Gordon, Sarah (2018) The Earliest Mystical Marriage of St Katherine in England? A Translation and Commentary

Kim, Patricia Jean (2018) Walking Away: Experiences of Individuals and Their Voluntarily Leaving Career-Based Situations against Others' Judgment

Kovacs, David K (2018) The Coherence of Aquinas's Account of Divine Simplicity

Laskowski, Katarzyna (2018) From Entitlement to Capabilities: Shifting the Narrative of Response to Displaced Populations in Urban Settings

Levine, Daniel Seth (2018) Role Construction, Self-Efficacy, and Achievement Goal Values as Predictors of Parental Involvement

Lo, Su (2018) Detecting Fake News Using Stance-Based Approach

Lutz, Jessica Elizabeth (2018) Predicting WAIS-IV and WMS-IV Index Scores from Age and Race Groups: A Utilization of Non-symmetrical Correspondence Analysis

Mako, Caterina (2018) Assessing the Perceived Value of Spiritual Care to the Catholic Health Care System

Marcelo, Milka Trinidad (2018) Academic resilience among Black and Latino gifted students

Mare, Kaitlyn (2018) Taking Advice from Humans and Machines

McCarthy, Christine Elizabeth (2018) The End of Family Planning?: Renewing the Church's Authoritative Teaching Practice through a Catholic Social Ethic of Care

McNatt, Susanna Lee (2018) The Effects of Soil Contamination on Urban Food Production: A Study of China's Agricultural and Environmental Policies

McSween, Roseanne Evelyn (2018) Organizational Effectiveness in the Afterschool Sector: Insights from Two Case Studies

Mercer, Lindsey Carol (2018) Of Monks and Monsters: "Voluntary Eunuchs" and the Project of Male Celibacy in the Fifth Century

Merriweather, Tinia R (2018) The Opportunity Gap at the Classroom Level: Validation of the Classroom Multicultural Competence Measure

Miner, Jan (2018) Writing Skills and Related Behaviors of MSW Students, Faculty, & Field Instructors

Mischel, Allison (2018) Predictive Accuracy of the COMPAS in Identifying Positive Toxicology and Program Completion in a Sample of Court Mandated DUI Offenders

Moloney, Brendan Joseph (2018) The Mission of Mercy: Catholic High Schools, School Presidents, and Pope Francis

Moody, Jessica Elizabeth (2018) Population Genetics, Biogeography, and Conservation of the Indochinese Silvered Langur, Trachypithecus germaini, in Cambodia: Is the Mekong River a Taxonomic Boundary?

Moore, Richard W. (2018) Dreaming Change, Changing Dreams in the British Gothic Novel, 1765-1818

Murray, Peter (2018) Hazardous Conditions: On Reading and Being Read in Virginia Woolf, Zora Neale Hurston, Una Marson, and Claudia Rankine

Nasim, Abu Muhammad (2018) Using Refutation Texts to Change Attitudes and Knowledge Concerning Auditory Verbal Hallucinations

Nestor, Ciara (2018) Understanding the Experiences of Families with Children Receiving Special Education Services in New York City Through Semistructured Interviews

Niu, Li (2018) Context Matters: School and Neighborhood Influences on Adolescent Obesity

Nwabichie, Remigius Okonkwo (2018) A Philosophy for the Christian Religious Education of the Igbo of Southeastern Nigeria: Thomas Groome's Shared Praxis Approach

Ohyama, Masayo (2018) Japanese Mother Tongue Program in an International School: A Case Study

Olbert, Charles Mason (2018) Divination Practices: An Empirical Psychological Investigation

Ophoff, Peter (2018) Localisation of Humanitarian Aid Ensuring Efficient and Sustainable Humanitarian Action

Pagnotta, Jeanna Nicole (2018) Counseling in the Digital Era: Considerations for a New Generation

Pierce, Monica Schaap (2018) Calvin, the Spirit, and the Earth: Reading John Calvin's Theology of Creation in an Ecological Age

Pierson, Ashley M (2018) Validation of the Correctional Offender Management and Profiling Alternative Sanctions (COMPAS)

Powell, Mary (2018) Burnout, Role Ambiguity, and Coping Among MSW Students in Field Placement

Pullaro, Shannon (2018) Cancer and Economic Well-being among Working-age Women

Pyne, Elizabeth M (2018) Mystical-political Theology and Ecological Subjectivity: Reading Schillebeeckx through the Frankfurt School on Human-nature Relations

Ramirez, Rebecca Lee (2018) Critical Pedagogy in the Spanish Language Classroom

Ray, Charles Houston (2018) Socioeconomic Status as a Moderator of Racial/Ethnic Discrimination Stress and Coping

Riklin, Eric Isaac Kagan (2018) Examining the Psychosocial Needs of Adolescents with Craniofacial Conditions

Rossiter, Lizabeth (2018) Academic Outcomes of Young Adults with a Childhood Diagnosis of ADHD

Roubeni, Sonia (2018) Proximal Processes in the School Readiness of Head Start Children from Immigrant Families: Contributions of Region of Origin and the Home Learning Environment

Rubinstein, Meryl (2018) A Study of the Property Tax Cap Legislation on the Decision Making of Central Office Administrators

Sales, Luis Josue (2018) "The Substance of the Virtues": Deification According to Maximos the Confessor and the Transformation of Aristotelian Ethics

Sayers, Bjorn (2018) Moral Language: A Brandomian Account

Scelsa, Valerie Lynn (2018) Profile Patterns of Oppositional Defiant Disorder Symptoms in Children

Spieler, Matthew (2018) Personality, Gender, and Chronic Back Pain

Steidl, Jason (2018) The Chicano Movement in the US Catholic Church: Grassroots Activism and Dialogical Ecclesiology

Stephens, Gregory Peyton (2018) Self-Directed Teacher Learning in Secondary School Mathematics Using the Interconnected Model of Professional Growth

Stevens, Kevin Joseph (2018) Listening for Unreliable Narration: Narrative Noise in the Nineteenth-Century British Novel

Stewart, Coran Reece (2018) Experts, Trust, and Authority

Stockmal, Corinne (2018) Relationships Between Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms and E-Cigarette and Cigarette Dependence Among Dual Users

Sullivan, Ryan (2018) Immigrant Small Business in New York City: Services, Challenges, and Solutions

Summers, Angela C (2018) The Role of Sociocultural Factors on the Iowa Gambling Task in HIV

Suria, Sarah Lebovitz (2018) Teachers' Perceptions and Implementation of All-Ed Group Learning in the Classroom

Tamvakologos, Katrina Maria (2018) Problem Solving Style and Leader Follower Relationships: A Test of Leader-Member Exchange Theory

Tedrow, Staci (2018) The Role of Student and Teacher Feedback on Teachers' Instructional Decision Making

Tello, Albaliz (2018) Perceptions and Behaviors of Deans and Directors of Social Media in University Support Services

Torres Vega, Luz Teresa (2018) A Descriptive Study of the Cultural Awareness of Parochial Elementary School Leaders

Tureson, Kayla Nicole (2018) The Impact of Sociocultural Factors on Prospective Memory Function in HIV+ Latinx Adults

Ueda, Mio Monica (2018) Maternal Parenting Style in Relation to Parenting Stress and Behavioral Outcomes in Japanese Children With and Without Autism

Uzun, Melda Sibel (2018) Choosing to Be Childfree: Exploring the Experiences of Black, Hispanic, and Latina Women

van Buren, Franziska (2018) Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite: His Metaphysics and Medieval Reception

VanWallendael, Acer (2018) Evolution and Population Genomics of Invasive Reynoutria japonica in North America

Weathers, Jessica (2018) Sleep Misperception, Insomnia, and Anxiety in Young Adults

Wertentheil, Atara (2018) What to Expect when Graduate Student Couples Delay Expecting: A Qualitative Study

Williams, Jeena (2018) The Association between Foster Youth Permanency and Well-Being

Wittreich, Helmut A (2018) An Essential Model of Pastoral Leadership Critical for Engaging the New Evangelization

Wren, Abigail (2018) Protective Factors Against Complex Trauma Among a Community Sample of Adolescents

Zhai, Peiteng (2018) High Frequency Trading and Its Impact on Market Quality

Zhu, Ming (2018) Acculturation Experiences of Chinese International Students: Navigating Language, Social Interactions, and Values

Zucker, Lauren (2018) Adolescents' Out-of-School Digital Reading Practices

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Dissertations & Theses from 2017

Abi-Hassoun, Fred (2017) On God's Holy Mountain: The Maronite People on Pilgrimage

Ahmed, Sagal (2017) Changes in Social Status and Post-Migration Mental Health Outcomes in West African Immigrants

Aksoy, Pinar (2017) Roles of Integrins and Dopachrome Tautomerase (DCT) in HPV16 Infection of Human Keratinocytes

Alicino, Nicole Francesca (2017) Belongingness, internalized racism and its impact on academic achievement among Black American undergraduate students

Aloisio, Jason M (2017) Rooftop plants: Community and nutrient dynamics of New York City green roofs

Anisansel, Joshua C (2017) Economically Disadvantaged Students Achieving at High Levels: A Case Study

Ansaldi, Beth Hall (2017) The Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences of Cleistogamy in Triodanis perfoliata

Antle, James (2017) The Unconscious Influence of Electric Gondolas on American Civilization

Antonysamy, Alexis Premkumar (2017) Peace Building Among the Sri Lankan Refugees Tamil Nadu, India: A Critical Study of Educational Engagements of Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS)

Anweting, Livinus (2017) Legitimation Crisis, Transformative Teaching-Learning and Regrounding of Authority in the Roman Catholic Church

Arce, Miguel (2017) The Role of Neurocognitive Intra-Individual Variability in Predicting Neurocognitive Change over Time in HIV+ Adults

Archambault, Jacob (2017) The Development of the Medieval Parisian Account of Formal Consequence

Arias, Franchesca (2017) The Association of Neuropsychological Functioning and Characterological Facets of Inhibitory Control with Risky Behaviors in Adults Receiving Opioid Agonist Treatment

Bahr, Lynne Moss (2017) "The Time is Fulfilled": Jesus' Apocalypticism in the Context of Continental Philosophy

Barkhordari, Yishai (2017) Religiosity, Optimism, Attributions, and Marital Satisfaction among Orthodox Jewish Couples

Barnhouse, Lucy (2017) The Elusive Medieval Hospital: Mainz and the Middle Rhine Region

Baynes-Ross, Felisa (2017) Lay Spirituality and Vernacular Theology in Late Medieval Literature

Belcher Platt, Aziza Asha (2017) Racial-Cultural Events and Microaggressions in Group Counseling as Perceived by Group Counseling Members of Color

Bennett, Kevin F. P (2017) Understanding Patterns of Domestic Cat Abundance and the Impact of Domestic Cats on Bird Survival Along an Urban-Rural Gradient

Brandon, William Denby (2017) The Processive, Situated Self: Models of the Self in the Process and Existentialist Traditions

Bruso, Steven Paul Woodcock (2017) Knightly Male Bodies and Violence in Middle English Romance

Burke, Lauren Rauch (2017) Relationship between Self-Esteem in Adolescence to Avatar Creation of Actual and Idealized Selves

Butzner, Alexis Marie (2017) Practice imperfect: The struggle for health in early modern English literature

Cavanagh, Joan Patricia (2017) Who Am I to Judge?: Pastoral Practices Toward LGBT Students in American Jesuit Colleges

Chaku, Natasha (2017) Continuity and Change in Executive Functioning Across the Pubertal Transition to Adolescence

Chenovick, Clarissa Ann (2017) Repentant Readers: Reforming Body and Soul in Late Medieval and Early Modern England

Cho, Jihee (2017) A Qualitative Exploration of Korean International Students Rebuilding Social Support in U.S. Higher Education

Clayton, Jillian Dispoto (2017) Teachers Helping LGBTQ Teens: The Role of Empathy, Attitudes, and Ally Identity

Crusoe, Nzingha (2017) Gentrification or Revitalization: The Abyssinian Development Corporation and the Redevelopment of Harlem by Means of Racial Uplift

Cruz, Kasey Kim (2017) The Exploration and Impact of Community Supports and Resources for Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors

Cuthbert, Kenneth Calvin (2017) Black Male Superintendents in New York State: Voices From the Field

D'Agostino, Anthony Michael (2017) Queer Privilege: Telepathy and Sadomasochism in the Nineteenth Century Novel

DeSerisy, Mariah Lillian (2017) Neurobiological Correlates of Language Deficits and Emotion Dysregulation in Children with Severe Temper Outbursts

Dopwell, Donna M (2017) The Mediating Effects of Perceived Discrimination and Acculturative Stress on the Relationship between Latino Mental Health and Treatment Seeking

Duffy, Liam (2017) Empirical Priors on Theta to Improve Precision in Computerized Adaptive Tests with Item Exposure Control

Dunkle, Jennifer Sarah (2017) Indifference to the Difference? LGBT Elders' Perceptions of Older Americans Act-Funded Services

Dunphy, Claire (2017) Caregiver-Related Correlates of Medication Nonadherence Among Pediatric Liver Transplant Recipients

Flamio, Richard (2017) Molecular and Ecological Characterization of Hybridization Between Naturalized Sunfish (Lepomis) Species in Calder Lake

Frank, Brandon (2017) Therapist-rated Engagement and Compliance as Proxies for Treatment Success: A Bayesian Mediation Analysis of Exposure and Stress Management for Adults with Misophonia

Fuentes, Armando (2017) The Impact of Neurocognition, Culture, and Depression on the Subjective Experience of Suboptimal Medication Adherence and HIV Symptomology for People Living with HIV

Gadon, David Ray (2017) Absurdity and Alterity: The Ethics of Camus in Context

Gallo, Gina Marie (2017) Elementary school children's literacy practices: Acquiring knowledge through multiple sources

Garra, Pamela Marie Bontempo (2017) Wicked: Dramatic Performance as Revelatory Teaching-Learning

Gemmel, Tara Ann (2017) Transition to College for Low-Income First-Generation College Students

Gikonyo, Naomi Wanjiru (2017) Understanding Factors that Influence Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation Strategies and Their Impact on Effectiveness of Disaster Response in High-Risk Contexts

Gillians, Phyllis Elaine (2017) Principals' Understanding of Bullying: How Four Administrators Set Policies in Their Schools

Glass, Jordan (2017) Language and Education Emmanuel Levinas on Learning Ethical Engagement

Gold, Mireille Renee (2017) Parent perceptions of the relation between resilience, autism, and sibling relationship quality

Golia, Lauren Elizabeth (2017) Understanding Adolescent Internet-Use Patterns in the Search for Mental Health Resources

Gomes, Dean (2017) Chapter Themes and Self-Defining Memories in Children and Adolescent Survivors of Cancer: A Mixed-Methods Exploratory Analysis

Gomez Varon, John Anibal (2017) Use of Intentional Information in Colombian Victims' Evaluations of Retributive and Transitional Justice

Griffin, James A (2017) Sexual Minority Stress, Identity and Condom Use Among Sexual Minority Men in a Small Metropolitan Southern Region

Grubaugh, Catharina Rose (2017) Nutritional Quality of Basal Food Resources in Aquatic Ecosystems

Haikal, Bassem (2017) The Impact of Central Bank Interventions in the Spot Market on Foreign Exchange Rates in Emerging Countries

Hanakis, Maria Christina (2017) Problem Solving Style and Creative Achievement

Harrison, Austin Reed (2017) The Sound and the Fury: Characterizing Misophonia

Helcer, Jacqueline (2017) The Utility of a Pre-Transplant Psychosocial Evaluation in Predicting Post-Transplant Outcomes

Henderson, Joshua Michael (2017) Black racial identity protecting against stereotype threat on collegiate academic achievement

Hicks, Stephanie Ann (2017) Examining the Influence of Perceptions of Aging on Objective Physical Functioning and Self-Rated Health

Huggins, Josiah Timithee (2017) Relationship Between Malingering and Suicidality in Forensic Psychiatric Patients

Hunt, Jodi (2017) Exposing the Darkness—(Re)Lighting the Way: Cyberbullying as a Religious Educational Issue in a Catechetical Context

Hurley, Landon (2017) Missing covariates in causal inference matching: Statistical imputation using machine learning and evolutionary search algorithms

Hu, Ruixuan (2017) A Comparative Study of the Dynamic Relations Between Renminbi Exchange Rates and Stock Market Prices: Evidence from Chinese Firms in Various Markets and Sectors

Hurwitz, Melissa (2017) Dispossessed Women: Female Homelessness in Romantic Literature

Hyle, Erin Alexandra (2017) Executive functioning and written expression in adolescence

Jamison, Denise (2017) Parental Engagement: What Do Urban Middle School Principals Really Want?

Johnson-Waterman, Crystal Ann (2017) New York Schools Under Receivership: Analyzing Leadership and Staffing Challenges Faced by Principals

Jun, JaeHyun (2017) Practical Theology for Korean Youth Ministry: A Framework for the Korean Catholic Youth Ministry in the Perspective of the Evangelization and Education of the Salesian Youth Ministry

Kagan, Aaron (2017) An Enactive Theory of Emotion

Kang, Hyekyung Pauline (2017) Cross-racial and cross-cultural leadership experiences of Korean-American United Methodist clergywomen

Kibe, Susan Wangari (2017) Essays on Women's Bargaining Power: Evidence from India

Kiefer, Thomas (2017) Nature, Value, and Virtue: An Evolutionary Defense of Moral Realism

Kim, Hoolda (2017) Essays on Children's Well-being: Impacts of Policies and Approaches to Measurement

Kornhauser, Zachary G. C (2017) Examining the student and institutional predictors of students' success in college

Kuhl, Elizabeth Grace (2017) The Dragon and the Cloister: History and Rhetoric in the Writing of Stephen of Rouen

Kushner, Nicole Blake (2017) Very Early Processing Skills and Language Acquisition in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Labao, Sharon Victoria (2017) Geishas and Dragon Ladies: Counter Narratives of Asian American Women Assistant Principals and Principals

Landers, Andrew James (2017) Teachers' Educational Beliefs about Students with Learning Disabilities

Lawrence, Yolanda Joy (2017) Professional School Counselors' Burnout, Coping and Supervision Frequency, Type and Alliance

Levenson, Lauren Nicole (2017) How the Parent-Child Relationship Affects Externalizing, Internalizing, and Adaptive Behavior Development in Autism

Li, Jiaming (2017) Understanding Behavioral Differences Between American and Chinese Investors

Lipari, Kristen Jenna (2017) A Qualitative Exploration of Transgenerational Trauma and Cultural Identity of Armenian Genocide Descendants

Li, Yang (2017) Essays on the Determinants of International Equity Flows

Luckert, Lauren Paige (2017) Family Functioning and Accommodation in Parents of Children with Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms

Makkay, Amanda Marie (2017) Comparing In-Situ and Ex-Situ Patterns of Genetic Diversity in Snow Leopards (Panthera Uncia) for Conservation and Management

Mauro, Joseph Anthony (2017) Essays on Intergenerational Mobility and Economic Growth

McClain, Lauren (2017) Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of Smartphone-Delivered Daily Brief Mindfulness Practice for Young Adult Smokers Uninterested in Quitting

McCormack, Jason (2017) Essays on Firm Growth, Productivity, and Profits

Mcnamara, Louise B (2017) Transition of Leadership in Catholic Elementary Schools With its Perceived Effect on Catholic Identity

Mileshin, Susannah Mattson (2017) Asian Americans and Family Career-Choice Conflict: A Qualitative Study

Montiel, Kevin (2017) Autonomy Thwarting Parenting and Mental Health Outcomes among Sexual Minority Youth: A Self-Determination Approach

Mootoo, Candace (2017) Family childcare providers' job-related social support networks, burnout, and stress

Moran, Eileen E (2017) The Relationship Among Nocturnal Blue Light Exposure, Sleep Quality, and Response Inhibition in Young Adults

Morin, Samantha L (2017) Determining Treatment Needs and Recidivism Risk of Juveniles with Sexual Offense Adjudications

Nachbaur, Fredric (2017) Changing Neighborhoods, Changing Families: Gentrification and the Emergence of Gay Parents in Washington Heights, NYC

Nelson, Michele Lynn (2017) Senior-Level Administrator Perceptions of Collective Bargaining at Catholic Colleges and Universities

Ojserkis, Rachel B (2017) Examining the Unique Roles of Disgust Constructs in Co-Occurring Posttraumatic Stress and Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms

O'Neill, Shannon Michelle (2017) Perceptions of counselor effectiveness within rural America's heartland

Ortega-Williams, Anna (2017) Is Organizing a Pathway for Wellbeing and Post-Traumatic Growth for Black Youth in New York City? Exploring Recovery from Historical Trauma and Systemic Violence

Parbhakar, Meera (2017) Internalizing Symptoms and Treatment Adherence among Pediatric Endocrinology Patients

Pedersen, David G (2017) Anxiously Pursuing Peace: Defining and Defending Christian Faith in Texts of Old English Reflective Wisdom

Persaud, Chantelle (2017) Reading buddies: What are students actually doing during this time?

Picard, Emilie Healey (2017) How Clinicians Understand Passive Suicidal Ideation in Suicide Risk Assessment

Pool, Justin Ryan (2017) Lipid Use in Blacklegged Ticks (Ixodes scapularis): Response to Aging, Infection, and Changing Weather Patterns

Porter, Elizabeth (2017) Urban Plunge: Novel Heroines in Eighteenth-Century London

Pottroff, Christy Lee (2017) Citizen Technologies: The U.S. Post Office and the Transformation of Early American Literature

Powell, Mebane E (2017) Impact of Psychological Maltreatment during Childhood by One's Maternal Figure on the Mental and Physical Health of Older Adult Men

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Dissertations & Theses from 2016

Almontaser, Debbie (2016) School leadership against the backdrop of political spectacle: Exploring the lived experiences of American Muslim principals after September 11

Alves-Cedeno, Jennifer (2016) District leaders' perceptions of organizational capacity for innovation in two school districts

Anco, Corey (2016) Phylogeography and spatial modeling of the leopard (Panthera pardus) in sub-Saharan Africa

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dela Cruz, Samuel (2016) Principals' leadership orientation in relationship to the classification of their schools in New Jersey

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Foellmi, Melodie (2016) Factors affecting the validity of a violence risk screening tool with psychiatric inpatients

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Gauthier, Brandon Kyle (2016) The Other Korea: Ideological Constructions Of North Korea In The American Imagination, 1948-2000

Georgia, Allan T (2016) "Unless he competes professionally": Agonism and cultural production among Christians and Jews in the Roman world

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Jones, Ian Charles (2016) Dominion and communion: Patristic theology and the ethics of humanity's relationship with animal creation

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Kaishian, James Michael (2016) Relationship of past academic performance, self-efficacy, and achievement on advanced placement exams

Kamens, Sarah (2016) Reconceptualizing the 'schizophrenia' diagnosis: A transcultural, phenomenological investigation

Katsiotas, Nikki Joan (2016) The relationship between social support and well-being of parents of children with special needs

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Mullin, Deborah (2016) The effects of managerialism on domestic violence agency workers: A qualitative analysis

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Nash, Kate McGah (2016) Consuming War: Modernism and the Rhetoric of Rationing

Neyen, Julia (2016) Correlates of problem solving styles: The impact of parenting styles and sex typing

Nijdam-Jones, Alicia (2016) Diagnostic typologies of stalking offenders

Nonaillada, Jeannine (2016) Educating Healthcare Providers and Hospital Staff about Geriatrics and Shared Decision-Making with Older Adult Oncology Patients: Evaluation of an Online Program

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O'Connor, Florence Teresa (2016) Relationships among leadership, curriculum mapping, and teacher self-efficacy: Practioners' perceptions

Olsen, James Patrick (2016) Non-verbal ability as an estimator of premorbid intelligence: Does it remain stable among ethnically diverse HIV+ adults?

Papageorgiou, Catherine (2016) CBAs as an alternative to ULURP: A Case Study of the Atlantic Yards Land Use and Civic Improvement Project

Piepenbring, Julie (2016) A Narrative Analysis of Motherhood and Maternal-Efficacy among Women Raising Children with ASD

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Romero, Sara A (2016) Depressed Latino elderly adults' decision-making and information seeking preferences in primary care: Implications for patient-centered care

Rosich, Gina (2016) Employment Discrimination Among People Who Are Transgender or Gender Non-Conforming: A Mixed Methods Secondary Data Analysis

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Shi, Yi (2016) From Unwed Motherhood to Multi-partner Fertility Unions: The Role of Maternal Resources and Genetic Sensitivities in Mothers' Romantic Relationship Transitions

Smith, Jennifer C (2016) Social Workers' Experiences Treating Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI) In Children and Adolescents: A Phenomenological Investigation

Smith, Naila A (2016) Group-based parent involvement trajectories and change in student engagement across two school transitions among immigrant and non-immigrant youth

Song, Victoria (2016) Weighted probability models for high-stakes admission decisions

Song, Yunfei (2016) A study of Bitcoin price's relationship with local currency exchange rate and stock market index in emerging economies using VECM

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Stone, Kara M (2016) Parental and Filial Obligation in Late Medieval Literature

Sutton, Esther Essie (2016) Examining the reliability and validity of a teacher self-report and observational measure of social-emotional learning classroom practices in elementary schools

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Yeghnazar, Heather (2016) The role of attachment schemata in false recognition of relational information

Ziesig Deng, Chelsea (2016) Developmental trends in peer acceptance among struggling mathematics learners

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Dissertations & Theses from 2015

Acosta, Neifi Jose (2015) The accountability role of middle school assistant principals: Relating to teachers and students

Adelsberg, Samantha (2015) Parent-child interactions in children with temper outbursts: The role of expressed emotion and parental stress

Alvarado, Li Yun (2015) Latina New York: Feminist poetics and the Empire City

Aly, Tamer M (2015) Analysis of dual auditory systems using combinatorial fusion

Armacost, Christine E (2015) An unspeakable threat: Terrorism and the post-war American novel

Arocho, Justin Michael (2015) Moral disgust as a transdiagnostic feature in obsessive-compulsive disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder

Ball, Roger (2015) Healthy marriage initiative: A community centered religious educational analysis

Banik, Rumeli (2015) First-time mothers' experiences of the transition to parenthood: The role of socioeconomic status on prenatal parenting expectations and postpartum experiences

Barglow, Jesse (2015) Service engagement among patients with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders: Examining the role of insight and executive functioning

Baruch, Rachel Levine (2015) Outcomes of combined treatment: A person-centered study of patients receiving medication and psychotherapy for depression

Belen, Brian L (2015) Properties of Philippine remittances: An econometric analysis

Benjamin, Daniel (2015) The coupled impact of conflict and imprecision from multiple forecasts

Black, Natasha Giardino (2015) Exploring the concept of "passing" in biracial Asian-White college students

Blanchard, Juan Lulio (2015) Dominican Catholics in New York: A history of mutual enrichment between two local churches

Brackman, Emily Hermanson (2015) Peer victimization and non-suicidal self-injury: A pilot ecological momentary assessment study

Brand, Joseph (2015) The relationship between trauma and transdiagnostic features of anxiety and depression

Brannon, Towuanna Porter (2015) Perceived factors contributing to associate degree completion by African American males at a community college

Brano, Anthony Alfred (2015) Acts of oblivion: The politics of remembering, forgetting, and forgiving on the Restoration stage, 1660-1700

Brown, Stanton Louis (2015) Exploring the district-wide school counselor leader's role in creating a college readiness culture

Burke, Erin M (2015) Combinatorial fusion analysis: Applications for cyber security and e-discovery

Butcher, Rachel Erin (2015) New Approaches to the Late Medieval English Bedchamber

Canovatchel, Frank (2015) The Asian Rice Export Market: An Export Pricing Model That Examines the Impact of Commodities Market Speculation on Prices

Cavanagh, Andrew J (2015) Teacher networks in the climate of comprehensive education reform: A network analysis of district-wide social capital flow

Chau, Mei Fong (2015) Spiritual care of chronically and terminally ill Chinese Christian elderly

Chomanczuk, Aminda Heckman (2015) Bilingual Social Workers in New York City: A Comparative Study Exploring the Benefits Accrued from Bilingualism and the Challenges Encountered in Their Work

Clauser, Patricia (2015) Parenting style as it relates to parenting stress and behavioral outcomes in children with autism

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Crane, Neil (2015) Domain-specific metacognitive calibration in children with learning disabilities

Cunningham, Seth William (2015) Spatial and genetic analyses of Africa's sacred crocodile: Crocodylus suchus

DaVia, Carlo (2015) Philosophical ethics: Aristotle's method and a Gadamerian appropriation

De Feo, Melissa Marie (2015) Teachers' perspectives on classroom climate and teacher outcomes

Diskin Monahan, Megan Elizabeth (2015) Hawai'i's twentieth century working women: Labor feminists in their own right

Di Tillio, Caterina (2015) How does the role of the assistant principal impact students' learning outcomes

Donovan, Meredith Jeta (2015) "Make up your mind in the moment": Language ideologies of multiple discourses and code-switching

Dowell, Stephanie Ann (2015) Spatial and temporal patterns of genetic variation in native and introduced populations of the Nile monitor (Varanus niloticus)

Durante, Mary Ellen (2015) Teaching children to pray: An essential dimension of religious education in a postmodern age

Dushey, Elana Hornblass (2015) Tortured Zionism: Messianism, ambivalence, and Israel in post-Holocaust Jewish American literature

Eggleston, Jeremy J (2015) Posttraumatic growth in people living with HIV/AIDS: Psychological, spiritual and physical health-related outcomes

Essene, Adam Lang (2015) Decoupling environmental filtering and host specificity of ectomycorrhizal fungi in a Bornean lowland tropical rainforest

Falzarano, Francesca (2015) Investigating the Relations among Different Measures of False Memory

Fan, Yuyu (2015) The public performances of religion: Exploring religiosity in religious non-governmental organizations (NGOS)

Fan, Yuyu (2015) Moderated mediation with MIMIC models: SEM analysis of personal resources, perceived age-related loss, and aging satisfaction

Flynn, Claire McKay (2015) Phylogenetic uncertainty in ectoparasitic fish (Characiformes: Distichodontidae)

Foley, Tara C (2015) 'Nuisance control': The discourse of zoning and the modern American city, 1865-1916

Frare, Christina Fennell (2015) Genetic Approaches to Monitoring Change over Space and Time in Lake Tahoe Basin Chipmunks (Genus: Tamias)

Gallagher, Michael J (2015) A nonparametric approach to multifactor modeling

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Green, David (2015) Brief religious sensitization intervention with psychologists administering therapy: An initial study

Grochowalski, Joseph H (2015) Estimation and psychometric analysis of component profile scores via multivariate generalizability theory

Grossman, Stephanie L (2015) Women's health: Associations among body hair removal, appearance concerns and behaviors, and sexual health

Guerra-Salas, Juan F (2015) Essays on government spending and the business cycle

Hackett, Eartha May (2015) Rising out of the gap: Early adolescent black males and academic success

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Krivak, John A (2015) Heterologous embryo transfer as an act of adoption: A moral analysis based on a Catholic theology of adoption

Kulkarni, Kristina (2015) Discrimination, psychological well-being, and the role of ethnic/racial identity among ethnic/racial minority adolescents: Two longitudinal studies

Kwan, E. Sarah (2015) Internalized stereotypes and ethnic identity as predictors of self-esteem and help-seeking in Chinese Americans

Lam, Imelda Pui Hing (2015) Catholic religious education and Confucianism: Some implications for interreligious education in Hong Kong

Lamont, Tracey (2015) Transitioning through relativism: Nurturing a sense of shared moral responsibility in young adulthood

Lecker, Christina (2015) Client perceptions of the fee in community mental health centers

Lewis, Brianna Jordan (2015) Validity and clinical utility of the Autism Mental Status Exam

Linn-Walton, Rebecca (2015) Criminal Thinking, Alliance, and Psychological Functioning of Offenders in Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Lipperini, Patricia T (2015) Fashioning her pilgrimage: Religious education and the young adult mother

Lipton, Abraham (2015) Studying Manifest and Latent Profiles and Their Reliability and Validity

Liu, Xiaoming (2015) A social problem-solving approach to attention shifting in working memory of children with autism spectrum disorder

Long, Katherine (2015) Cost-effectiveness analysis of a school-based social and emotional learning and literacy intervention

Longmore, Catherine (2015) Cognitive and sociopolitical constructs of writing proficiency on a New York English Regents examination

Lootens, Matthew R (2015) Gregory of Nyssa's "Contra eunomium": Context, method, and theology

Lopes, Gianluigi (2015) Embraced by the locals: Perception and acceptance of foreign aid

Lopez, Deena (2015) Microclimatic and regional factors influencing the distribution and invasive potential of the Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, in New York

Love, Hugh Tullos (2015) Potential moderators of masculinity ideology and health risk in college Black men

Lovric, Ivan (2015) The president/principal model of school leadership in Catholic schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Macey, Suzanne (2015) Bog turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) nesting ecology: Implications for conservation and management

MacKenzie, Amy (2015) A survey of transition practices for high school students with learning disabilities

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Mao, Yingyu (2015) Phagocytic Cup Assembly During Rod Outer Segment Phagocytosis By The Retinal Pigment Epithelium

Mascitello, William Joseph (2015) Theosis: Union with God as a foundation for religious education in Roman Catholicism

Mateucci, Rogerio (2015) Mission integrity: A case study of a Pontifical Catholic University entrusted to the Marist institute

McCulloch, Elizabeth C (2015) Health Literacy Knowledge and Experiences of Social Workers at North Shore-LIJ Health System

Miranda, Caitlin (2015) The impact of health literacy, neuropsychological impairment, and sociocultural factors on medication adherence in HIV+ adults

Morris, Blair W (2015) The role of emotion dysregulation in non-suicidal self-injury among treatment seeking adolescents

Nevitt, Turner C (2015) Aquinas on essence and existence

Ngadi, Evette Marie (2015) the impact of governance change on principal leadership: The new Catholic school academy model

Nolan, Brian Joseph (2015) The grace of baptism: A practical program for baptism preparation for parents in the spirit of the new evangelization

Northrop, Martin J (2015) Booked: Sexuality and taste in American crime fiction

O'Brien, Joseph (2015) Tale of two cities: UK and USA vocational school leaders' perceptions and experiences

Olson-Bang, Daniel (2015) "This Is the Propper Way to Say That, Sr:" Music and Musical Sound in James Joyce and Gertrude Stein

Palla, Brendan Blanchard (2015) Thomas Aquinas and two problems for free choice

Parkins, Kaitlyn L (2015) Bats in New York City: An Acoustic Survey and the Role of Green Roofs

Pearce, Marcia Monique (2015) Motivating Black students through literature: Surveying juniors and seniors in a religious high school

Pecoraro, Brandon (2015) Why don't voters 'Put the Gini back in the bottle'?

Pellecchia, Susan (2015) Teaching with primary sources: The overlap between historical thinking and critical literacy

Penniman, John David (2015) Lacte Christiano educatus: The symbolic power of nourishment in early Christianity

Pierre, Yvrose (2015) Ableism: Refuting the marginalization of disabled students by empowering school leaders

Prater, Kimberly A (2015) Illness representation, coping, and treatment outcome in substance use disorders

Quinsland, Kirk (2015) Interactive performance and the early modern stage

Rapaglia, Eric Dean (2015) Must God create a world? Aquinas's answer and Kretzmann's critique

Ravenelle, Rebecca Elizabeth (2015) The Influence Of Epidermal Fatty Acids On The Growth Of Pseudogymnoascus Destructans: The Fungus That Causes White-Nose Syndrome

Rees, Elizabeth Timmer (2015) "Dreaming Eyes of Wonder": Religion, Science, and Wonderment in Nineteenth-Century Children's Fiction

Reinhard, Kathryn L (2015) Recognizing the spirit: An ecclesial pneumatology

Reininger, Taly (2015) Parental Involvement in Municipal Schools in Chile: Why do Parents Choose to get Involved?

Rentz, Emily Alice (2015) Autism spectrum disorders: Developmental, individual-difference, relationship-based (DIR)/Floortime outcomes

Reshetnyak, Evgeniya (2015) Estimation of heterogeneity of treatment effect using EM algorithm

Reynolds, James John (2015) Seeds of communist triumph: How Truman and Eisenhower set the stage for US failure in Vietnam

Rice, Jaime Lyn (2015) Developmental differences in attributions and self-worth among students with and without learning disabilities

Rossbach, Kathryn Helen (2015) Multicultural personality, cultural intelligence, everyday multicultural competence, and their relation to positive psychology factors

Rotter, Batya S (2015) Resilience of Israeli soldiers in transition from military to civilian life: A phenomenological study

Rubes, Melissa (2015) Anxiety in children and adolescents with food allergies: A longitudinal study

Rucinski, Christina L (2015) Teacher-child relationships, classroom emotional climate, and elementary students' social-emotional and academic development

Selden, Sarah Bernstein (2015) Eating disturbances in bariatric surgery patients: Relation to postoperative outcomes

Shashoua, Marguerite Y (2015) Early maladaptive schemas associated with non-suicidal self-injury and childhood emotional abuse

Singh, Nicola Amanda (2015) Cuba para Cristo: Protestant Evangelists, American Expansionists and Cuban Independentistas, 1860-1965

Smith, Christopher (2015) Beyond the school day: Identifying key elements of effective out-of-school time STEM instruction

Smith, Zachary Bill (2015) Asserting authority: Power structures and self-care in the "Apophthegmata Patrum"

Stanfill, Jonathan Peter (2015) Embracing the barbarian: John Chrysostom's pastoral care of the Goths

Stevens, Krista Leeann (2015) Challenging the Catholic church: Constructing a social ethics of racial solidarity

Stewart, Noreen A (2015) Predictive factors for mental health help seeking and academic help seeking in emerging adults

Tiernan, Bernadette Brunhuber (2015) The role of higher education in precollege preparation for underrepresented students

Tollinchi, Michell (2015) Academic Achievement among Latina Undergraduates: An Examination of Psychosociocultural Factors Associated with Academic Achievement and Persistence among Dominican and Puerto Rican Students

Tortorici, Kristin Marie (2015) Examining the role of classroom environment on peer comparisons and academic outcomes among preadolescents

Trapani, Angela Marie (2015) Social-emotional development in emerging adulthood: Factors related to social adjustment in college

Turco, Samantha Rosemary (2015) The impact of elaborative interrogation training on academic achievement and metacognitive awareness

Upham, Christopher Mark (2015) Aquinas on a Freedom that Follows Reason: An Examination and Defense of the Nature of Human Agency within an Aristotelian Tradition

Valfredini, Alessia (2015) A collective case study of the mediational tools used by undergraduates in academic writing across languages

Valle, Maria Trinidad (2015) Media narratives on Mapuche hunger strikes in Chile: Constructing ethnic, national and gender identities

Verel, Patrick (2015) New York City Graffiti Murals: Signs of Hope, Marks of Distinction

von Habsburg-Lothringen, Ferdinand (2015) When peace is pieces and war is wonderful an examination of narratives around violence, power and humanitarian aid a case study of south Sudan

Waite, Shannon Renee (2015) Recruiting a diverse teaching force in New York City public schools

Watson, Clifton N (2015) Post World War II Black Migration, Historical Memory, Community Building and Activism in the Late 20th Century

Wellbrock, Gary (2015) Survey of elementary reading assessments for children who are deaf or hard of hearing

White, Katherine Elizabeth (2015) "We out here": Skateboarding, segregation and resistance in the Bronx

Whitney, Jessica Lennon (2015) Caring for a son with anorexia: The psychosocial impact on mothers

Whorley, Sarah Brooke (2015) Bioassessment of agricultural effects on streams using biochemical compounds in benthic algae

Wijetunga, Charity (2015) An examination of the relationship between psychopathy and recidivism in juvenile sex offenders

Wilkins, Shane Maxwell (2015) A Hylomorphic Theory of Composite Material Substances

Williams, Jessica Marie (2015) Advergames as a developmental challenge to children's processing of persuasive messages

Wolfe, Noel K (2015) A community at war: The Bronx and crack cocaine

Wood, Justine A (2015) Central bank transparency: Examining volatility in output and financial markets

Xie, Xie (2015) Molecular Genetic Analysis of Drosophila tRNA Processing Endonuclease, dRNaseZ

Zolnik, Christine Patricia (2015) Temporal and spatial dynamics of the internal microbial community of an important disease vector, the blacklegged tick (Ixodes scapularis )

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Dissertations & Theses from 2014

Abdur-Rahman, Fazeeda (2014) Yoga Use in Domestic Violence Shelters: Exploring Organizational and Personal Factors Associated with Adopting Yoga as a Complementary Treatment

Alberts, Allison Adair (2014) Female suffering in medieval and early modern literature

Alvarenga, Melissa Regina (2014) Salvadoran Migration to the Us and Australia: A Comparative Perspective on the Role of Immigration Policies

Angert Weinberg, Leah (2014) Effects of note-taking strategies and transcription fluency on students' performance after viewing a video

Anthony, Jared Shannon (2014) Examining task-specific measures and student learning strategies in context

Auld, Daniel Patrick (2014) Flow and learning in computer-mediated learning environments: A meta-analytic review

Becker, Joanna Leigh (2014) Presence of a dog on executive functioning and stress in children with emotional disorders

Bennett, Randi (2014) The neural correlates of emotion dysregulation in children with autism spectrum disorder

Bhalla, Rukmini Vohra (2014) Cyberbullying victimization, self-blame, and teacher and peer support: A moderational analysis

Bleasdale, Jane Elizabeth (2014) Moving from tolerance to inclusion in Jesuit high schools: A matter of justice

Bonanno, Caitlin M (2014) A school-based bibliotherapy intervention for hostile attribution of intent for preschoolers

Bo, Yuanchao (2014) An option-based partial credit item response model

Brock, Darryl Erwin (2014) American Empire and the scientific survey of Puerto Rico

Buzick, Alexander (2014) Fragmentary tragic poetry in Cicero

Byrnes, Karen P (2014) Educational and religious sanctuary: The church and young adult identity negotiation

Cardinale, Matthew John (2014) Achievement goals and causal attributions of students with characteristics of grandiose and vulnerable narcissism

Coddett, Andrea Shaun (2014) Perceptions of the building-level union representative in principal-teacher collaboration

Colaitis, Spiro Chris (2014) Impact of character education on student behavior as perceived by staff members

Collins, Jennifer Marie (2014) An essay on moral responsibility in a global age

Combs, James Derran (2014) Religious education and the development of African-American Roman Catholic identity in the United States

Comeau-Kirschner, Cheryl (2014) Training in the writing center: Senior administrator and tutor perspectives on English language learner best practices

Courtney, Deborah M (2014) EMDR to Treat Children and Adolescents: Clinicians' Experiences Using The EMDR Journey Game

Crowe, Katherine Bassell (2014) Mindfulness, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, and executive dysfunction: An exploratory study

Dadabo, Dina (2014) Retrospective and current perceptions of classroom climate on engagement and achievement in high school

Davis, Henry Joseph (2014) Beloved co-laborers: A leadership framework from leo xiii's writings on the dignity of labor

DeBellis, Lisa M (2014) Participant-staff relationship quality and academic outcomes among elementary and middle school children in after-school programs

DeMizio, Joanne Greenwald (2014) Values of Catholic science educators: Their impact on attitudes of science teaching and learning

Diaz de la Portilla, Michael (2014) Nature's musa jocosa: An ecocritical reading of Geoffrey of Monmouth's Vita Merlin

Dockery, Ciara (2014) Interoceptive exposure and habituation for depersonalization and derealization symptoms in the treatment of panic disorder

Durkin, Daniel Myles (2014) Gender equity and condom use among married women in Zimbabwe

Durkovic, Alina (2014) Staten Island and the impact of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

Dvorak, Alexa J (2014) The politics behind economic development in New York City: Who influences the ULURP process

Eckardt, Patricia N (2014) Teacher and student supportive academic discourse while engaged in small group fourth-grade literacy lessons

Engelmann, Stephanie (2014) Adult literacy education program administrators' perceptions of occupational stress and coping mechanisms

Fang, Shixin (2014) Racial/Ethnic Socialization and Academic Performance in Adolescents Across Racial/Ethnic Groups: The Mediating Role of Self-Esteem

Feldman Messinger, Lindsay G (2014) Risk and protective factors for violence perpetration and substance use among a nationally representative sample of adolescents

Fernandes, Gretta Maria (2014) Child Welfare Workers' Degree of Intent to Leave: Impact of Organizational Climate and Individual Factors

Fetridge, Evelyn Dey (2014) Experimental evolution and intragenomic homologous recombination in Escherichia coli

Fifelski, Julie Beth (2014) Imprinted products: Domestic manufactures and nineteenth century American literature

Forte, Giovanna Antonietta (2014) Professional women in their 30s: Expectations regarding career and family

Gallagher, Shaun (2014) Smartphone Sensor Data Mining for Gait Abnormality Detection

Ganzhorn, Seth (2014) Reproduction, recruitment, and genetic diversity of the threatened tree species Manilkara maxima T.D. Penn.: An economically and ecologically important tree species from the biodiversity hotspot of southern Bahia, Brazil

Gooding, Amanda L (2014) The relationship between baseline executive functioning and treatment response for individuals with mild cognitive impairment receiving cognitive rehabilitation

Gordon, John Tully (2014) The scourge of the Sahel: Examining the rise of Boko Haram and modern violent extremism in West Africa

Grabowski, Liza Zitelli (2014) Cognitive normativity and early American fiction

Gunn, Dennis C (2014) Toward infinite horizons of wonder: Bernard Lonergan's philosophy of education and the role of critical thinking in teaching religion in Catholic high schools

Haffey, William R (2014) Reducing bird-glass collisions: Testing patterned glass in a novel flight tunnel

Henry, Tamara R (2014) Religious education as resistance in hip-hop form: A liberative pedagogical approach for youth

Herron, Fred W (2014) Not just a brick in the wall: The desire for God and the challenge of consumer culture

Hirsch, Yehudis L (2014) Cyberstalking and Sociology: A Critical Review of the Literature

Ho, Emily H (2014) Developing an Empirically Based Linguistic Probability Lexicon

Hollins, Alyssa (2014) Women and the Word: The Revival as a Counterpublic Space for Black Queer-Identified Women

Holman, Caroline (2014) The role of pain in non-suicidal self-injury: Affect regulation during a painful paradigm

Illig, Jennifer (2014) Through a lens of likeness: Reading "English Wycliffite Sermons" in light of contemporary sermon texts

Inglis, Nathanael L (2014) Creativity and conversion in Gordon D. Kaufman's theology: Detraditionalization, identity and responsibility in an age of crisis

Jerson, Bradley (2014) The relationship between child- and adolescent-onset chronic medical illness, family connectedness, and transition to adulthood: A longitudinal analysis

Kealey, Edith M (2014) Organizational Factors Associated with Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices: Multiple Family Group Psychoeducation in New York State

Killelea, Megan McGrail (2014) Self-perceived deficits in adults with traumatic brain injury: An exploratory, retrospective study

Kimpel, Jeanne Ellen (2014) Middle-class black and white homeowners on Long Island: The impact of social networks on their residential outcomes

Kolva, Elissa (2014) Medical treatment decision-making capacity and neuropsychological functioning in terminally ill cancer patients

LaCasse, Sara Patterson (2014) Adolescent outcomes in family-based treatment of anorexia nervosa: Single- versus two-parent families

Lam, Jonathan (2014) Use of the short term assessment of risk and treatability in a forensic facility: Examining the impact of suicide behavior on multiple risk outcomes

La Vina, Marie (2014) Shy Times: A Social Analysis of Shyness and Social Anxiety in America, 1977-2013

Leporati, Matthew (2014) Romantic-era epic poetry and the mission of empire

Li, Jun (2014) Problem representation and academic performance in statistics

Liu, Shu-Wen (2014) Parental stress, acculturation, and parenting behaviors among Chinese immigrant parents in New York City

Liu, TsungMing (2014) Multi-robot exploration with space-based potential field map

Lockhart, Jeffrey William (2014) The Benefits of Personalized Data Mining Approaches to Human Activity Recognition with Smartphone Sensor Data

Lord-Bessen, Jennifer (2014) Extraction of latent class progressions in a longitudinal study with applications in educational and behavioral science data

Luft, Susan (2014) Dialogic learning and collaboration through video chat in two first-grade classrooms

MacDougall, Scott (2014) More than communion: Toward an eschatological ecclesiology

Marcus, James Charles (2014) Visual communication of uncertainty in continuous distributions

Marino, Cherylynn (2014) Assessing the problem solving styles, implicit beliefs, and resilience of West Point Cadets

Marquez, Yettieve Angelina (2014) Female senior student affairs officers at four-year public institutions: Pathways to advancement

Masty, Jessica Katherine (2014) A functional assessment of selective mutism

Matos-Elefonte, Haifa (2014) Learning behaviors and attitudes, problem-solving styles, and mathematics performance

May, Maria Cecilia (2014) The effects of text complexity on the oral reading prosody of fifth-grade students

Meyer, Eric Daryl (2014) Theological anthropology, human animality, and the human-animal distinction: A constitutive knot in ecological degradation

Micucci, Kara Hanson (2014) Achievement, school integration, and self-efficacy in single-sex and coeducational parochial high schools

Mijares, Bianca (2014) Miami is a paradise. Miami is home. I hate Miami: Cultural Capital and Habitus of Three Cuban-El Salvadoran Second-Generation Sisters Carving Out Their Lives in Their Native City

Miller, Jordan Matthew (2014) You loved me before the foundation of the world: An examination of Karl Rahner's doctrine of Trinity and comparison to that of Hans Urs von Balthasar

Monsam, Angela (2014) Carving the eighteenth-century corpus: Early modern anatomy and the writings of Pope, Richardson, Godwin, and Baillie

Morano, Jade A (2014) An exploration of multimedia reading instruction and its impact on students' online/offline reading comprehension

Murphy, Hilary (2014) Exploratory model of multicultural personality, bicultural competence, minority stress, and the impact on college persistence

Navarro, Lauren Christie (2014) Foodways and gender relations in the American naturalist novel

Ngo, Hong (2014) Assessing acceptability of mindfulness meditation as a form of mental health treatment for depression among Chinese Americans

O'Brien, Sarah (2014) The Languages of Labor in the Works of John Gower

Occhiogrosso, Gabrielle (2014) College student involvement and leadership: Studying learning and living communities at Lasallian institutions

Olbert, Charles Mason (2014) On the mathematical coherence of psychiatric diagnostic categories: A framework for quantifying heterogeneity attributable to polythetic diagnostic criteria

O'Toole, M. Kylee (2014) Teacher self-efficacy and consultation within a response to intervention framework

Otuyelu, Folusho (2014) The Impact of School Readiness Resources on Social-Emotional Development and Literacy Skills

Overty, Joanne Filippone (2014) The monastic choir books of San Sisto in Piacenza and the production of liturgical manuscripts in fifteenth-century Italy

Paggi, Michelle Erin (2014) Occupational self-efficacy and expectations for future job performance in older workers

Park, Saemi (2014) Aggregating multiple probability intervals to improve their calibration

Patel, Melissa Zeba (2014) A Limitation of Ontological Security-Seeking Assumptions in Kurdistan: Is Human Plurality a Viable Aim for Constructivism?

Petrany, Catherine Eileen (2014) The wisdom of prayer: Didactic discourse in the book of Psalms

Pettinato, Johnathan Michael (2014) Burke and Britons: Edmund Burke and the contested emergence of an imperial British identity

Pierson, Ashley (2014) Prevalence of Personality Disorders in Criminal Offenders: A Meta-Analysis

Pilecki, Brian C (2014) The role of memory modification in the treatment of childhood obsessive-compulsive disorder

Powell, Tina Lynn (2014) "So Lost Between Worlds": Liminality in Vietnamese American Literature

Proestler, Nina Miriam (2014) Global climate change: Distinguishing facts from beliefs

Purpura, Ashley Marie (2014) Flexible fixity: Theorizing, realizing, and negotiating Byzantine ideals of ecclesiastical hierarchy

Rittenhouse-Cea, Holly (2014) Evaluating the effects of training in incidental teaching in instructors of students with autism

Rohlehr, Lia Nicole (2014) The moderating effects of resilience in the relationship between childhood physical abuse, criminal behavior, and antisocial traits

Rosario, Gloria Yvette (2014) Instructional culture in transfer high schools: The role and leadership of principals

Rufrano, Michelle (2014) "Domed" and Whited Out: Arts Gentrification and the Negotiation of Public Space in Long Island City, NY

Sandberg, Kevin John (2014) Listening in religious education: The gift of self in the face of uncertainty

Satkowski, Laura Beth (2014) Social and internal factors influencing the child care preferences and choices of immigrant mothers

Savior, Richard David (2014) The impact of university religious affiliation on presidential leadership practices

Schatten, Heather T (2014) The roles of social stress and decision-making in non-suicidal self-injury

Senland, Amie K (2014) A mixed methods analysis of moral reasoning and empathy during the transition to adulthood in young adults with a high functioning autism spectrum disorder

Sethna, Saumil Sudhir (2014) Role of Caveolin-1 in Phagolysosomal Digestion by The Retinal Pigment Epithelium

Shi, Yi (2014) The malleability of moral identity: You know better who you are through moral self-evaluation

Simpson, Colleen (2014) Early alert in community college: Student success, persistence, and retention in developmental courses

Spain-Savage, Christi (2014) Hucksters, hags, and bawds: Gendering place in early modern London

Stark-Gendrano, Rebecca Ellen (2014) "Desunt nonnulla": Reading the incomplete text in early modern England

Straus, Hildy (2014) An examination of personal and organizational factors and paraeducator self-efficacy

Suriel, Anba (2014) Habib Girgis, Coptic Orthodox educator and a light in the darkness

Swartvagher, Marc Edwin (2014) Responsible discipleship: The case for a new rite of confirmation

Vandenberg, Margaret (2014) Using mouth and hand pictures to teach the alphabetic principle to Spanish-speaking English learners

Van Slembrouck, Jane H (2014) True bodies/false bodies: Disability, appearance, and the politics of personal sincerity

Vargas, Angela Patricia (2014) The identity development of urban minority boys in single mother households

Viviano, Thomas Francis (2014) Global self-esteem, perceived social support, and the psychosocial adjustment of adolescents exposed to cyberbullying

Vuotto, Stefanie C (2014) Modeling pathways to health behaviors of young-adult survivors of childhood cancer

Waickman, Caitlin (2014) Tenants united: Navigating allies and adversaries in housing movements

Wang, Xian (2014) Organellar genome evolution and phylogeographic relationships among populations of freshwater brown algae: Heribaudiella fluviatilis, Bodanella lauterborni and Pleurocladia lacustris

Wiener, Saul A (2014) Digitalk's appearance in middle and high school students' classroom writing: Perception versus reality

Williams, Norissa (2014) Does cultural competence moderate treatment outcomes for depressed ethnic minority adolescents?

Wilson, Monique Donnell (2014) Neurocognitive and whole-system reactions to covert racial discrimination-induced stress

Wire, Micaela (2014) The effects of peer norms and ethnic identity on academic achievement in urban minority students

Wolf, Helen M (2014) Abundant grace: The religious educational dimensions of peer ministry programs at Catholic colleges and universities

Wynne, Heather Marie (2014) Integrating the demonstration orientation and standards-based models of achievement goal theory

Zaharopoulos, Mira (2014) Racial-cultural events in group counseling as perceived by group therapists

Zapatka, Kasey Michael (2014) Not Just a Bookstore: La Casa Azul Against Neoliberal Habitus and Gentrification

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Dissertations & Theses from 2013

Alexander, Marissa Miller (2013) Dyadic adjustment among mothers of children with anorexia

Allen, Jeremy J (2013) A groundwork for a politics of remembrance: Between self-enclosure and recognition

Almonte, Debby Evelyn (2013) The contributions of parenting and the media to Latino adolescents' ethnic identity development

Altschuler, Elizabeth (2013) Natural youth mentoring and resiliency in low-income adolescents

Amankwa-Danquah, Philip (2013) Effective multimedia design from the adolescent user's perspective

Andronico, Karen Beth (2013) Building a positive culture for school improvement: Teachers' perceptions of assistant principals' departmental leadership

Aplasca, Andrea Christina (2013) Population Genetics of the Endangered Insular Allen Cays Rock Iguana, Cyclura Cychlura Inornata

Arce, Miguel (2013) The Effects of HIV and History of Cocaine Use on Sustained Attention and Neurocognitive and Immunological Outcomes: A Pilot Study

Artiles, Dagoberto (2013) The rise of American urbanized suburban high schools: Teachers' perceptions of leadership

Azar, Michael G (2013) Exegeting the Jews: The reception of the Johannine Ioudaioi in early Christianity

Beale, Noelle (2013) Catholic Generation X school leaders: Their impact on the Catholic identity of the Catholic school

Bernardo, Travis Joseph (2013) Molecular mechanisms of E75 activation by 20-hydroxyecdysone and juvenile hormone

Blomberg, Grace Marie (2013) Vocabulary discourse: Developing meaning through "VoiceThread" publication

Bradley, Brian Michael (2013) Principals' perspectives on using value-added data to strategically plan for organizational improvement

Brennan, William Vincent (2013) School principals and virtual learning: A catalyst to personal and organizational learning

Brunner, Jessica Marie (2013) The relationship between executive functioning and writing skill in adolescence

Caban, Maria (2013) Use of mental health services among homeless African American men with HIV/AIDS and mental health needs

Cagantas, Dennis Moralde (2013) The Gawad Kalinga theory of social transformation: A grounded theory study

Carlsen, Steven W (2013) Relative performance of banking and insurance through the financial crisis

Casco-Vazquez, Sandra (2013) Examining the Relationship of Problem Solving Style to School Achievement in High School Students

Casen, Sara (2013) Therapists' experience working with at-risk youth in Orthodox Jewish communities: A phenomenological study

Chua, Kevin C (2013) The international transmission of inflation in a managed float regime

Clement, Geoffrey Ward (2013) A Franciscan Inquisitor's Manual and its Compositional Context: "Codex Casanatensis" 1730

Condorson, Alfonso Ralph (2013) R.C.I.A. And then what? R.I.C.A. Y después que?

Cornell Goldwitz, Elizabeth (2013) The Einstein phenomenon: Modern American writers and the popularization of relativity theory

Cornish, Sarah Elisabeth (2013) Somatic cities: Unorienting space, autonomy, and community in modern New York, Paris, London, and Berlin

Crawford, Erika D (2013) Serving them is killing me: Using technology as a vehicle for self-care for bi-vocational pastors in the Black Church

Cubbellotti, Stephen (2013) Exploring the application of nonparametric item response theory techniques to alternate assessments

Damell, Kristie (2013) Women's leadership identity development as former student government presidents

Decker, Kelly Bair (2013) Childhood neglect and the development of self-injury in Axis II pathology

DiMuzio, Claudine Ann (2013) Leadership practices of the assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction: Their roles, responsibilities, and effectiveness

Douglass, Sara (2013) Capacity and perspective in racial/ethnic teasing: A daily diary study examining personal and interpersonal experiences among adolescents and emerging adults

Everett, Karina Jimenez (2013) Domestic intimacies: Servants and secrets in the Victorian novel

Feigenbaum, Jamie S (2013) The Bagel Economy: What an Iconic Urban Food Can Teach Us About the Immigrant Life in New York City, 1880-1910

Fietzer, Alexander William (2013) A quasi-experimental test of multicultural personality using behavioral game theory

Finley, Robert (2013) African American urban high school assistant principals: Self-efficacy, job satisfaction, and aspirations to be a principal

Fontanella, Jessie Anne (2013) Diabetes treatment adherence: Role of working alliance, locus of control, and social-cognitive factors

Furtado, Christina Anne (2013) Bloody, strange, and unnatural women: Advertising on early modern English title pages, 1565-1640

Gamble, Miles Elijah (2013) Tenants Rise: Resistance to the Gentrification Process in West Harlem

Gode, Michele Lynn (2013) The role of opinion leaders in the effectiveness and acceptance of alternative education programs

Gospodarzec, Krzysztof (2013) The perceptions of youth ministers' leadership role in the catholic regional church

Goss, Clifford D (2013) Essays on military service, employment, and education

Graham, Kenneth (2013) Mathematics and science acceleration in grade eight: School leaders' perceptions and satisfaction

Grindrod, Jacqueline C (2013) The Construction of Female Subjectivity In Selected Mid-Twentieth Century American War Literature

Grochowalski, Joseph H (2013) Detection of Differential Item Functioning in Dichotomous and Polytomous Items: The Exploratory Correspondence Analysis Method

Grosner, Andrew (2013) Smartphone-Based Visitor Analytics

Hadjikyriakou, Despina (2013) Neuropsychological functioning of insomnia patients and normally sleeping persons

Hagan, Robert Michael (2013) Academic achievement success for ESL students: An approach to school organization, leadership, and programs

Hansen, Susan (2013) Kids Together Child and Adolescent Group Therapy Program: Evaluating a Therapeutic Change Process

Harvey, Kristina R (2013) Perverts and penitents: The crisis of faith, the death of Satan and the (re)birth of doubt in the works of Cormac McCarthy

Hashimoto, Naoko (2013) Positive stereotyping of doctoral psychology trainees of color in multicultural competence training

Holder, Aisha M. B (2013) Experiences of racial microaggressions and coping strategies of Black women in corporate America

Horan, Jacqueline M (2013) A prospective, longitudinal examination of the influence of childhood home and school contexts on psychopathic characteristics in adolescence

Hoskins, Christine Elizabeth (2013) Consultant empathy, teacher efficacy, and perceptions of school-based consultation

Hughes, Margaret Irene (2013) Sculpting the moral man: Josef Pieper on the perception of beautiful art in moral formation

Humphries, Jean Marie (2013) Exploring students' questions, reading motivations, and processes during comprehension of narrative text

Hussey, Maureen P (2013) Job-embedded professional development: How school leaders create and support the structures for improved teacher effectiveness

James, Rebecca M (2013) Exploring the Role of Social Support in Advanced Illness

Jean-Paul, Max R (2013) Urban principals' understanding of cyber bullying: New role in school leadership

Jeswani, Sheena (2013) Social Support, Agency and Depression in Filipino and American College Students

Joncich, Adam (2013) Mindfulness, role balance, behavioral engagement, and success among college transfer students

Jones, Joshua David (2013) The re-creation of the world: Power, property and globalism in modern pastoral and agrarian fiction of the 18th and 20 th centuries

Jung, Seojung (2013) Socio-Emotional Determinants of Successful Aging: How Do Parent-Child Relationships and General Views on Aging Influence Adult Children's Evaluation of Own Aging?

Kajankova, Maria (2013) The negotiation of power and dual relationships as occurring in counselor training groups

Keating, Ryan William (2013) "Give us war in our time": America's Irish communities at war in the Civil War era

Knight, Catherine (2013) Statewide study of school public relations personnel: Roles, responsibilities, relationships, and budget vote outcomes

Koch, Cara Elise (2013) Media exposure and self-esteem of gay and lesbian young adults

Komasinski, Andrew James (2013) Moral selfhood from Kant to Kierkegaard

Korenovska, Liliya (2013) An exploration of test taker, rater, and item facets of the writing section of TOEFL using many-facet Rasch measurement

Kowalczyk, Martha J (2013) Categorization of information and decision-making: A developmental perspective

Kramer, Michael G (2013) From a culture of violence to a culture of hope: Creating Sanctuary in a residential treatment facility

Kucharski, Paul Louis (2013) The possibility of a Thomistic personalism

Landy, Kathleen Elizabeth (2013) Enabling district structure: The relationship between perceived district structure and principal self-efficacy

Lanfredi, Carolyn Stephanie (2013) Formal dance training, cognitive ability, and academic performance of adolescent females

Lassiter, Charles (2013) "Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs": Extended Encultured Cognition and Implicature Calculation

Lawrence, Cooper (2013) The relationship between television viewing and the political knowledge and behaviors of the emerging adults

Leaks, Rakeda Antwanece (2013) Selecting effective teachers for urban elementary charter schools: Effects of decentralization on principals' decisions

Lehrfeld, Jonathan (2013) Detection of Aberrant Responding on Tests with Filter Questions

Lewis, Robert Brian (2013) The "spirit of adoption" in its Roman Imperial context

Lew, Rebecca Tesser (2013) Predictors of anorexia nervosa preoccupation and ritual severity

Liu, Bei (2013) How the choice of AS curve affects the optimal monetary policy rule: The case of Japan

LoTempio, Christina Frances (2013) Finding Feminist Resistance: Brown and Butler on the Feminist Subject

Lynch, Gregory Allen (2013) Answering to the world language and normativity in Gadamer and Davidson

Lynn, Sarah Jean (2013) Teacher burnout and its relationships with academic optimism, teacher socialization, and teacher cohesiveness

Mandelbaum, Matthew Gary (2013) Problem-solving style, teaching style, and teaching practices among in-service teachers

Manenti, Rene (2013) Migration and borders: The "Casas del Migrante" and the flow of unauthorized migrants

Manocchi-Verrino, Carol J (2013) The evolution of science literacy: Examining intertextual connections and inquiry behaviors in the classroom

Marciano, Gerard Jude (2013) Moving from clinical practice to academe: An analysis of career change for physician assistants

Maruyama, Ryo (2013) Differences between the effect of personality on functional outcome on patients with spinal cord injury and other neurologic conditions

Mcandrew, Linda (2013) Deconstructing gender in revised feminist fairy tales

Mcgarry, Richard M (2013) Religious education at the cineplex: Film as showing how

McGowan, Stephanie Koprowski (2013) Charter schools application, funding, and facilities: How leadership influences the process in New Jersey

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Zito, Joseph Matthew (2013) Career college leaders: Meeting the challenges of student graduation and gainful employment

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Dissertations & Theses from 2012

Abbassi-Zoabi, Manal J (2012) Discrimination, ethnic identity, and social support as predictors of self-efficacy in Arab American adolescents

Adams, Kathleen J (2012) Blue-Collar Working Mothers: The Effects of the 2009/2010 MTA/NYCT Budget Cuts on Female TWU Local 100 Members

Affleck, Katelyn (2012) Investigating Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Justice-Involved Adolescents Using the Short-Term Assessment of Risk and Treatability: Adolescent Version (Start-AV)

Allen, Veleka (2012) Multidimensional scaling of noncognitive assessments: Application to the Situational Test of Emotional Understanding

Alperin Bohn, Heather (2012) Day- and after-school goal structures' impact on goal orientations, self-efficacy, and performance

Amakawa, Lia (2012) Outpatient mental health treatment initiation and response in at-risk youth after suicide screenings

Andreas, Susan Harris (2012) Recovering the waste: Recognition in the texts of American Civil War and Vietnam War veterans

Arentoft, Alyssa (2012) Socioeconomic predictors of neuropsychological performance in an urban HIV+ cohort

Austria, Carolina Pondang (2012) Modeling exchange rate dynamics: Exchange rates as a function of fundamentals, market herding, and Central Bank intervention

Azhakath, Mathew (2012) Teresian leadership: A historical analysis

Balkan, Jaclyn Lauren (2012) Emotion socialization and the relation between parental depression and children's externalizing and internalizing problems

Ball, Courtney M (2012) "Bullets Don't Have Names": The Effects of Social Capital on Adolescent African American Girls' Integration into Public Space

Balzano, Julie Elizabeth (2012) The sibling relationship, empathy, and interpersonal problems: Adult siblings of individuals with diabetes

Baptista, Cristina J (2012) Aura, ambivalence, and allure: The Portuguese in modern American literary spaces

Barnett, Peggy Ann (2012) High school students' academic buoyancy: Longitudinal changes in motivation, cognitive engagement, and affect in English and math

Baruch, Rachel Levine (2012) Understanding the Experience of Patients with Depression in Split Treatment

Bature, Anthony I (2012) The role of faith-based schools in the promotion of peace and justice in ethno-religious conflict-driven Taraba state, Nigeria

Bayim, Cyril Obi (2012) Religious education for prevention of violent conflicts in Boki Land

Beck, Christopher D (2012) Seizing liberties: Private rights, public good, and letter of marque in medieval Marseille

Becker, Rosalind (2012) Spatial Partitioning of Soil Fungi Along an Urban to Rural Gradient

Bennett, Camille (2012) Female adolescents' perceptions, beliefs, motivations, and attitudes in the negotiation of science texts

Benoit, Sarah Joan (2012) Seasonality & the Local Food System: The Role of Seasons in Local Food Education in New York City

Berry-Whitlock, Sterling (2012) Contemporary philosophy of law and the problem of the rule of recognition

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Cesa, Caron Ann (2012) Fifth-grade readers' use of metacognitive strategies to comprehend social studies nonnarrative texts

Chan, Oriana (2012) Examination of the Ecological Niche of Gilt Darter ( Percina evides) Using Morphological Data

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Cruz, Maritza Ortiz (2012) Human sexuality defined within a broader contextualized framework: Puerto Rican culture as a model for religious education

Cucco, Alison Marie (2012) Urbanization Effects on Nutrient Cycling and Soil: Extracellular Enzyme Function

D'Andrea, Sarah Ashley (2012) Agency Where You Least Expect It: Mormon Women in the Early Church

D'Attore, M. Denise (2012) Thomas Aquinas on the role of second-order judgment in human electio

Davis, Charles Andrew (2012) Islam and identity: The role of the mosque in identity negotiation among African Fulani immigrants

Dease Lee, Violet L (2012) A model of leadership for Black/African American women in religious education: A study of the legacy of Olivia Pearl Stokes

Decker, Jillian Kate (2012) Nutrient controls on phytoplankton composition and ecological function among hydrologically distinct habitats in the Upper Mississippi River

Dellith, Erik C (2012) Central Bank and national macroeconomic performance: Before and after external governance and sovereign credit ratings

Desai, Miraj U (2012) Caring in context: Parenting a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in India

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Gallagher, Edward Sean (2012) Refulgent respectability: A social movement analysis of gay conservatives

Gallagher, Sara (2012) Social Capital: Influence and Implications in Judicial Proceedings

Garcia, Natalia Alexandra (2012) New assistant principals: Union-sponsored professional development's effects on their satisfaction, efficacy, and aspirations

Gatmaitan, Jeremy Peter (2012) Attachment, dispositional hope, and problem-focused coping styles of adult substance abuse clients

Germano, Kaori Kubo (2012) The role of bilingualism on executive functioning and cognitive aging in a Latino and non-Latino White HIV+ population

Gica, Diosdado Galan (2012) Language policies' impact on immigrant students' lived experiences in New York City public schools

Gonzalez, Gabriel Jose (2012) The national imaginaries in Philippine novels

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Gronda, Richard Michael (2012) Leading the intervention and referral services process in elementary schools: Case studies in New Jersey

Guo, Ping (2012) School culture: A validation study and exploration of its relationship with teachers' work environment

Gutkind, Rebeka Chaia (2012) The schema strategies in reading comprehension tasks of fourth-grade students with reading difficulties

Haden, Kyle Edward (2012) The City of Brotherly Love and the Most Violent Religious Riots in America: Anti-Catholicism and Religious Violence in Philadelphia, 1820–1858

Harari, Erez (2012) The relationship between religiosity/spirituality and mental health in gay Orthodox Jews

Hester, Amy (2012) Out-of-school literacy activities of affluent early adolescents: Selective competencies and hidden needs

Hirshorn, Hope Marie (2012) John Macquarrie's theology of mediation

Holloway, Kevin Jayson (2012) Education's anomaly: Voices of African-American principals in predominantly white schools

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McCabe, Katharine F (2012) Exploring Student Responses to Dating Violence on a College Campus: Does Context Matter?

McCampbell, Daphne Stuart (2012) Relationships between attachment and psychological well-being in Hispanic American and non-Hispanic White college students

McMunn-Coffran, Cameron (2012) Combining Two Visual Cognition Systems for Joint Decision Making Using Combinational Fusion

McSheffrey, Gina Marie (2012) Relational victimization and personal, social, and family protective factors on urban female adolescent adjustment

McSpadden, Emalinda Leilani (2012) Family therapy treatment adherence among community-based health center family therapists working with adolescents

Meje, Minhajul (2012) Educational Infrastructure Development in Bangladesh: A Comparative Rural and Urban Community Context Study of Government Primary Schools in Bangladesh

Mendell, Judith (2012) Experiences of Mothers of Children in Foster Care; A Qualitative Study

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Miranda, Caitlin (2012) Predictors of Neuropsychological Test Performance in HIV+ Latino Individuals: The Role of Language Proficiency

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Perry, Justin S. A (2012) Linguistic Interpretation of Social Problem Solving in Psychopathic Criminal Offenders

Petriello, Joseph A (2012) Into the holy darkness: Ignatian education and the advent of justice in an age of uncertainty

Pietros, Stephanie Leigh (2012) Lyrical inheritance: The poem-as-child trope and artistic production in early modern England

Pivovarova, Ekaterina (2012) Development and validation of the Malingering Assessment of Psychopathology (MAP)

Plotka, Raquel (2012) Maternity leave, mother-child interactions, and attachment

Porcher, Darrin K (2012) Reducing school misdemeanor assaults in urban settings through school collaboration between school leaders and police: A comparative case study

Puccio-Scavuzzo, Lauren (2012) "Mans more obscene part": Feculent masculinities in eighteenth-century satire

Reardon, John Paul (2012) A theological analysis of R.C. Zaehner's theory of mysticism

Rice, Christopher M (2012) The value of relationships with other species

Robertson, Giles Mebane (2012) The Utraquists: Locating Religion in Confessional Poetry

Robinson, Michael G (2012) Seeking justice and empowering the poor: An American Baptist religious educational perspective

Ross, Allison Rosita (2012) Impact of psychoeducational advocacy training as compared to psychoeducational support group as an empowering tool for female survivors of domestic violence

Rottenberg, Ian C (2012) Sacred text as saturated phenomenon: The unspoken command of scripture

Rubes, Melissa (2012) Reported Anxiety in Children and Adolescents with Food Allergies and Factors Associated with Anxiety: A Cross Sectional Study

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Samson, Beatrice (2012) Constructivist-centered professional development in vocabulary instruction for upper grade elementary teachers

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Sinha, Joanna M (2012) The Land of Make-Believe: Using Sociodramatic Play to Increase Kindergartners' Self-regulatory Abilities

Solimene, Don Nicholas (2012) Implementing a student advisory program for ninth graders: Two high school models in action

Soyeju, Kemi (2012) Who Are We Protecting? Statutory Rape Laws and the Control of Black Female Sexuality

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Stack, Lauren Foley (2012) Appraisal, coping, self-efficacy, and social support as predictors of distress among parents of children with anorexia nervosa

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Suarez, Linda Maria (2012) Influence of technology on the leadership of 21st-century career and technical education administrators

Sureau, John (2012) Students' perspectives of Catholic secondary school campus ministry: An analysis of social capital theory in three high schools

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Thifault, Paul (2012) Anti-Catholicism and the Indian in early American literature

Thompson, Gregory Anthony (2012) Feelings of belongingness and attitudes toward help-seeking for ethnic minority college students at a historically black institution

Ticinelli, Ishani (2012) The psychosocial impact of infertility on African American women: A grounded theory study

Tipora, Kathryn Anne Lorico (2012) Waterfront Redevelopment at South Street Seaport: Where Water and Land, Collaboration and Planning Converge

Tobias, Kristen (2012) "Sickness Behavior" and Cytokines: Exploring the Link

Trendafilov, Rossen (2012) A Study of Information Regimes in the Limit Order Book

Turner, Kathleen S (2012) "And we shall learn through the dance": Liturgical dance as religious education

Vacanti-Shova, Karyn A (2012) The role of intervention and age of diagnosis on the diagnostic, behavioral, and educational outcomes of children with autism spectrum disorders

Warden, Joel M (2012) Principles, virtue, and the moral agent: Toward an ethic of patient care for the emergency medical services

Waring, David J (2012) The Effect of Urbanization on the Population Dynamics of the Invasive Plant Alliaria petiolata (Garlic Mustard)

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Welt, Rachel Shannon (2012) The Population Genetics of Adaptation to a Drought in the Annual Plant, Brassica Rapa

White-Ryan, Linda (2012) Older Adults' Knowledge and Intention to Communicate with Health Care Providers Regarding Concomitant Alcohol Use with Medications (CAUM): An Educational Intervention

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Zanetich, Kelly Marie (2012) Mindfulness and countertransference management in therapist trainees

Ziegler, John R (2012) Many longing eyes: Embedded masques and social voyeurism on the Jacobean stage

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Dissertations & Theses from 2011

Argeros, Grigoris (2011) Locational Returns to Human Capital Levels: The Case of black African and black Caribbean Immigrants

Arjoon, Neelawattie (2011) Professional development for teachers' improvement and students' outcomes in elementary schools: Responses of teachers, coaches, and administrative staff

Arocho, Justin M (2011) Modeling Moral Disgust in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Beaudin, Paul Michael (2011) “Kids know everything”: Educators of adolescents on student voice and curriculum evaluation

Becker, Thomas S (2011) John Finnis on the obligation to follow unjust law

Bekit, Ocbamariam (2011) Explaining Sub-Sahara Africa's recent economic growth acceleration

Benjamin, Daniel M (2011) The Means of Knowledge Acquisition Alters the Quality and Heeding of Advice

Berry, Courtney C (2011) Clinical factors related to and predictive of psychiatric inpatient length of stay

Bickford, Michael S (2011) John H. Westerhoff III: A humanistic and historical analysis of his impact on religious education

Blatt, Heather (2011) Creating the medieval reader: Old media, new media, and textual interactivity, 1380–1500

Boler, Michael (2011) Gnomes in Bacchylides

Bovino, Linda Ann (2011) Evaluating the achievement of elementary students in general and special education classrooms: An alternative assessment

Brand, Jesse G (2011) Emotion processing bias in depressed and anxious epilepsy patients

Brand, Joseph (2011) The Relationship of Anxiety Symptoms and Swine Flu Fears

Brecht, Mara (2011) Take the epistemology of interreligious dialogue seriously: Belief, religious diversity, and interreligious dialogue as a virtuous doxastic practice

Brigatti, Ludovica Cecilia Maria (2011) White racial identity, friendship group diversity, and multicultural tolerance as predictors of white college students' interpersonal adjustment

Burger, Claudia (2011) Can attitudes toward immigrants be shaped using a prime?

Campbell, Ruth (2011) Factors Related to the Implementation of Best Practices in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders by Social Workers

Carrell, Julia Louise (2011) Cognitive pretesting of goal statements in math: Responses from middle-school students

Casabianca, Jodi M (2011) Loglinear smoothing for the latent trait distribution: A two-tiered evaluation

Cashman, Matthew Joseph (2011) Biochemical Quality of Stream Periphyton as Affected by Light and Nutrient Availability

Chai, Angie Yuyoung (2011) The use of bibliotherapy in natural environments to develop social skills in young children

Chajewski, Michael (2011) MLE vs. Bayesian item exposure in non-cognitive type adaptive assessments with restricted item pools: Trait estimation, item selection and reliability

Chernack, Glen Michael (2011) Student attribution of teacher affect in contexts of behavioral and academic failure

Chiu, Bit-Shing Abraham (2011) "Yin-Yang" interplay: A renewed formation program for the Catholic seminary in China

Cosgrove, Tammy (2011) Central office and union presidents' perspectives on course approvals for teachers' salary advancement

Costello, Thomas Anthony (2011) Achievement goals, interest, study strategies, and academic achievement

Crerar, Allison Marie (2011) Predicting career interests from problem-solving style with high school students

Culot, Brian E (2011) Response to intervention: The principals' role in managing, implementing, and evaluating this educational reform for students in need

Deavel, David P (2011) Under judgment: The possibility of damnation in the thought of John Henry Newman

Dewan, Smita Ekka (2011) Patterns of Service Utilization among Pre-Certified Victims of Human Trafficking

Dole, Tia Ruth (2011) Intergenerational transmission of trauma in African immigrants

Domfeh-Boateng, Joseph (2011) An inquiry into the selection and spiritual formation of Catholic public school lay principals in Ghana

Dorfman, Ava (2011) A study of the acute effects of chemotherapy on neurocognitive function among pediatric cancer patients

Dorinson, Paula Michelle (2011) The role of social support on the mental health status of adolescents exposed to traumatic events on September 11

Dunleavy, Carole-Ann Sheils (2011) Mobility of assistant principals: Examining their roles, accomplishments, and aspirations

Effiong, Noel Basil (2011) Religious education for environmental awareness: A new approach for fostering sustainable development

Fanneh, Momodou Mustapha (2011) The effects of foreign direct investment (FDI) and free trade agreements (FTAS) on bilateral trade

Ferragutcasas, Núria (2011) Local Campaigns with Low Budgets. A Comparison Between Catalonia and New York State

Ferrera, Taryn Sarstedt (2011) Personal performance goal orientation, classroom goal structure, persistence, and self-handicapping in the classroom

Ferri, Lucia Victoria (2011) A comparison of conceptual models of depression and anxiety in Chinese Americans and European Americans and the role of culture

Fischer, Greer Frances (2011) School reform for 21st-century skills under the No Child Left Behind accountability system: Perceptions of superintendents

Foellmi, Mélodie Christelle (2011) Assessing Risk for Recidivism in Individuals Convicted of Stalking Offenses: The Guidelines of Stalking Assessment and Management (SAM) and Contextual Risk Factors for Stalking

Foley, Kristen (2011) Webisodes: The Evolution of Television in the Digital Age

Fortugno, Dominick Avelino (2011) A meta-analysis of three interventions for autistic spectrum disorders

Fraser, Felicia (2011) Associations between aggression, executive functioning, and suicidality in adults with psychotic disorders

Fuentes, Armando (2011) Neurocognitive and Sociocultural Factors Impacting Medication Beliefs Among HIV-Positive Latinos

Gabor, Gary Thomas (2011) ‘Carving nature at its joint’: The Platonic method of division in Plato, Aristotle, and their Neoplatonic commentators

Gallagher-Ross, Susan (2011) Predictors of posttraumatic growth in breast cancer survivors: An analysis of hardiness, attachment, and cognitive appraisal

Genzmer, KC (2011) Preschoolers' ability to compare numbers

Green, David (2011) Spiritual Transcendence as Moderator of the Relationship Between Psychological Mindedness and Self-Actualization

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Roxas, Adela S (2011) The relationships of psychological mindedness and religious coping to psychological distress and adjustment in high-school adolescents

Sachs, Emily (2011) Assessing the impact of psychological distress on the daily functioning of refugees: Creating a high-risk symptom profile for disability among nonwestern trauma survivors

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Savage, John Paul (2011) Technography and the sociology of texts: Reading phenomena in the digital humanities

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Dissertations & Theses from 2010

Aaronson, Bethany Dawn (2010) Parental bonding memories, adult attachment, interpersonal problems, and perceptions of maternal depression

Acevedo, Maria (2010) Cognitive flexibility and planning skills as predictors of social-academic resilience in Hispanic-American elementary school children

Alexandrovna, Ekaterina (2010) Using New Media Effectively: An Analysis of Barack Obama's Election Campaign Aimed at Young Americans

Atkins, Richard Kenneth (2010) Successful Perceiving

Austin, John Vernon (2010) Leading the arts: Skills and competencies of performing arts school leaders

Barglow, Jesse (2010) Examining the Functions and Forms of Aggression in Adolescents Using the Person-Centered Approach

Barsdorf, Alexandra I (2010) The Relationship of Illness Representations to Caregivers' Representations and to Self-Concept in Youths with Juvenile Arthritis

Benners, George Anthony (2010) Exploring the influences of individual differences and school context on learning mathematics in high school: A multilevel latent growth analysis of mathematical reasoning skills

Benowitz, Alison Joy (2010) Social competence of students with learning disabilities using a risk-resilience model

Birenbaum, Maija (2010) Virtuous vengeance: Anti-Judaism and Christian piety in medieval England

Borzellieri, Frank (2010) Who Believes in Roswell?

Bulbika-King, Ilze (2010) Embracing the dance: Integrating spirituality and sexuality in single young adult women

Cacciatore, Mark Gerard (2010) Hybrid literacy: Face -to -face and online learning in a high school English language arts class

Capra, Raymond Louis (2010) A Commentary on Ibycus of Rhegium

Chamberlain, Stephen B (2010) Thomist realism and the hermeneutic turn: A study of intentionality, signs, and language

Cho, Seongho (2010) Preparing Korean Evangelical Holiness Church ministers for effective leadership: The influences of the seminary experience

Cruz-Katz, Spencer (2010) The Abbreviated Dysregulation Inventory: Examining the Factor Structure and Testing the Associations with Adolescent Aggression

Das, Sudarshana (2010) Role-taking in small book-discussion groups by first -grade boys in a single-gender school

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Delucchi, Giovanna Rita (2010) An evaluation of an after -school program for low -income elementary and middle school students

Densen, Laurie Ann Volpe (2010) Inside the reading class of a student diagnosed with autism: An investigation into reading instructional practices

Dietrich, Eileen Joy (2010) Leading Classical Christian Schools: Job satisfaction, job efficacy, and career aspirations

DiPopolo, Julie (2010) Evaluating body modification as a social stigma: Using Latent Class Analysis to determine dimensions of stigmatization

Domingo, Jelia Roxanne (2010) Literacy instruction orientation and practices, and self-efficacy in teachers

Dominguez, Alvaro Cure (2010) The Influence of Sex, Season, and Habitat Restoration on Travel Distance and Home Range Size in Bog Turtles (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) in New York State

Douglass, Sara Elizabeth (2010) Essentialism of Race: A Pilot Study

Durdock, Joseph Gregory (2010) Analysis of the Optimum Capital Structure of the Firm under Arbitrage, Agency and Asymmetric Information Theories

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Ellis, Lauren Marie (2010) Negotiating identity development among undocumented immigrant students

Epstein, Jennifer L (2010) Dissolved Organic Matter Supply and Processing in Streams of Westchester County, NY

Erdheim, Cara Elana (2010) The greening of American naturalism

Eschenauer, Donna Sassi (2010) The Paschal Triduum: A Roman Catholic way of teaching how to live and how to die

Eschenauer, Donna Sassi (2010) The Paschal Triduum: A Roman Catholic way of teaching how to live and how to die

Fealy, Erin Marie (2010) Explicit instruction of graphic organizers as an informational text reading comprehension strategy: Third-grade students' strategies and perceptions

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Goodman, Sabrina Jill (2010) Perceptions of parent and child attachment in parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Green, Debbie (2010) Utility of cognitive malingering measures in a forensic psychiatric sample

Guiney, Meaghan Curran (2010) School psychologists' sense of efficacy for consultation

Hernández, Andrés Enrique Zamora (2010) Militarization and Media in Venezuela: A Study of Hugo Chávez's War Language

Hibri, Wael A (2010) Education, gender bias and economic growth: Estimating the full income impact of educating women

Horan, Jacqueline M (2010) The Influence of Conduct Problems and Callous-Unemotional Traits on Relational and Academic Development Among Youth

Howey, Keith Alan (2010) The Effect of Military Service on Social Supports and Veteran Homelessness

Hromulak, Virginia (2010) Consecrating the romantic pen: Hemans and Abdy in the literary annual

Hubbard, Kyle Philip (2010) “Who then are you, my god?”: Augustine of Hippo and Jean-Luc Marion and the nature and possibility of loving God

Hunt, James Michael (2010) Constantius II in the Ecclesiastical Historians

Iroh, Anthony (2010) Moral action decision process: Using multiple constructs to predict adolescents' moral action choices

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Kuriakose, Geena (2010) Differentiating between typically and atypically developing child populations: A microanalysis of the children's Draw-a-Clock test

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Lake, Sean Edward (2010) Literary Parody in Ovid's “Metamorphoses”

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Ledford, Eileen M (2010) Young black single mothers and the parenting problematic: The Church as model of family and as educator

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Leon, Cesar Augusto (2010) Racial identity, perceived barriers, coping efficacy, and career indecision among African American adolescents

Levin, Scott Anthony (2010) Impossible purposes: Re-examining Romantic poetry as theory

Lim, Ingul (2010) Poverty and maternal child maltreatment: The mediating roles of psychological distress and social support

Lucas, Hakim Jabez (2010) Not for ourselves alone: The legacies of two pioneers of Black higher educational institutions in the United States

MacMillan, Thalia (2010) Association between comorbid anxiety disorders and function in depressed mothers: Does this differ by race?

Marcelino, Leanne C (2010) Asymmetry and Endogeneity in Emerging Market Interest Response to U.S. Monetary Surprises

Maynard, Emily Woodman (2010) Measuring Spiritual Well-Being Among Cancer Patients: Does the FACIT-SP Measure Spirituality, Well-Being, or Both?

McDonough, Anne Alana (2010) The Relationship Between Fatty Acid Composition, Torpor, and the Evolution of Seed Hoarding in Mammals

Medete, Lorah Basolile (2010) Regional Integration and FDI: A focus on Customs Unions

Misurell, Justin R (2010) Clinical efficacy of a game-based cognitive-behavioral therapy group program for children who have been sexually abused and maltreated

Modi, Kamla D (2010) Positive developmental experiences through sports participation for adolescent girls

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Murray, Jennifer Wells (2010) A Study of Intraday Volatility Trading Utilizing High Frequency Data and the Microstructure Effects of Implementation

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Ngo, Hong (2010) Stigma and Subjective Social Status Among Chinese Americans with Schizophrenia and Their Relatives

Numatsi, Adjoa K (2010) Stochastic Volatility Model with Jumps in Returns and Volatility: Performance and Implementation

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Oh, Hyun Kyung (2010) Freedom of Speech in New Media Ecology: Difference Between Traditional News Media and Online News Media in Describing 'Minerva Scandal' in South Korea

Osenbach, Janyce E (2010) Video Games in Education: A Meta-Analysis

Panik, Meredith Anne (2010) Dispositional empathic concern, gender, level of experience, teacher efficacy, attributions of controllability and teacher affect

Paul, Laury Kelly (2010) Self-regulation, physician-patient working alliance, and HIV treatment adherence in HIV infected adults: A mediation model

Polverino, Alexa Mary (2010) Examining the roles of identity processing styles and self-perceptions of aging on well-being in later life

Pratt, Tia Noelle (2010) Finding a Place at the Table: Identity Formation Among African-American Catholics

Roelle, Robert Jay (2010) Better school superintendents, more effective principals? A study of the relationship between superintendent leadership practices and principal job satisfaction

Rogers, Nancy Louise (2010) Poetic revelation: The relationship between parallelism and metaphor in biblical Hebrew poetry

Rohlehr, Lia N (2010) The Assessment of Malingered Incompetence to Stand Trial Using ECST-R

Roman, Marco D (2010) Nurturing a living, explicit, and fruitful profession of faith: The Baptismal Catechumenate as a comprehensive Christian formation

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Ross, Randi A (2010) The Ghost in James, Pangborn, and Wharton: A Shifting Trope in an Era of Shifting Philosophies

Rotter, Batya S (2010) Student-Teacher Relationship Quality and Students' Emotional Engagement in School, Depressive Symptoms and Social Competence in Middle Childhood

Saez, Pedro A (2010) The impact of sociocultural factors on nonverbal neuropsychological test performance amoung Hispanic epilepsy patients

Samaraweera, Leleesha (2010) MicroRNAs Regulate Differentiation and Tumorigenicity of Neuroblastoma Cells

Sapio, Melissa (2010) Mastery goal orientation, hope, and effort among students with learning disabilities

Schatten, Heather T (2010) Do Individuals with Asperger's Syndrome Also Have Alexithymia?

Shi, Ningtao (2010) Fusion Analysis of Information Retrieval Models on Biomedical Collections

Siebert, Megan Elizabeth (2010) Examining a model of latent family functioning among familes utilizing Early Head Start services

Skoufalos, Nicoletta C (2010) The development of Bulimia Nervosa: A psychological phenomenological analysis

Staab, Patricia Louise (2010) Examination of high school adolescent discourse during Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings through the lens of self -determination

Stark-Adler, Brielle (2010) Religious affiliation and intimacy task appraisal during emerging adulthood: A comparison of Orthodox and Reform Jewish women

Sussman, Adam Victor (2010) Dangerous Choices: Government & Political Risk in the 2008 Financial Crisis

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Yan, Duanli (2010) Investigation of optimal design and scoring for adaptive multii-stage testing: A tree-based regression approach

Zuckerman, Derek John (2010) Student perceptions of campus safety: How the university community may make a difference

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Dissertations & Theses from 2009

Acheampong, Lucy (2009) An inquiry into the leadership experiences of African American women principals in Catholic schools

Adunchezor, Christopher Chetuya (2009) The Church and the marriage rite in Awka Town, Nigeria: The okuku-onye-uwa controversy

Alexander, Renee Tura (2009) The effects of college mentoring programs on academic performance, program satisfaction, and predicting students' future involvement

Altenhofen, Brian J (2009) Selling Power and Happiness: A Philosophy of Advertising

Amandikwa, Anselm Azubike (2009) Agwa bu mma: Character formation as the principal goal of traditional education (toward a balanced educational framework for the Igbo people of Nigeria)

Androsiglio, Ryan James (2009) Workplace climate, job stress, and burnout among gay men

Arentoft, Alyssa (2009) Cognitive Reserve in HIV: The Impact of Premorbid Verbal and Non-Verbal Performance on Longitudinal Neuropsychological Outcomes

Badaracco, Irene Frances (2009) Combined cognitive-code and content-based teaching dimensions and the written accuracy and fluency of ESL students

Baechle, Carl Francis (2009) A reappraisal of the Christology of St. Justin Martyr

Billotti, Shari (2009) Achievement goals, engagement and achievement of African American and White middle school students

Brady-Amoon, Margaret (2009) The association between self-efficacy and self-rated abilities and college students' adjustment and academic performance

Brooks, Jeneve R (2009) The silent soundtrack: Anti-war music from Vietnam to Iraq

Brumbaugh, Julia Hagen (2009) Yves Congar's theology of tradition as a resource for a feminist theological response to the crisis of master narratives

Caolo, Rosemary Deborah (2009) “I lost all principles all morals”*: A case study analysis of the personal documents of a sexually abused adolescent female through the feminist lens of Gilligan's moral development theory

Cavanaugh, Catherine S (2009) Students' interactions with teachers, peers, and texts in a second-grade inclusion classroom: A critical ethnography

Charles, Sophine (2009) Professional integrity, modern racism, self -esteem, and universality-diversity orientation of police officers in a large urban police agency

Chuaprapaisilp, Thethach (2009) Macroeconometrics of investment and the user cost of capital

Collins, Aisha (2009) Toward a More Comprehensive Understanding and Operationalization of Mindfulness

Cook, Ronel Eugene (2009) Magnet schools and educational choice: How do families decide?

Crowell, Jessica Kathleen (2009) The Umbilical Cord: Corrections, Connections, and the Role of Media in America's Prisons

Czander, Giovanna Raengo (2009) “You are my witnesses”: A theological approach to the laws of testimony

Czechowski, Tara Elizabeth (2009) Conjurors, wanderers and rebels: Women and slave resistance in late eighteenth-century British writing

Daddona, Karen (2009) An investigation of working memory ability, executive functioning and judgment of learning in obsessive-compulsive disorder

D'Amore, Lois (2009) The feminization of Catholic higher education in historically male institutions

Dandrow, Gina Marie (2009) Traditional Arts School Versus Liberal Arts School: A Study of Student Expectations and Outcomes

Dearie, John Conner (2009) Brutus in Three Formats: How Media Shape History

DeBellis, Lisa M (2009) The Effects of Participation in Advocacy on Youth Civic Efficacy and Civic-Political Attitudes

DeFeo, Joseph Anthony (2009) Old wine in new skin: Ignatian pedagogy, compatible with and contributing to Jesuit higher education

Doran-Cunningham, Jacquelyn (2009) Empirical validation of a model of social competence and aggression for adolescents

Doyle, Jason S (2009) Serving on local school boards: A New York State study on relationships, motivation, and purpose

Economos, Ariane (2009) Intellectus and induction: Three Aristotelian commentators on the cognition of first principles, including an original translation of John Buridan's “Quaestiones in duos Aristotelis libros posteriorum analyticorum”

Ellis-Hernandez, Katherine Dorothy (2009) Condom self-efficacy, HIV knowledge and understanding, perceived peer sexual behavior, and condom use among sexually active adolescents

Feldman, Lindsay G (2009) Department Climate and IRB Influences on Mentoring the Responsible Conduct of Graduate Research in Psychology

Ferrer, Aramina Vega (2009) Linguistic, social, and cultural factors influencing literacy development and academic achievement of Puerto Rican students in elementary school

Fletcher, Jason (2009) Detecting differential item functioning (DIF) in the diabetes risk perception survey (RPS-DM)

Fontan, Gerardo (2009) The association between psychological well -being and the stages of behavior change in substance abuse recovery

Galarneau, Joy Elizabeth (2009) A feminist interpretation of Pinchas Lapide's Jewish theology of Christianity as a model for Christian self -understanding

Glover, Robyn (2009) Cultural, familial, peer, and cognitive predictors of black and white college student drinking

Gorgorian, Alina (2009) Acculturation gap -distress hypothesis applied to Armenian Americans in Glendale, California

Graybill, Arjan (2009) Spiritual wellness as a protective factor in predicting depression among mothers of children with autism spectrum disorders

Grossman, Sharon (2009) Chronic disorganization, self-efficacy, and coping as predictors of depressive symptoms in women

Gruner, Patricia (2009) Neuropsychological functioning in obsessive-compulsive disorder: A comparison of patients with and without a history of tics

Hajizadeh, Neda (2009) The relationship between acculturation, intergenerational family conflict, and late adolescent psychological adjustment in Asian Indian college students

Hall, H. Ashley (2009) Philipp Melanchthon and the Cappadocians: The reception of Greek patristic sources in the sixteenth century

Hazra, Orla O'Reilly (2009) Evoking the spirit to practice religiously: Somatic and narrative ways of knowing for transformative learning in a living tradition

Hollander, Brenda (2009) Religious affiliation and self -regulated learning strategies among Modern Orthodox Jewish female adolescents

Huber, Lynn (2009) Social justice, critical literacy, and young children: Peer conversations and teacher facilitation through literature

Hu, Bojun (2009) Significant Personal Change: A Phenomenological Understanding

Ianniello, Peter (2009) Concerns, uses, and reflections of teachers in a hybrid teacher education program

Ibarra, Luz M (2009) The philosophy of education of Jacques Maritain and religious education

Jacobs, Andrew (2009) The creative power of the future: Wolfhart Pannenberg, modern science, and the metaphysics of divine action

Janssen, A. M (2009) Transgressive Dasein: An applied ontology of sex and gender

Jaradi, Kavita Pinakin (2009) Analysis of the Bordeaux red wine industry using the hedonic pricing model

Jeudy, Magdala Lissa (2009) A Brave New World: The Affirmation of the Human Being Over Technology

Kang, Angela Eun (2009) Attachment, family conflict, and vocational self -concept in the career indecision of Asian Americans

Kenton, Gary S (2009) Transmission and Transgression: The Presentation of Rock 'N' Roll on Television

King, Sean (2009) Differential Item Functioning Using Item Response Theory for an Algebra Test

Kintanar, Kristine Angela Uy (2009) On the duration of large current account imbalances

Kolva, Elissa (2009) Anxiety in Terminally Ill Cancer Patients

Komninos, Thalia (2009) Prosocial behavior as a moderator of the relationship between spirituality and subjective well-being

Konopka, Adam Christopher (2009) An introduction to Husserl's phenomenology of Umwelt: Reconsidering the Natur/Geist distinction toward an environmental philosophy

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Larsson, Eric Karl (2009) Simulation training of boat handling: Contributions of problem solving style, spatial ability, and visualization

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Nwele, Chrysogonus Onye (2009) Fatherhood and a child's education: Exploring the effects of a father's absence on the social, moral, and religious lives of children

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Dissertations & Theses from 2008

Abbey, Jennifer G (2008) Communication about end -of -life topics between terminally ill cancer patients and their family members

Adelberg, Joel S (2008) The role of the teachers' union in the education reform debate from the perspective of the union membership

Amakawa, Lia (2008) Desire for Hastened Death in Palliative Care Patients with Advanced Aids and Cancer: A Comparison of Prevalence and Predictors

Amato, Heather Cunha (2008) A qualitative investigation of the psychological experiences of recurrent miscarriage among women

Anushko, Andrea Elizabeth (2008) Multi-domain predictors of trajectories of language development in early childhood

Augemberg, Konstantin (2008) Values and politics: Value priorities as predictors of psychological and instrumental political engagement

Barish, Lois Siederer (2008) Leading in science: Teachers' perceptions of their principal's supervisory effectiveness

Basilious, Raynolds (2008) Prophetic ministry in India: Empowering priestly and religious formation through religious education

Becker, David (2008) The question of coherence in Schopenhauer's system: An examination of the doctrine of the Will's self -overcoming

Belcher, Katherine Renee (2008) The Use of Public Assistance by Employed Mothers Following Childbirth: A Multivariate Analysis of the Effects of Unpaid Maternity Leave

Bennett, Jennifer Kathleen (2008) The impact of the physician-patient working alliance and attachment on lupus treatment outcomes

Berzins, Peter (2008) Therapeutic alliance as a predictor of psychotherapy process and outcome: The role of expert versus novice raters

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Bolt, Nicholas (2008) The Impact of Academic Emotions on Academic Achievement at the Elementary School Level

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Borman, David A (2008) The organization of enlightenment: Habermas, socialization, and the possibility of autonomy

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Byfield, Natalie Patricia (2008) The construction of the Central Park Jogger Story: Racial consciousness in America at the turn of the 21st century

Carrigan, Michael Dennis (2008) On becoming a professional: The experience of novice teachers in professional learning communities

Carrique, Matthew (2008) The Mass Media Audience: Citizens or Consumers? Did the Mainstream Press Work to Serve the Interests of the Public or the Corporate Ownership's Bottom Line While Covering the 2008 Presidential Primaries?

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Colvin, Regina Brady (2008) Forming Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Within the Paradigm of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Comerchero, Victoria (2008) Gender, tenure status, teacher efficacy, perfectionism and teacher burnout

Coppola, Al (2008) "In fine, you'l apprehend it better when you see it": Satires of science on the Restoration and eighteenth-century stage

Costabile, M. Audrey (2008) China's new millennium financial liberalization programs: Economic risks to the Chinese retail investor

Das, Robin R (2008) The place of Werner Stark in American sociology: A study in marginality

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Donnelly, Michael J (2008) Political Party Positions on Regional Integration Schemes

Dryden, Jane (2008) Relational autonomy: Bridging a gap between feminism and German Idealism

Durand, Sarah Rebecca (2008) Deaf identity, career-related self-efficacy, and perception of career barriers of deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals

Edwards, Claudia La'Vern (2008) Building civic capacity: A strategy for improving public education in communities with high concentrations of minority students

Elgendy, Suzanne (2008) The Influence of Parents' Social Support on Parenting Practices and Children's Aggressive Social Cognitions

Farkas, Melanie R (2008) Ability of malingering measures to differentiate simulated versus genuine mental retardation

Ferreira, Luisa (2008) Stranger in the house: The death of Cathleen ni Houlihan

Gaines, Carl Amos (2008) Population structure and species relationships within Right whales (genus Eubalaena) and gray whales (genus Eschrichtius) based on molecular analysis and use of historical samples

Gandt, Lois (2008) A philological and theological analysis of the ancient Latin translations of the “Vita Antonii”

Garcia, Nerina (2008) Differential predictors of subjective well-being in a Latino clinical sample

Garrison, Heather (2008) Adolescents' perceptions of the sociocultural construct of disability when responding to literature: “Of Mice and Men”

Gelpi, Miguel David (2008) Jesuit high schools as communities of character

Germano, Kaori Kubo (2008) The Relation Between Graduate Student Socialization in the Responsible Conduct of Research and Moral Reasoning Abilities

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Greatrex, Caitlin Ann (2008) The credit default swap market's determinants, efficiency, and relationship to the stock market

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Hassenstab, Jason (2008) A longitudinal study of the impact of the metabolic syndrome on cognition and brain volumes in normal aging

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Johansen, Scott Allen (2008) Cognitive features, self-management, and disability level associated with chronic back pain

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Katz, David Ira (2008) Leadership development among participants in a counselor-in-training program

Kenney, Thomas V (2008) Shandymania: Class, religion, and constupration in the pamphlet responses to “Tristram Shandy”

Kozhan-Gorodetska, Marianne (2008) Courtesan Blogs: A Study of Anonymous Confession in the Online Environment

Kurstedt, Rosanne L (2008) A study of fifth -grade teachers' grade -level meetings: The complexities of teachers' group work

Kustanowitz, Ilana Edelman (2008) Characteristics of emerging adults who participate in community service activities

Lauckhardt, James W (2008) Youth Media Use and Attitudes About Politics

Leon, Rosamaria (2008) A third-grade bilingual classroom in an urban elementary school

Lin, Sarah Anne (2008) The imposter phenomenon among high-achieving women of color: Are worldview, collective self-esteem and multigroup ethnic identity protective?

Lo, Graciete (2008) Chinese Immigrants' Causal Attributions of Control About Schizophrenia and Their Mentally Ill Relatives' Experiences of Stigma

Mahoney, Brian (2008) The Private School Headship: Leadership Choices Among Aspiring, New, and Experienced Heads

Ma, Qiang (2008) A Graph-Based Collaborative Approach to Recommender Systems

Markarian, Yeraz (2008) Trauma Symptoms and Distress in Cancer Survivors: The Role of Prior Trauma and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

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Mendoza, Ronald U (2008) Was the Asian Crisis a Wake-up Call? Foreign Reserves as Self-protection

Miller, Keva M (2008) Mental health trajectories of children and adolescents in the child welfare system who have mothers involved with the criminal justice system

Miyawaki, Michael Hajime (2008) The Effects of Skin Color on the Marital Assimilation of Latinos in the United States

Morath, Shannon Uriel (2008) The Effect of Alternative Floral Resources on the Pollination of Cucumbers (Cucumis Sativus) in New York City Community Gardens

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Mussi, Jennifer Marie (2008) Does mission matter? Exploring the relationship between the mission of Jesuit higher education and new student affairs professionals

Newcomb, Mark Anthony (2008) The ark and the covenant: Edmund Bonner and Nicholas Ridley on ecclesiology and the promotion of scripture in sixteenth-century England

Nienhaus, Cynthia A (2008) Transformation of the World: Covenant -Centric Christian Religious Education

Obasi, Pauline Modestus (2008) Service-learning as building adolescents' relationships to their community: An exploratory case study of Catholic Academy

Ozsoz, Emre (2008) Bank profitability in dollarized economies

Packman, Sheryl Faith (2008) Relationship between psychological characteristics and performance in professional football

Palermo, Carol Marie (2008) Eighth-grade students' reading performance in print and hypertext social studies environments

Papsdorf, Joshua David (2008) Ambrosiaster's theological anthropology: Nature, law and grace in the commentaries on the Pauline epistles and the “Quaestiones veteris et novi testamenti CXXVII”

Parvey, Magda Carmelle (2008) Teacher assistants in classrooms and schools: Roles, collaboration, and responsibilities

Perera, Pillaliyanage George (2008) How computer -related technology is incorporated into instructional methods and objectives in the secondary school classroom

Pisciella, Aelesia E (2008) Estimating effects of participation in parental leave on children's and mothers' well-being

Platnick Rubel, Deborah (2008) Perceived classmate, teacher, and parent support and self -regulated learning skills during middle school

Plugh, Michael (2008) Progressive Political Identity Construction in Web-Based Social Network Environments

Przytula, Donald R (2008) Who is supervising the high school counselor? Analysis of job self-efficacy, job satisfaction and role analysis

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Raynis Meeker, Cathleen Marie (2008) Understanding lay and religious presidents: Implications for preparation to sustain Catholicity in Catholic higher education

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Schneck, Kenneth Michael (2008) That's so gay.: Deconstructing the word gay and its place in the daily parlance of high school students

Seixas, Azizi (2008) Menace to Society: An Investigation of Peer Level Risk and Protective Factors in Male Delinquency

Shaw, Emily Jennifer (2008) The reading and writing self -efficacy beliefs of students with discrepant reading and writing performance

Siebert, Megan (2008) Impact of Family Poverty and Early Care Experiences

Sinanan, Allison Nadia (2008) The impact of child, family and child protective services factors on reports of child sexual abuse recurrence

Slitt, Rebecca (2008) Aristocratic male friendship in the Anglo -Norman world, 1066–1300

Soffer, Ariella (2008) Achievement goal theory and self -efficacy theory: Predicting the psychological effects of a New York Road Runners Foundation running program

Solazzo, Lisa Anne (2008) The role of gender, cognition, anxiety, and competence beliefs in predicting mathematics achievement

Spiewak, Gabriel (2008) Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior to Adolescent Volunteerism in a Religious, Jewish Population

Stern, Sarah Emily (2008) The effects of parent and adolescent efficacy measures on achievement among urban, single parent, ethnic minority families

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Tennenbaum, Erica Anne (2008) A qualitative investigation of the psychological effects of recurrent miscarriage on male partners

Terzini-Hollar, Michelle (2008) Daily hassles, coping, and acculturation as predictors of psychological well-being among Korean-American adolescents

Thoma, Nathan (2008) Is an Eclectic Use of Techniques in Psychotherapy the Exception or the Rule? A National Survey of Doctoral-Level Practitioners

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Tumminia, Andrew (2008) Threats from without, within, and below: Catholic commodities and early modern English anti-popery

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Ugwoji, Matthew C (2008) Interreligious relations and solidarity: Contextualizing the vision of Francis Cardinal Arinze for religious education in Nigeria

Varley, Maureen Ann (2008) Teachers' and administrators' perceptions of authentic assessment at a career and technical education center

Weiner, Elliot (2008) The Experimental Induction of Depersonalization and Derealization in Individuals with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Weiss, Rebecca (2008) Cross-Cultural Validity in Malingering Assessment: The Dot Counting Test in a Rural Indian Sample

Young, Stephen Michael (2008) Life in the middle: Analysis of the role and satisfaction of district subject supervisors

Zahora, Tomas (2008) The tropological universe: Alexander Neckam's encyclopedias and the natures of things at the turn of the thirteenth century

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Dissertations & Theses from 2007

Abdelmessih, Sherif (2007) How Does Race Impact the Differential Diagnosis of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder in Black and White Patients?

Abou Hamia, Mohamad Ahmad (2007) Currency substitution and dollarization in Lebanon: Elasticity of substitution, capital mobility and hysteresis

Ackerman, Robert Steven (2007) Genetic engineering: A fundamental moral approach

Ai, Jizhou (2007) Video Target Tracking Using Combinatorial Fusion Analysis

Allan, Lauren (2007) Training administrators to observe and evaluate teachers: Implementation of a teacher observation and evaluation program

Andindilile, Michael (2007) Reimagining African communities: Achebe, Ngũgĩ, Gordimer, Farah and the Anglophone African novel

Arroyo, Christopher (2007) Kant and Husserl on moral obligation and emotions

Arulsamy, Antony (2007) A vision for family religious education for Christian families in India

Arzola, Fernando (2007) A new conceptual framework of Christian education for Evangelicals: Reappropriating historically orthodox teachings and practices of the early Church

Bacatan, Francisco (Sebastian) P. (2007) An analysis of the Daytop therapeutic community using Maria Harris's koinonia curriculum: Implications for the religious education of youth

Barish, Lois Siederer (2007) Leading in Science: Teachers' Perceptions of Their Principal's Supervisory Effectiveness

Behrend, Kathy Cosgrove (2007) Understanding domestic violence in gay male relationships: Personality, internalized homophobia, and intention to stay or leave

Belizaire, Lonette Sephora (2007) Attachment, coping, acculturative stress, and quality of life among Haitian immigrants

Bird, Warren (2007) Megachurches as spectator religion: Using social network theory and free -rider theory to understand the spiritual vitality of America's largest -attendance churches

Bishop, Bardford Harrison (2007) Environmental Attitudes and the Vote

Blake-Hudson, Carlene (2007) Unions and faculty senates: A cross-case analysis of governance within private universities

Bopaiah, Minal (2007) Comparing Punjabi and Tibetan Torture Survivors

Boring, Michael Devon (2007) Kierkegaard, Levinas, and Derrida: Religious subjectivity in postmodernity

Bortone, Joanne M (2007) Critical thinking and evidence -based practice in problem -based learning tutorial groups: A critical case study

Brand, Jesse Gabriel (2007) Emotional Recognition as a Function of Personality in Epilepsy

Brereton, Andrew (2007) The sensus fidelium and the sacramentality of the teaching church: A model based on the theology of Louis -Marie Chauvet

Brummett, Bradley Roger (2007) Attachment style, early maladaptive schemas, coping self -efficacy, therapy alliance and their influence on addiction severity in methadone -maintenance treatment

Burgoon, Erica L (2007) Cognitive variables as moderators in the relationship between obsessive compulsive symptoms and attention and memory deficits

Calamari, Michael (2007) New evidence on monetary policy expectations and optimal asset allocation

Calvi, Sandra Josephine (2007) Searching for the democratic ideal: A theoretical study of the history, spirituality, and ethics of the United States educational system

Caro, Donna Marie (2007) The relationship between temperament and personality over time and across the generations

Carol, Michele Lyn (2007) Well-being, spirituality, and hope as predictors of parenting sense of competence in mothers of children with autism

Carr, W. Amory (2007) Prediction of working alliance in post -release mentally ill offenders

Castro, Vincent Edward (2007) The Effect of Co-teaching on Academic Achievement of K–2 Students with and without Disabilities in Inclusive and Noninclusive Classrooms

Celmer, David Stephen (2007) Fear, organizational learning, and groupthink in the small work group

Chinchilla, Priscilla (2007) Comorbidity as a moderator of process -outcome relations in individual and family therapy for adolescent substance abuse

Chin, Erica M (2007) The role of disgust in blood -injury -injection phobia

Cine, Syriaque (2007) The relationships between the Montfort secondary schools in Haiti and the extended communities within the Montfort charism: An exploratory study

Clark, Lisa Ruby (2007) Reconstructing Childhood: The Impact of Media on the Nature of Childhood

Cobb, Charles Anthony (2007) Segregation, desegregation, and race: A case study of the Englewood, New Jersey public school district, 1962–2000

Cohall, Kirkpatrick George (2007) Being a Baptist pastor in America: A national survey of role contribution, satisfaction, efficacy, and longevity

Cole, Daniel (2007) Indian questions: Native American writing in response to removal

Cox, Kathryn Mary Lilla (2007) Karl Rahner's theology of concupiscence and the role of affect in normative theory: A contemporary dialogue

DePorto, Darlene (2007) Postseparation stalking experienced by battered women within the context of domestic violence: A phenomenological analysis

Desai, Miraj U (2007) A Stranger to the System: An Investigation of Congruence Among the Lived Experiences, Scientific Conceptualizations, and Treatment Models of Mental Disorders

Dixon-Roman, Ezekial Juma (2007) The mystery of inequity: Modeling the influence of intergenerational access on intellective competence

Dorfman, Ava Beth (2007) Autistic Symptomology and Cognitive Functioning in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Dunn, Caroline S (2007) Damsels in distress or partners in crime? The abduction of women in medieval England

Edwards, Maureen Susan (2007) Special education administrators and child study team members: An exploration of the relationship leading to state compliance

Ewing, Maureen (2007) Using multilevel modeling to predict performance on Advanced Placement examinations

Fernandez, Erbin (2007) Catechesis in the Archdiocese of Singapore: A multiple case study of emerging forms

Ferraro, Nicole Terese (2007) Intertextuality as a Manipulative Marketing Tactic: A Study of Televised Advertisements

Florek, Agnieszka (2007) The Power of Personality of Three Leaders - Lech Walesa, Bill Clinton, and Madeleine Albright - As the Decisive Dynamics Behind the 1999 NATO Enlargement Including Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary

Fox, Brian P (2007) Characterization of the receptor tyrosine kinase EphB6 in breast cancer: Its potential as a diagnostic marker and its role in invasiveness

Fredericks, Carol Ann (2007) Analysis of New Jersey special education funding allocations: Student classification, placement, and cost

Fried, Adam L (2007) The relationship between treatment implementation factors and core CBT goals in adolescent substance abuse treatment

Galdi, Lisa Louise (2007) Factors that enable graduate students with visual disabilities to succeed in their educational pursuits

Gary, Gretchen Lee (2007) Changes in Plant Growth, Reproduction and Offspring Vigor with Increasing Distance from an Urban Center

Glading, Randall George (2007) How high school mentoring and internship programs prepare students for success after high school

Goodman, Nina Elisabeth (2007) Word -reading strategies: English -speaking first graders learning Hebrew as a second language

Grant, Camesha M (2007) Cultural competence: The role of cultural values in child welfare practice with African American families

Guzman, Caroline Maclaine (2007) Moral reasoning and truancy in early adolescence

Harari, Erez (2007) Measuring Religiosity in English-Speaking Orthodox Jews

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Urda, Kathleen Elizabeth (2007) Dangerous designs: The problem child and the evolution of plot in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century English literature

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Zhu, Jing (2007) Amino acids in the pore region of voltage-gated potassium channels dictate trafficking

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Dissertations & Theses from 2006

Alcee, Michael D (2006) Revitalizing a relational view of obsessive -compulsive disorder: Explicit and implicit measurement of the internal working models of OCD subjects

Alkalay, Leslie (2006) Profiling adolescent substance abusers by therapeutic alliance

Armstrong, Jonathan Joseph (2006) The role of the rule of faith in the formation of the New Testament canon according to Eusebius of Caesarea

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Bernstein, Dorrie (2006) The impact of implicit theories of intelligence on the motivation of students with learning challenges

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Bogard, Kimber Lee (2006) Testing a PK -3 Approach to education in three urban public schools

Bolge, Susan Catherine (2006) Caregiver's employment status, burden, coping strategies, and health: A study of adult females with a coresiding parent with Alzheimer's disease

Boyce, Keneca O (2006) Examining the risk factors to HIV/AIDS that serve as barriers to condom use among urban college women of color

Brady, Judith Ann (2006) Justice for the poor in a land of plenty: A place at the table

Brady, Loretta L. C (2006) Consistency of trauma narratives and descriptions of self among incarcerated women

Brown, Deloris Wallace Bennett (2006) The founding and evolution of a school for the Boys Choir of Harlem: Choir Academy of Harlem

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De Guzman, Noel P (2006) Exchange rate regime choice and the external sector

Deligiannakis, Tatiana (2006) Reinventing the Newspaper: How Newspapers Cover Breaking News in Age of 24-Hour Cable News Channels and the Internet

Dornfeld-Januzzi, JoAnne (2006) Adult perceptions of bullying by boys and girls in middle school

Ferreri, Anita Jane (2006) Learning to be writers: Similarities and differences in first graders' processes and products

Ford, Harold Alexander (2006) Categorizing statistic word problems

Franck, Suzanne E (2006) Humanity and nature in light of recent bishops' pastoral letters and trends in ecological theology

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Frisancho, Susana (2006) Individualism, communitarianism and the question of a communal morality in high school teachers

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Gill, Michael James (2006) Effective literacy and mathematics instruction, better student achievement: An evaluative study of after -school programming

Gittens, Dexter (2006) The effects of foreign direct investment on the accumulation of human capital in developing countries: Are there implications for future growth?

Goldsmith, Brant Mathew (2006) Why Do Teachers Stay? Analyzing Working Conditions and Attrition in Publicly-Supported Private Schools for Emotionally-Disabled Students

Gomez, Barbara (2006) Characterization of trafficking and processing determinants in the outer pore -forming region of Kv1 potassium channels

Gottlieb, Alice Surnamer (2006) Constructivist middle level teachers: An explorative analysis of their backgrounds, passions, and tolerance for ambiguity

Gregory, Winsome Dawn Beverly (2006) An examination of the process of implementing successful inclusion programs in schools

Greiner, Lauren (2006) The predictive validity of the Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status for long -term functional, social, vocational, and psychiatric outcome in traumatic and nontraumatic brain -injured patients

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Hafetz, Jessica S (2006) The intergenerational transmission of health knowledge and behaviors: An evaluation of the Go!Kids Obesity Prevention Program

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Kent, Matthew Alexander (2006) Prime matter according to St. Thomas Aquinas

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Kirby, Katherine E (2006) The ethical priority of infinite obligation: Levinasian vulnerability as the condition for the possibility of virtue

Kissell, Robert L (2006) Algorithmic trading strategies

Kravatz, Marylin T (2006) Catechesis with or without religious education? Searching for the absent partner in the “National Directory for Catechesis” (2005): A constructive and critical appraisal

LaPietra, Elisa H (2006) The impact of motivational interviewing on initial treatment attendance for participants with dual disorders

Laureano, Pedro (2006) The relationship between children's perception of barriers to mental health care and service utilization across five service systems

Licht, Carolyn Ann (2006) Does actigraphy validate DSM-IV criteria and methods for diagnosing pervasive hyperactivity?

Luongo, Jennifer R (2006) Memory, History, and the Journey West in the Twentieth-century Novel

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Madden, Blair Eleana (2006) Biotic and Abiotic Factors Affecting the Abundance, Distribution, and Community Structure of Plethodontids at Multiple Scales

Manenti, René (2006) Anti-Trafficking Discourses and Campaigns in the United States and the International Arena

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Micule, Ilona (2006) The emerging role of women in the Roman Catholic Church of Latvia

Minister, Stephen (2006) Sizing up infinite alterity: The possibility of a Levinasian practical ethics

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Mongillo, Geraldine (2006) Instructional games: Scientific language use, concept understanding, and attitudinal development of middle school learners

Morgan, Sharon Eugenia (2006) Retaining students in college: An analysis of freshman persistence in a public research university

Mounty, Lauren Holzberg (2006) Factors associated with problem-focused and emotion-focused coping six months after the World Trade Center disaster: Experiences from the business field

Nashel, Tracy Ann (2006) Coming to terms with coming of age: Constructions of female adolescence in contemporary fiction for adults and young adults

Newell, Mary (2006) A bittersweet belonging: Embodied paradigms for reconnection to the environment in contemporary American women authors

Nichols, Clark Matthew (2006) Coping responses, relationship satisfaction, and psychological distress in male couples with serodiscordant HIV status

Oades-Sese, Geraldine Ventura (2006) The relationship among child resilient attributes, acculturation, bilingualism, and social competence of Hispanic American preschool children

O'Hara, Lyndell (2006) “Far beyond her nature and her sex”: The creation of a Protestant hagiography, 1590–1640

Osuagwu, Peter Chidi (2006) The education of the whole person: The Igbo moral perspective

Ozele, Anthony Mario (2006) Nigerian family ecosystems perspective as framework for religious education and pastoral ministry in the Niger Delta region

Padilla, Margarita (2006) Late -life depression and cognitive impairment before and after SSRI treatment: A neuropsychological study

Parrello, Tara (2006) Look this way: The growth and diversity of plastic surgery in contemporary America

Perry, Vivienne (2006) The BBC's On-Line Initiatives and "Imagined Community:" A Case Study of 1Xtra

Pilgrim, Chanda Lynne (2006) Afrocentric education and the prosocial behavior of African American children

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Posada, Margarita M (2006) Effects of an intergenerational activity on nursing home residents: A children serving elders model

Power, Margaret Myrtle (2006) A lamp to our feet and a light to our path: Christiane Brusselmans and narrative in religious education

Prendergast, Patricia M (2006) Can One Good Concert Tour Change the World? A Study of the Effects of Music on Politics

Pugliese, Marc Anthony (2006) The Trinity, the One, and the Many: An analysis of Joseph A. Bracken's philosophical process theology from a traditional trinitarian theistic perspective with a response

Ribeiro-Hurley, Eugenia M (2006) Characterization of the expression of episodic ataxia type I Kv1.1 potassium channel mutants

Rivera, Mary Negron (2006) Involving the principal in literacy programs: Relationships between leadership and student achievement in schools of excellence

Robinson, Helen Mele (2006) Parents guiding young children's emerging computer knowledge

Rochford, Jessie Anne (2006) The Impact of Social Networks and Human Capital on Puerto Rican and Dominican Migrants' United States Destination Selections

Roger, Patricia Ryan (2006) Parents' hope, optimism, and positive illusions and the resilience of their children *adopted from Russia

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Smalls-Raymond, Etoy (2006) Factors affecting single African American caregivers' compliance and participation in early intervention services

Smith, Kevin James (2006) Enduring presence, evolving paradigm: Presidents' perceptions of the “nativity” model of inner city Catholic education: A national study

Soriano-Nunez, Rodolfo (2006) Religious elites and political regime change: The Latin American conferences of Roman Catholic bishops during the 1990s

Spigelman, Brett (2006) Buying Out: Authentic Individual Expression Within Incorporated Subcultures

Stefanczyk, John J (2006) St. Thomas Aquinas's confrontation with Neoplatonic thought in three *commentaries, and in the “Treatise on Separate Substances”

Stracuzzi, Thomas Ian (2006) Universal diverse orientation's relationship to working alliance, transference, insight, and outcomes in therapy with gay and bisexual males

Sullivan, Lisa Worden (2006) Person and environmental factors as predictors of cognitive appraisal and state anxiety in primiparas

Sullivan, Mary Ellen (2006) Self -regulatory writing strategies of high achieving and low achieving preservice students

Tal, Amy Ilene (2006) Pregnant women's self-efficacy for integrating multiple roles

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Teitelbaum, Ashley (2006) The Semiotics of South Park

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Tyson, Jan Ellyn (2006) Antisocial Personality Disorder, Readiness to Change and Treatment Outcomes in Incarcerated Substance Abusers

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Wright, Heather (2006) Plato's erotic politics: A new feminist reading of the “Symposium”

Yu, Naiping (2006) Comparing and combining public corporate default risk measures: An empirical approach

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Dissertations & Theses from 2005

Abu-Hammour, Ahmad M (2005) Empirical analysis of inflation targeting in an open economy: An application to Canada

Agosto, Elizabeth Lee (2005) Thin Within: The Fat Suit in Contemporary Comedy

Alexander, Cuthbert (2005) Community Journalism: Serving Democracy and Social Development in the New Media

Allard, Leathe P (2005) Self-perceived threats to social identity as predictors of right -wing authoritarianism

Alvis, John David (2005) Leadership and reform: Herbert Croly and the Progressive critique of the American political tradition

Arogundade, Jude Ayodeji (2005) Catholic communities, parents, and schools in service of educational development in Southwestern Nigeria: A theoretical model

Barr, Jason Joseph (2005) The development of empathy in adolescents attending a Just Community alternative high school

Bartholomew-Mabry, Selma Kerlin (2005) Mathematics and instructional leadership: Knowledge and its relationship to supervision and support

Bellina, Loretta (2005) Homeschool families, public schools and the superintendent: An analysis of interactions in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Belousa, Inga (2005) Spirituality as a dimension of education: Reimaging and reconstructing teacher education in Latvia

Bender, Virginia (2005) Financial need, debt structures and expectations: An exploratory and comparative study of low -income freshmen at a Catholic college

Bernardo, Patrick D (2005) Vital reason and democracy in the work of José Ortega y Gasset

Bradley, Carolyn A (2005) An exploration of women's experiences in Alcoholics Anonymous

Calderin, Roberto (2005) Emotional intelligence in public elementary school principals: Building collegial relations

Carlson, Christina Marie (2005) Of ministers and mistresses: Henry Bradshaw's abbesses and the hagiography of the household

Carroll, Christopher B (2005) The influences of expectations and *attributions on mood in response to an undesirable event

Carry, Joseph Bengert (2005) Methodical creativity: The foundational contribution of Bernard Lonergan and Clodovis Boff toward a global theology of liberation

Castro, Evelyn (2005) Mothers' use of drug prevention strategies with their children: Influence of personal, familial and environmental factors

Christie, Deborah G (2005) Through a text darkly: The shape of the fantastic in the shadow of the vampire

Coles, Jann (2005) Multiple perspectives in alternative school leadership development: A study of three first-year urban principals

Condella, Craig Anthony (2005) The question concerning ecology: Heidegger's appropriation of Aristotle on the way to an environmental ethic

Dancho, Lisa Diane (2005) Cognitive and personality correlates of adolescent depressed mood

Del Vecchio, Rosalba Corrado (2005) The role of district office administrators in school improvement: The case of the director of professional development

Diaz, Naelys (2005) The relationship between perceptions of parental bonding and lifetime history of major depressive disorder among Hispanic and Black college students

Diaz-Zubieta, Ana (2005) Familial, sociocultural, and individual predictors of eating -disorder symptoms in late elementary and middle -school girls

DiCenso, Dina (2005) Prelude to a merger: Predicting a merger with financial characteristics

Diez, Jorge (2005) Educating the multicultural adult Latino community in New York City: An augmentative pedagogy

Di Lonardo, Steve Serge (2005) Chemical Light Attenuation, and Biological Effects of Different Particulate Organic Matter Sources in a Mesotrophic Lake

Dimitri, Diana M (2005) Antisocial behavior as a predictor of risk behavior for HIV transmission in HIV -positive mentally ill substance abusers

Dunbar, Kwamie (2005) An empirical review of United States corporate default swap valuation: The implications of functional forms

Effinger, Raymond Luke (2005) Reform in the preparation of educational leaders: A partnership between a university and a school district

Eichberger, Jonathan C (2005) The Impossibility of Fairness in the Media: A Historical Study of Why the Media Cannot Be Balanced and Unbiased Due to Political Affiliations, Media Ownership and the Over-Commercialization of Communication

Ellett, Thomas Edmund (2005) Building engagement in urban universities: A student perspective on residential learning communities

Fidanza, Dawn Muzeni (2005) Assessing leadership styles of principals whose schools have won the National School Change Award

Figueroa-Sanchez, Magali (2005) Hispanic undergraduate teacher candidates in bilingual education

Gallant, Joanna (2005) Belief in a just world as it relates to causal attributions for gun -related incidents and attitudes toward gun control

Gasbarre, Kristine E (2005) The Golden Sessions: The Inspiration Behind Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing

Gatt, Antony R (2005) Voice of the Faithful: Prophetic and Pedagogical Voices in Exile?

Gee, Matthew D (2005) Thought and discussion about stopping dialysis among dialysis patients

Gides, David M (2005) Dietrich Bonhoeffer's theology of the world as a key to understanding his political involvement

Glenn, Olga Esther Mejia (2005) The development of English literacy and global studies concepts using sheltered instruction

Golding, Jilian (2005) Online Relationships: Fun and Games or Life and Death?

Grandinetti, Kathryn Brooke (2005) The function of HuD, a neuronal-specific RNA -binding protein, in regulation of N-myc in human neuroblastoma cells

Greisberg, Scott (2005) Neuropsychological functioning of children with obsessive -compulsive disorder

Gretchen-Doorly, Denise (2005) A social -cognitive analysis of self -efficacy for multiple role management, outcome expectations, goals and psychological well-being

Guerra, Jennifer Elisabeth (2005) Let's Get Digital: An Audio Project on Digital Music

Hanson, Jeffrey Allan (2005) Breaking with the secular: Toward an authentically religious postmodernism

Harding, Brian Thomas (2005) Libido dominandi: Augustine's genealogy of a fallen world

Hendrickson, Robert Allen (2005) Greed, vested interests, and the big stick: Studying education policymaking in New York through charter schools

Hermele, Sandy Lynn (2005) The effectiveness of a guided imagery intervention for patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Hogarty, Ellen (2005) All the News That's Fit to Teach: Mass Media in an Urban Classroom

Honoré, Aaron (2005) Beards: On Men, on Women, on Gods, and More - How Facial Hair Serves as Both a Means to and an End of Communication

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Sueyoshi, Lina (2005) Acculturation, gender, sexual self -efficacy, religious orientation and risky sex among heterosexual Asian American young adults

Takahashi, Toshiko (2005) Perceptions of Japanese and non -Japanese college English language professors on their professional preparation and teaching characteristics in Japan

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Torres-Hostos, Luis R (2005) Psychological status of Hispanic and non -Hispanic mothers of mentally retarded and mentally ill children

Treacy, Kathleen Marie (2005) The relationship among secondary students' reading processes, oral retellings, and problem solving in Algebra II

Tsao, Steven D (2005) Generalizability of the effects of exposure in disgust

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Walker, Sarah (2005) Making a Female Space in Mainstream Text: Commitment, Enjoyment and Fellowship Among Female Fans of Crime Drama

Weckel, Mark E (2005) Ecology of the Jaguar and Its Prey in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Belize

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Dissertations & Theses from 2004

Abog, Nestor M. (2004) Formation of Clerics Regular Minor: The vision of founders

Akinkunmi, Mustapha Abiodun (2004) Money demand in developing countries: A dynamic panel approach

Bach, Gail S (2004) Correlates of reinstitutionalization for SPMI adults mandated to assisted outpatient treatment

Baluch, Suraiya Parwin (2004) The influence of authoritarian attitudes, gender role attitudes, and ethnic identity upon attitudes towards woman abuse

Baratte, Linda L (2004) Eileen Egan: Portrait of the life, lifestance, and pedagogy of a Catholic prophet of peace

Batista, Geralynn (2004) Asymmetries in the Euro area economies: Obstacle for European Central Bank efficiency?

Beals, Corey W (2004) Lévinas and the wisdom of love: Breaking Gyges' secret

Benfield, Susan Storing (2004) The narrative of community: The politics of storytelling in Faulkner's Snopes trilogy

Berkowitz, Esther (2004) High -achieving and underachieving gifted middle school students' metacognitive strategies in reading comprehension

Bernstein Vardy, Susan (2004) Sex hormones, cognition, and mood in healthy postmenopausal women

Bizub, Donna M (2004) Do motivational readiness to change and self -efficacy affect treatment adherence among people with type 2 diabetes?

Bonder, Laura Mary (2004) The application of a family systems model to the understanding of pediatric non-epileptic seizures

Carielli, Dominick (2004) Sense of coherence, perception of educational barriers, and career decision-making self -efficacy in students with learning disabilities

Carpiniello, Kelly E (2004) The development of adolescent panic, depression, and alcohol expectancies as a function of anxiety sensitivity

Carroll Woodard, Suzanne (2004) Measuring memory and attention bias in patients with anorexia nervosa

Chauhan, Rahul Vrajlal (2004) Psychocultural issues and defining events in the formation process of identity development in second -generation Indian -Americans

Cisek, Edward (2004) The role of future -related thinking and perceived social support in identity development processes

Dalton, Jonathan (2004) The effects of writing about a future stressful experience on physical health and cognitive functioning

Dauber, Sarah (2004) Treatment focus in individual and family therapy for adolescent drug abuse

DeRiso, Rosemary T (2004) The effects of employee ownership on productivity and firm financial performance: The case of the United States commercial airline industry

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Egan, Susan Bair (2004) Role strain in female students in graduate social work education: Culturally competent institutional responses

Ewherido, Anthony O (2004) Treasures new and old: A redaction -critical and socio -historical reading of Matt 13:1–52

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Ferraro, Kristi (2004) The influence of parental perceptions on the use of booster seats: An application of the theory of planned behavior

Fitzmaurice, Patricia (2004) Government regulation, property rights and the informal economy

Fox, Mary Elizabeth (2004) School climate, teacher efficacy, and teachers' inclination to participate in consultation and referral

Freda, Robert (2004) The Myth of Reality Television

Fuller, Rice (2004) Comparison of clinical and cognitive outcomes of bilateral and right unilateral ECT in community settings

Garipzanov, Ildar (2004) Rex Francorum - imperator Augustus - gratia Dei rex: The “language” of authority in the Carolingian world (751–877)

Greenberg, Debra (2004) Old trees new roots: The resettlement experience of older Jews from the former Soviet Union

Griffin, Paul William (2004) Positive and negative affect in middle to late adulthood: Longitudinally examining and predicting individual differences and intraindividual change

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Kelly, Myra (2004) Factors that correlate with teachers' perceptions of student outcomes of children with autism included in general education

Kennedy, Eileen (2004) The effects of the Nominal Group Technique on writing in teacher candidates

Kiley-Brabeck, Karen (2004) Social skills of children with 22q11 Deletion Syndrome: A social cognitive neuroscience approach

Kim, Soomi (2004) Data Fusion in Microarray Gene Expression Analysis

Kline, Myriam (2004) The effect of maternal education on childrearing attitudes and behaviors: A view of mothers from El Salvador

Knapp, Jessica (2004) Howard Dean and the Internet: A Study of the Medium as a Political Tool

Kudlac, Christopher (2004) High profile capital punishment cases: The media and public opinion from the 1970s until 2002

LaFleur, Marcelo T (2004) Exchange rate policy among trading partners: Does it pay to be different?

Lagas, Michael James (2004) Outsiders as school business officials in Connecticut: Using case studies to discover whether noneducators can become educational leaders

Latsone, Lasma (2004) Renewing parish education in the Roman Catholic Church of Latvia: Implementing the reforms of the Second Vatican Council

Lee, Kyung Soon (2004) Cultural /learning and linguistic characteristics of Korean students in the United States: Perceptions of professors and students

Lewis, Diane Eve (2004) The relationship between self -report and behavioral observation indices of multicultural counseling competence

Li, Jing (2004) Analyzing Default Risk Using Dependence Factor

Lizardi, Dana Meredith (2004) Reasons for living and hopelessness as predictors of future suicide attempt

Loftus, Shay T (2004) Temperament and character as predictors of occupational disability in bipolar disorder

Lupiani, Jennifer Lynne (2004) Parental role construction, parent sense of efficacy, and perceptions of teacher invitations as factors influencing parent involvement

Magnotti, Melissa Ann (2004) The effects of separation from parents, attachment to parents, triangulation in marital conflict, and parental social support on college adjustment

Martinez, Rosemary (2004) The Presentation of Hispanic in the Media: An Analysis of the Hispanic Market

Mason, Lauren K (2004) Attachment classification, parental bonding and parental authority as they relate to anxiety, depression, and self -efficacy from a multicultural perspective

Meyers, Oren I (2004) Validating a systematic computer -administered visual analogue response latency in a clinical sample

Milewski, Glenn B (2004) Using Bayesian methods to evaluate Thurstone's simple structure concept

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Muench, Frederick (2004) Personality predictors of substance abuse treatment processes

Mulvey, Janet Dagmar (2004) Rebuilding a Society and Its Schools: Reconstruction of the Primary Education System in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Murphy, Anne (2004) Daughters' perspectives on maternal substance abuse: Pledge to be a different kind of mother. A grounded theory study

Nagy Christopher (2004) The Eastern Screech Owl Reintroduction Program in Central Park, New York City: Habitat, Survival, and Reproduction

Nitta, Kuniko Kay (2004) Developing communicative competence in Japanese fourth -grade English language learners

Nolan, Lucinda A (2004) Sophia Lyon Fahs: A theology and philosophy of transformative religious education

O'Brien, Mary Eileen (2004) Presidents' perception on implementation of the Dominican charism in the American Dominican college

Ostman, Heather Elaine (2004) Social activist visions: Constructions of womanhood in the autobiographies of Jane Addams and Emma Goldman

Palumbo, Andrew (2004) Data Fusion in Cayley Graphs G (SN, PN)

Pande, Gitanjali (2004) Persisting young age at first marriage among women in India

Park, Jung Woo (2004) The Korean Catholic Church and feminism: A study of four Korean Catholic feminist groups and their members

Perez-Feliciano, L.-A (2004) The American political economy and monopoly capital: A reinterpretation

Reilly, Joseph Richard (2004) The phenomenology of service: A study of the effect of service on male adolescent development

Rhoda, Alan Robert (2004) The problem of induction: An epistemological and methodological response

Ruggiero Palombo, Pasqualina (2004) All learners in one classroom: The impact of partial inclusion on elementary students' academic achievement, attitudes, and perceptions

Sacco, Linda (2004) Mobile crisis services: How effective are they at crisis stabilization, hospital diversion, client satisfaction and linkage with mental health treatment and supportive services in the community

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Shin, Stephen Kyung Nam (2004) Small Christian communities and religious education: A study of the movement in the Archdiocese of Seoul

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Southwell, Tara Roxane (2004) Beauty Is the Beast: An Historical Look at the Changing Image of Black Women and the Representation of Beauty and Ethnicity in the Media

Stack, Gilbert M (2004) English mint administration, moneyers and monetary reform in the reign of Henry II, 1154–1189

Stanosz, Paul (2004) Reproducing celibacy: A case study in diocesan seminary formation

Surbone, Antonella (2004) From truth telling to truth making in medicine

Taylor, Natalie Fuehrer (2004) The rights of woman as chimera: The political philosophy of Mary Wollstonecraft

Thomas, Leroy (2004) Expediency, vision, and leadership: Factors in the development and growth of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, 1881–2002

Thombs, Brett D (2004) Measurement invariance of the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire across gender and race/ethnicity: Applications of structural equation modeling and item response theory

Tomkinson, Diane V (2004) “In the midst of the Trinity”: Angela of Foligno's Trinitarian theology of communion

Torres, Doris (2004) Hispanic female superintendents: Making history as leaders of urban city districts

Vaidya, Sunanda Chaudhury (2004) Myths of interaction: Reading between the politics and ethics in the works of E. M. Forster, Salman Rushdie, Bharati Mukherjee and Mahasweta Devi

Vaillancourt, Mark G (2004) The role of Guitmund of Aversa in the developing theology of the Eucharist

Van Hollebeke, Mark H (2004) John Dewey's pragmatic reconstruction of subjectivity

Varghese, Dolly (2004) The effect of acculturation on neuropsychological test performance in first- and second-generation Asian Indians

Vecchiotti, Sara (2004) Two-year program evaluation of the Jumpstart program in New York City

Wyatt, Gwinne R (2004) Executive functioning in depression and suicide

Yellen, Jennifer Kim (2004) The moderating effects of family functioning and parent -child relationship quality on the relationship between parental disclosure of HIV and adolescent functioning

Zlateva-Elghouayel, Gergana (2004) Consumption risk -sharing in the European Monetary Union and candidate countries

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Dissertations & Theses from 2003

Adler, Miriam Gaisin (2003) The relationship of perceived interpersonal support and spiritual support to attachment style and adjustment in college students

Agrait, Nicolas (2003) Monarchy and military practice during the reign of Alfonso XI of Castile (1312–1350)

Anderson, Tara (2003) Innovation and Decision-Making in Public Radio Programming: The American Life as a Case Study

Anglin, Deidre Marie (2003) The predictive effects of racial socialization, racial identity, and African self -consciousness on African American college adjustment and psychological defenses

Antony, Albin Roby (2003) The Impact of Televised Images on the September 11th Terrorists' Attack on Children: (A Research Study of the Children of St. Charles School, Staten Island, New York)

Ayinla, Temitayo Falilat (2003) International Humanitarian Law and Action in Africa in the 90s

Barranca, Danielle G (2003) Transethnic Foster Placement and the Mental Health Status of Hispanic Foster Children

Barroqueiro, Tara (2003) Spirit of the Digital Age: The Synergy of Cyberculture and Hip-Hop

Bartoli, Phyllis Rita (2003) Using graphic organizers to enhance eighth graders' understanding of mathematical vocabulary and concepts

Baxt, Chiara (2003) A multi-modal assessment of memory and attention in childhood physical and sexual abuse survivors

Beitel, Mark (2003) The effects of psychological mindedness upon the relationship between personality and attachment style: A structural equation model

Bell-Baptiste, Gail Sharon (2003) School partnership with parents of color: Implications of social capital for inner-city school organization

Bernstein, Jeffery Isiah (2003) A Combinatorial Approach to Dependency Analysis for Defaulting Credits

Bessette, Ona Bernadette (2003) Dancing at the crossroads: Liberating Latina adolescents' voice

Blake, Allison M (2003) An examination of organizational factors associated with the recurrence of maltreatment in institutional care

Bogle, Tricia Robertson (2003) Poetic meditation and political morality: Jorie Graham's Heideggerian poetics

Bongiovanni, Lynne Ann (2003) Consuming and consumed: James Joyce and the spoils of empire

Boone, Charles Anthony (2003) Person -environment fit and college freshmen retention: Effects of congruence between the precollegiate and collegiate settings

Bullock, Roxia B (2003) School adjustment of Black and Hispanic well siblings living with a brother or sister with chronic severe asthma

Cahalan, Cara Jean (2003) Oral reading fluency and optimal difficulty level in a literature-based reading curriculum

Castillo, Jenean Adderley (2003) Family-based resilience processes in African American inner-city at-risk youth

Charash, Michael Alan (2003) Cognitive biases for disgust in contamination fear

Chiambalero, Virginia (2003) The evolution of the leadership of religious sisters in Catholic elementary schools in the Archdiocese of Denver (1940–2001)

Chidili, Bartholomew Udealo (2003) The vision of Mercy Amba Oduyoye an African feminist theologian and educator: Pedagogy of human dignity

Chituk, Renee Annette (2003) Mathematics instruction and practice: Teaching young children with developmental delays

Choi-Misailidis, SooJean (2003) Multiracial -heritage awareness and personal affiliation: Development and validation of a new measure to assess identity in people of mixed -race descent

Combs, Mitchell Alonzo (2003) Computer use among high school educators: Relating teachers' ability, beliefs, and classroom use

Cruz, Chrsitina Marie (2003) From Oz to Hogwarts: A Content Analysis of Witchcraft and Witches in English Language Cinema

D'Agustino, Steven Mark (2003) A new legitimacy of schooling: Political, cultural, and sociological perspectives

D'Andrea, Jennifer Tara (2003) An investigation of the relationship between early maladaptive schemas and psychological adjustment: The moderating effects of spiritual coping styles

DeKay, Sam Hoffman (2003) The historical evolution of a written genre: The employment résumé in the United States, 1950–1999

Dubosse, Anie (2003) Haitians and Their Way of Life on the Internet

Edgar, Matthew Simms (2003) Autonomy and heteronomy: Buber, Levinas, and Hegel on the social source of obligation

Ehrman, Stephanie Gail (2003) The relationship between parent and peer attachment: The role of affect regulation

Einersen, Catherine Cunningham (2003) Occupational wellness: Mission of career services and programs at Jesuit colleges and universities

Epstein-D'Agate, Jennifer Cari (2003) Supervisee gender role identity and supervisory style and the supervisory relationship in school psychology

Ezeoke, Alphonsus Emeka (2003) The Governance Structure of an Archdiocesan Schools Office: Politics and Policies

Faw, Leyla Jean (2003) Multidimensional fidelity evaluation in a residential program for adolescent substance abuse

Garcia-Reid, Pauline (2003) Pathways to school engagement among Latino youth in an urban middle school context: The influence of social support, sense of ethnic pride, and perception of discrimination

Garcia-Ruffin, Nancy (2003) The measurement of fear of success and its relationship to personality, perceived parenting, study habits, and academic performance

Giampietro, Anthony Emile (2003) The new natural law theory and the question of same -sex marriage

Gorlyn, Marianne (2003) Performance test correlates of impulsivity and its component factors

Hannigan, Cathleen A (2003) Wallace Stevens: Redefining space

Heiser, Deborah Sue (2003) Depression identification among nursing home residents: The GDS vs. the MDS

Henning, Brian G (2003) A genuine ethical universe: Beauty, morality, and nature in a processive cosmos

Hickey, James Joseph (2003) For love, loyalty, and money: A study of Catholic high school alumni support of their alma maters

Hollander, Andrew Joseph (2003) The Patentability of Computer-Related Inventions

Howard, Paul Isaac (2003) The role of the novelist in liberal democracies: The works of Milan Kundera

Ilieva, Iliana (2003) Efficiency in the Banking Industry: Evidence from Eastern Europe

January, Erika Wilde (2003) Young adult offspring of divorced/separated parents: An investigation of their needs for *control, structure, and order

Johnson, Theodore Thomas (2003) Minority law school admission trends: Effects of the death of affirmative action on minority enrollment in law school

Kaladjian, Armen Gregory (2003) Professionalism and burnout among social workers: Implications for the field

Kamen, Jeremy (2003) The Presence of Archaea in Freshwater Lakes in New York State

Kireopoulos, Antonios Steve (2003) The dialogue with Orthodox theology in the ecclesiology of Juergen Moltmann: Trinitarian theology and pneumatology as the twin pillars of ecclesiology

Kizito, Forbi Stephen (2003) Entry stategies of new principals: Neophyte perceptions of becoming a secondary school principal in Cameroon

Laitusis, Vytas Joseph (2003) A componential analysis of the knowledge -strategy interaction in analogical problem -solving

Markle, Gwynn Andrew (2003) Freedom, justice, and recognition: The normative grounds of Hegel's social theory and Axel Honneth's critical theory

Marr, Ann Whipple (2003) Self-perceptions of elementary school children with word -level reading problems

Maucieri, Lawrence P. (2003) Predicting behavior with an artificial neural network: A comparison with linear models of *prediction

McDuffie, Regina Marie (2003) Web page design as a tool for cognitive and metacognitive development in ninth-grade global studies

McNamara, Elizabeth (2003) The Effects of the Digital Revolution on Photography

McVey, Lynne Anne (2003) Single -sex schooling and girls' gender -role identity and creativity

Mesa, Apolinar (2003) Emerging market disinflation in the 1990s: The role of capital flow

Miniaci, Claudia (2003) Digital Equality

Montelongo, Sandra (2003) Hispanics in the Media: An Examination of the Hispanic Presence on Primetime Television

Morelli, Jacqueline Ann (2003) Ninth graders' attitudes toward different approaches to grammar instruction

Napolitano, Lisa Ann (2003) Dichotomous thinking in borderline personality disorder

Patanella, Daniel Francis (2003) Assessing predictors of science grades and career goals in university undergraduates

Perkins, Bettye Harris (2003) Today's students, tomorrow's teachers: A new regional collaborative precollegiate minority teacher recruitment model

Perkins, Bettye Harris (2003) Todays's Students, Tomorrow's Teachers: A New Regional Collaborative Precollegiate Minority Teacher Recruitment Model

Plavilacharuvil, Ben Paul (2003) Teaching moral theology in seminaries and its implication for moral leadership

Porco, Barbara Marie (2003) Factors affecting the cognitive moral development of undergraduate accounting students: Ethics education, internships, volunteerism, and Beta Alpha Psi

Protano, Ralph David (2003) Female high school students' attitude and perceptions toward the social studies discipline

Provini, Celine F (2003) Moderators affecting outcomes in a preventive, family -based intervention for at -risk young adolescents

Rauscher, Pamela (2003) The theological context and social praxis of Christian women in the United States: 1880–1930

Reddi, Vidyotham Veera (2003) The *growth experience of India and South Korea: An empirical study

Reuben, Trina Caprice (2003) Investigating test fairness of GRE scores for veterinary student selection

Robin, Lisa Gaye (2003) Adult attachment and gender-related traits: Contributions to dimensions of anger

Robinson, Guy Schuyler (2003) Landscape paleoecology and late Quaternary extinctions in the Hudson Valley

Rombs, Ronnie Jae (2003) Augustine on the origin of the soul and solidarity with Adam: In dialogue with Robert J. O'Connell

Rosenberg, Stuart Lee (2003) An economic analysis of child custody decisions

Roth, Daphna (2003) Effect of language status on neuropsychological test performance in elderly nursing home residents

Sciglitano, Anthony Charles (2003) Hans Urs von Balthasar's theology of Judaism: Trinitarian anti -Marcionism and the surprising nature of grace

Seaton, Peter Paul (2003) The healing light: An introduction to the political philosophizing of Pierre Manent

Sharkey, Michael M (2003) Heidegger, Lonergan, and authenticity: An inquiry into the role of intelligence in praxis

Smith, Joseph (Jay) Burner (2003) The emergence of an ecological way of life

Sonnier, Elizabeth Karen (2003) Whitehead's theory of inheritance

Sparrold, Brenda Marie (2003) Ethnic identity and psychological adjustment in multiethnic college students

Spero, Debra Ayn (2003) The role of professional discipline in the diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Spishak, Steven Christopher (2003) Lordship of towns in medieval England: Lay seigneurs in the West Midlands and Welsh March, 1066–1348

Stephenson-Valcourt, Daphne (2003) Black children and the feminization of child welfare: A historical perspective

Tanfield, Philip (2003) Worldwide War: The Internet and the War on Terror

Thomas, Sharon K (2003) Nestin is a potential mediator of malignancy in human neuroblastoma cells

Turner, Gregory Douglas (2003) Host composition, light, and nitrogen effects on ectomycorrhizal communities from Quercus seedlings grown in soils from regional hardwood -hemlock forests

Verini, Ellen (2003) Commitment to the parental role, parenting styles, and parenting stress among foster mothers

Vilhauer, Jennice Shereen (2003) A theoretical batterer typology within Adler's model of personality development

Walsh-Rother, Suellen S (2003) The relationships among personal strivings, perceived spousal support and nonsupport, life stress, and adjustment in pregnant women and their spouses

Warburton, Christopher Ebun Samuel (2003) Does excessive debt discourage foreign direct investment in highly indebted poor countries?

Williams, Michael Paul (2003) Knowledge management: An evolving professional discipline

Witkowsky, Peter M (2003) Fakes, imposters, doubles: Nineteenth-century novels and the parodies they inspired

Wojcik, Paul Henry (2003) The levels of teacher thought and the process of change

Yarrell-Harris, Genevieve (2003) Teachers' perceptions regarding African American students' culture and classroom behavior

Young, Barbara Ann (2003) The child as emblem of a nation in twentieth-century Irish literature

Young, Rebecca Blair (2003) A critical inquiry into Karl Barth's doctrine of the Holy Spirit for constructive work in feminist pneumatology

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Dissertations & Theses from 2002

Abumustafa, Naser Ibrahim (2002) Potential integration of Middle Eastern countries' stock markets

Agravante, Corazon Raposa (2002) Cognitive strategies in word identification from verbal reports of first graders in different reading levels and instructional approaches

Alborano, James Arthur (2002) American superintendent longevity and time study

Archibald, Mary J (2002) The effectiveness of a truancy hearing in four middle schools

Atwood, Janet Ann Ruffin (2002) Teachers' views and knowledge of balanced literacy programs

Austin, Victor Lee (2002) A christological social vision: The uses of Christ in the social encyclicals of John Paul II

Babb, Tracie (2002) The Treatment of Women in the Hip-Hop Community: Past, Present and Future

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Xie, Agnes-Xiaohong (2002) Downside risk measure: Theory and applications in portfolio choice and risk management

Zhang, Wei (2002) Topology Discovery in Dynamic IP Network

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Dissertations & Theses from 2001

Allen, Priscilla Dawn (2001) An exploration of complaints forwarded to the Connecticut Long Term Care Ombudsman Program: What are the correlates of nursing home complaints reported?

Alomari, Naseer Mohammed (2001) Implementation of higher order thinking in Internet searching in secondary school students

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McIlvane, Jessica M (2001) The effects of age and type of illness on coping with arthritis and well -being

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Mendez-Baldwin, Martha Maria (2001) Changes in parental sense of competence and attitudes in low -income Head Start parents as a result of participation in a parent education workshop

Meyerson, Paul Eric (2001) The psychometric equivalency of Internet vs. in -person research

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Osaki, Keiko (2001) Migration, Remittances and Gender in the Context of Development: The Case of Thailand

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Patterson, James Gardner (2001) Republicanism, agrarianism and banditry in the wake of the Great Irish Rebellion of 1798

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Saud, Ketrin (2001) Personal construals of nonviolence and developmental stages of belief systems: A repertory grid analysis

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Short, Judith Ann (2001) Examining the cognitive and metacognitive strategies of first-grade journal writers in a literature-based classroom

Simon, Patricia (2001) Assessing the psychological sequelae of staff working with assaultive developmentally disabled children and adolescents in a residential setting

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Sparks, Rickey Joe (2001) A qualitative study of the proposed career paths of Black/African American undergraduate junior and senior psychology majors

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Telesco, Grace A (2001) Sex role identity and relationship factors as correlates of abusive behavior in lesbian *relationships

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Zarin, Melissa Shuman (2001) The relationship between career women's friendships, multiple roles, and general well-being: A developmental study

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Dissertations & Theses from 2000

Aaron, Maryann (2000) The effects of an inclusion model of student academic achievement and on teachers' perceptions

Abrams, Ruth Anne (2000) Biliteracy: Influences of language proficiency and interlingual transfer on bilingual teachers' reading

Acosta, Elsa Garcia (2000) Memory functions in adolescents with posttraumatic stress disorder

Aguinaldo, Joseph Michael J (2000) Defusing currency crises: Empirical evidence from emerging market -economies

Austin, Vance Layne (2000) Co -teachers' perceptions of the collaborative instruction of elementary and secondary students with and without disabilities in inclusive classrooms

Ayers, Wayne Allen (2000) Taxometric analysis of borderline and antisocial personality disorders in a drug and alcohol dependent population

Bannon Jr, William M (2000) Problems in the Transition to Kindergarten and the Teacher's Ratings of Kindergarten Performance

Barbato, Rosemary Ann (2000) Policy Implications of Cooperative Learning on the Achievement and Attitudes of Secondary School Mathematics Students

Barker, Nancy Neverka (2000) Correlates of service utilization among elder abuse victims

Bartoletti, Robert James (2000) An assessment of Total Quality Management on a K–4 school: A case study

Baxter, Thelma Boozer (2000) Creating the culture for success in an urban high school

Bodinger, Abraham Herzel (2000) The effect of Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment program on perceived control in retarded performers

Bombaci, Nancy Margaret (2000) Freaks and desire: Fetishizing bodily difference in late modernist American culture

Boyce, Keneca (2000) Reducing Peri-Natal Depression: How Do Life Events and Social Support Impact Upon Pre-Natal Depression in Minority Women

Buhler, Helen Cronin (2000) Communication strategies in a first-grade classroom: A collaborative teaching curriculum-based approach

Burkhart, Kristin (2000) Athlete Stress, Eating Attitudes and Prevalence of Bulimia in Female Adolescent Figure Skaters Who Participate in Competition

Byrnes, James Thomas (2000) Towards a Catholic philosophy of education: The personalism of Karol Wojtyla and the education of the human person

Cao, Nanlai (2000) Bonding Social Capital with Bridging Effect: Youth Adaptation Processes in a Chinatown Church

Carella, Vincent Angelo (2000) Crisis in the school superintendency: A national survey of mobility, satisfaction and career choices

Cheung, Paul (2000) Jacques Derrida: Deconstruction limited

Chin, Stanley (2000) The effects of symptom and test validity scale information on the use of response latencies for detecting malingerers on the Personality Assessment Inventory

Cleveland, Robert Edward (2000) Colossians: Polemic or parenesis?

Corby, Brian Joseph (2000) Validating a New Method for Quantifying Traits: Response Pattern and Response Latencies

Cullinan, Mary Kay Therese (2000) How some parish catechetical leaders respond to incidents of suspected child abuse

Cunnane, Finola (2000) Unveiling religious education: Gabriel Moran and the exploration of meaning

Curry, Agnes Beatrice (2000) Vital spaces: A feminist re -reading of Merleau -Ponty's account of corporeality

DeJulio, Rosemary Angela (2000) Patrons, pupils, and partners: The participation of women in Ignatian spirituality and pedagogy

De Luca, Kenneth Mathew (2000) Aristophanes' democratic theory: A study of the Knights and the Assemblywomen

DiBenedetto, Mary Gina (2000) Preadolescent girls' and boys' attributions for computer experiences

Dobie, Robert Joseph (2000) Thomas Aquinas, Meister Eckhart, and medieval transcendental philosophy

Ebaugh, Jane Cover (2000) The effects of fluency instruction on the literacy development of at -risk first graders

Egan, Mary Genevieve (2000) The identification of species by diagnostic molecular characters and the phylogenetic relationships of muntjac

Elbeshbishi, Amal Nagah (2000) Evaluating the World Bank's role in supporting structural adjustment in developing countries with special reference to Egypt

Elsendiony, Mohamed A (2000) An empirical study of stock price sensitivity to interest rate

Ferrera, Salvatore (2000) How lay presidents in Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools implement the charism of the Xaverian Brothers

Flynn, Sean Patrick (2000) Measures of recognition and source memory and their relation to age and Alzheimer's disease

Galette, Fritz Anthony (2000) Assessment of life events using domain -specific appraisals

Gatteau, Richard John (2000) Breaking barriers in higher education: An exploration of female presidential leadership at six selective institutions

Ghosh, Nandita (2000) The nation and its discourse: India and the crisis of modernity in the 1980s

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Hall, Clover W (2000) African American college students at a private, urban, predominantly White institution: Patterns of success

Hamilton, Louis Iorio (2000) The power of liturgy and the liturgy of power in eleventh- and twelfth-century Italy

Haubner, James Murry (2000) An examination of the predictive validity in college admission criteria for students with learning disabilities

Herbert, Diane Frances (2000) Adolescents' smoking behavior and attitudes: The influence of parents' smoking communication, behavior and attitudes

Hertel, Rachel L (2000) Women's Self-Esteem and Secondary Prevention Among People Living with HIV/AIDS

Hofbauer, John Francis (2000) Freedom, the good, and the metaphysics of morals: A critical assessment of phenomenological realism

Hoffman, Kevin Wayne (2000) The confessional ethic of humility: An extension of Ricoeur's philosophy of the will

Hong, Seung-Mo Jeff (2000) Hyperbolic utility consumption -CAPM with time variation

Hourahan, Nonilon Santos (2000) Easterly Winds of Change: The Education of Working-class Asian Immigrant Students

Jack, Catherine Ann (2000) A relation of causes: Efficient cause in the context of formal and final cause for Plato and Aristotle

Jahn Gustin, Nina M (2000) The relationship of family factors and psychiatric symptoms in patients with bipolar disorder

Kabir, Mohammad A (2000) Externalities in stock market listing: Empirical evidence

Kane, Kathleen Mary (2000) The relationship between organizational climate and moral decision -making in pediatric registered nurses

Kase, Sandra (2000) Institutionalization of Educational Reform: Foundation for Successful Change

Katz, Robert Alan (2000) The relationships among social support, autonomy, and vocational outcome following a traumatic brain injury

Kesselman, Aaron (2000) Determining Who Makes the Best After-School Counselor

Kim, Wook (2000) The relationship between type of senior center and levels of utilization by the Korean elderly in New York City: A comparison of the utilization of ethnic-specific and mainstream senior centers

Krase, Kathryn (2000) Agency Predictors of Transfers Between Traditional and Kinship Foster Care

Kvamme, Janet Clara (2000) The fontalis plenitudo in Bonaventure as a symbol for his metaphysics

LaMonica, Jane (2000) Occupational stressors and the psychological well-being of women in a welfare work program

Levey-Thors, Christina Marie (2000) The effect of writing during illness on health outcome

Linden, Elise (2000) Interactional Empowerment: Examining Differences by Center, Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status

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Dissertations & Theses from 1999

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Dissertations & Theses from 1998

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Adler, Judith S (1998) Seniors and Schools: The Major Correlates of Senior Satisfaction in the School Volunteer Experience

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Dissertations & Theses from 1997

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Mendez, Giovanni (1997) Role Stress, Self-Efficacy, Support for Research-Based Effective Teaching Behaviors, and Teachers' Attitudes Toward Inclusive Education

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Dissertations & Theses from 1996

Albanese, Marisa N (1996) The relationships between perceived parenting behavior, internal working models of parental attachment, and identity style

Ali, M. Showkat (1996) Capital flows and the structural determinants of current account variability in an open economy: An empirical analysis

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Dissertations & Theses from 1995

Abdala, Felix (1995) The heterogeneity of migration in Argentina: A structural analysis

Anderson, Alan (1995) Term structure modeling and the pricing of interest rate derivative securities

Andino Pratts, Aida A (1995) Strategies used by successful ESL high school students in Puerto Rico in acquiring oral communicative proficiency in English

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Armenia, Carolyn Rose (1995) Dimensions of identity (commitment, exploration, and personal expressiveness), self-esteem, and anxiety in actors

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Baptiste, Lucille Rebecca (1995) Perceived marital satisfaction as a function of acculturative discrepancy in English-speaking West Indian immigrants

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Boustead, Thomas (1995) The law and economics of administrative law: A statistical analysis of the Consumer Product Safety Commission's petition process

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Fisk, Pearl (1995) Committee on Special Education review teams: How they reach their decisions on sensory-impaired students

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Dissertations & Theses from 1994

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Dissertations & Theses from 1993

Adamo, Margaret Mackin (1993) Emergent leadership paradigms supportive of staff development programs in restructuring schools

Alptekin, Omer K (1993) The Breakdown of Developing Democracies: The Cases of Turkey and Chile

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Dissertations & Theses from 1992

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Dissertations & Theses from 1991

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Dissertations & Theses from 1990

Aita, Eloise (1990) Genetic variability in the western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla): Implications for captive management

Alexiou, Alice Sparberg (1990) Philosophers in Lucian

Alvarez-Cruz, Linda Helena (1990) Supervision of the midlife teacher: Job satisfaction and motivation

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